Grand Jury Does Not Indict Darren Wilson

michael-brown-police-shootingOn August 9, 2014, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown in broad daylight. The most that the public has received by way of verified evidence is that Michael was shot at least 6 times, with the kill shot fired in the top of his head.

Eyewitnesses are consistent, reporting that Michael had his hands up as Darren Wilson fired and continued firing.

A grand jury began seeing and hearing evidence and when their session expired, the judge extended their time until January 2015.  Strangely, Darren Wilson was invited to testify before the grand jury and it was reported that he testified 4 hours.

140826071548-01-brown-funeral-0826-horizontal-large-galleryThere have been purported leaks by anonymous persons and reports that the grand jury would not indict, but I considered that propaganda instigated by White Supremacists to provoke the citizens of Ferguson into using violence. Had that happened, it would be used to impugn the Black race. I wasn’t far off in my opinion because Anonymous discovered, and exposed, that the KKK is alive in Missouri; that Darren Wilson is associated with the KKK; and that at least 2 officers on the Ferguson police force are members of the KKK.

Tonight, State’s Attorney Robert McCullough announced that the grand jury found no probable cause exists to indict Darren Wilson.

Once again, America finds that America’s unarmed citizens can be chased by a person with a badge and gunned down dead, without consequences at law that apply to civilians.

Michael Brown

R.I.P. Michael Brown


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  1. Another sad day in America, I’m heartbroken 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Ladylover1120,
      It is sad and beyond sad. May Darren Wilson be haunted by the sight of Michael’s brains on the street for the rest of his life.

      • I’m praying that he suffers everyday with the image of Mike Brown in his head all day everyday. You have to have a cold heart to shoot somebody as many times as he shot Mike #sad

        • 😦 so sad

        • yahtzeebutterfly


          “You have to have a cold heart to shoot somebody as many times as he shot Mike”

          I agree!

          Plus a disregard for the lives of people who could have been killed by all of the stray bullets he fired.

  2. Some of you may have received notification of a new post with an incorrect title. I was trying to get ahead so that when the decision was announced, I could blog it immediately before someone posted the news on another thread. Please forgive my error.

  3. I’m interested in learning exactly what they based their decision on, besides just their pure bias towards the police. Will Wilson still resign? He can’t possibly work in Ferguson again

    • Mindyme, based on the excuses that McCullough is making for the grand jury, it sounds as if they decided that Black witnesses whose testimony benefited Wilson, were considered above the testimonies of Black witnesses that were not beneficial to Wilson. That must be the attitude of grand juries in KKK land.

      • There was never any doubt. we all knew it would end this way

        • roderick2012

          @Mindy, you’re correct.

          All of these actions over the past months–Nixon speaking in Ferguson about some type of economic plan to aid the citizens of Ferguson, declaring a state of emergency long before the grand jury’s decision, preparing for riots.

          It’s funny that these clowns honestly believe that they pulled one over on everyone which is proof that racism not only makes one arrogant but STUPID.

          • Roderick, this is what Retired Chief of Police from Philadelphia Ray Lewis had to say.

            Here’s another statement from August 22.

      • roderick2012

        it sounds as if they decided that Black witnesses whose testimony benefited Wilson, were considered above the testimonies of Black witnesses that were not beneficial to Wilson.

        I don’t believe that these witnesses exist and if they do we don’t know what portion(s) of their testimony agrees with Wilson’s.

        I wonder if the two white contractors who were caught on video seconds after Brown was shot were called as witnesses of if that video was entered into evidence.

        • I don’t believe the ‘black witness’ story either.
          but if there were i have no problem imagining police or someone finding venerable ppl they could “persuade” to testify in defense of Wilson. we’ve seen unethical, illegal behavior & blatant lies from officials directly to the media even when facts obviously contradict them. there’s tons of videos of cops shaking ppl down w/threats of jail or prison or whatever to get them to do things for them.

        • Very neat trick, their names are kept secret, those who’s testimony supported Wilson’s story.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            This is what is so upsetting to me.

            We have NO idea just who those witnesses were and if they were EVEN standing in a position to REALLY see what was happening.

