To Those Whose Moms Have Passed On

As this Mother’s Day is winding down, I was wondering why I am feeling down in spite of all the honor and happiness surrounding me.  It’s a cloudy and cool day in my neck of the woods. I thought that was the reason for feeling down.

Then it occurred to me that someone is missing.  My mom.

As a tribute to all the mothers who have passed on, here is the Spinner’s song, Sadie.


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  1. In 1993, on Mother’s Day, my Mom’s best friend, her Mother, passed away.

    2 years later, on Mother’s Day, I went in labor, for the last time, with my twins. They were born 3 minutes after midnight but it is still very much a day of mixed emotions.

    My dad remarried when I was 5 and blessed my sisters and I with our 2nd Mom. I spent time with my 1st Mom yesterday, for an early celebration.

    So many people my age don’t have their Moms here anymore and I feel extremely blessed to still have both of mine. I know that each moment is precious. I’m not ready……..

    Hugs to everyone today.


    • Mindyme, a great big hug to you. Thanks so much for sharing your story. What did you think giving birth on Mother’s Day?


      • We missed them being born on Mother’s day by 3 minutes!

        In my heart and mind, the sorrow of losing our sweet Grand mother on that day, was shared with the joy of birth of a new generation. I deeply regret the twins never got to meet and know the love of their Mama Margaret. Tall, devoted, motivated, beautiful country classy Grand Mother.

        I hope you had a wonderful day!


        • Mindyme, Your grandmother would be proud of the way you describe her. I can relate to the regret. I wish that my son could have met my dad.


  2. TY!!! Mine is missing too!!


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Thanks, Xena. I miss my mom, too, but she lives on in my heart, and I know she is having a super time in Heaven gabbing with all of her friends and relatives. 🙂


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