  4. yahtzeebutterfly


    Michael, Michael, MICHAEL Miiiiiiiiiiichael !!!!!

    I am so heartbroken and shattered!

    • So very sad yahtzee! : (
      You need a hug!
      I’m sending hugs and pats to you.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Thanks and here’s a hug for you.

        So many are hurting tonight. So many worried and scared for their children.

        I am sending prayers for Michael’s parents and loved ones….I can’t only imagine the pain that this decision inflicted upon them.

        • Thanks here too yahtzee.
          I know, his parents and family have been hurting too long and never was justice, the police have acted worse than children.
          The police are just getting by with murder every time and it is scary.
          Very scary.
          I’m disgusted with their action and their code blue of silence or lying.
          Yep, they’re right, they are all Darren Wilson.
          They should all say on their bracelets, they protect and defend each other, not the citizens.

  5. Truly shocking news, I have to say that my heart goes out to all those involved. I am not sure what led to the decision, I do know even if the young man struggled with the officer for his gun as was reported he still was un armed and didn’t deserve to be shot and killed. Wounded and taken to jail to stand trial perhaps if that was the only way the officer could have detained him. I don’t know what would have been appropriate, I do know that this is a tragic incident that could have and should have been handled differently. It does indeed seem that those wearing the badges are not held to the same standards as the rest of the community. Perhaps they are truly protected by and above the law?

    • Joe, thanks for your comment. I am without words –still listening to McCullough and it sounds like he operated the grand jury’s investigation like a trial jury. No justice, no trust.

  6. Why are tax payers footing the bill for bullet proof vests, tasers, and pepper spray, when cops only use bullets?

    • We PAY them to do this to us

      • butterflydreamer2

        Like I said, We need to ask for a refund on our taxes. I don’t recall a box to check that states there is an additional black tax accessed if you want police protection for African Americans.

  7. Listening to McCullough, you’d think that Darren Wilson was the victim in all of this. I’m not surprised by the decision not to indict. Anyone black that is surprised needs to wake up. Obama is supposed to speak tonight. He’ll probably give some sorry speech about how we’re all united.

    • butterflydreamer2

      A comment was made that McCullough sounded more like a defense attorney the a prosecuting attorney.

  8. Don’t jaywalk in broad light.
    Don’t go to a convenience store after dark.
    Don’t pick up a toy gun in a department store.
    Don’t camp in a public camping ground when you’re homeless.
    Don’t play hide-n-seek if you’re a kid and don’t play with a toy gun in a playground.
    Don’t have Down Syndrome and try to purchase a movie ticket.
    Don’t state that you can’t breath when you’re being choked.
    Don’t lean into your car to get your driver’s license.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      This has to STOP. Innocent unarmed people are becoming victims of quite a few out of control cops. Where are our nations leaders?? No one in power seems to be making an effort to end this violence. No good cops are turning in the bad cops…well some have been whistleblowers, but whistleblowers end up being “punished” instead of the bad cops.

      • Where are our nations leaders??

        There’s nothing that the nation’s leaders can do because police departments are under the authority of municipalities. City mayors usually appoint chiefs of police, who hire cops. They make policies that require cops to live within a certain number of miles from where the cop shop is located and that generally results in the majority of the cops not being residents of the city or communities in which they work. They would not want the job if it came without a gun.

        • i guess i’ve always been under the impression that ALL police had to live in the same place they worked, until now in ferguson!

          when I was 17 I dated a fort lauderdale cop and he told me he had to live in the same city he worked in.

          Also an old friend’s boyfriend (and his mom) is a city of Miami cop (now detective and his dumb ass is often on that show 48hrs doing what i recently realized is exploiting young poor black males and other poor ppl who don’t have attnys)
          and I remember when he was coming out of the academy he & his girlfriend moved to an apartment in the city he was working in.

          Same in Germany for elected officials. my ex was kinda what we call a mayor in the US. we had just gotten together at that time and he had to move out of his mom’s and buy a house in that city.

          It seems like common sense for police to live in the city they work. this should be a law and strictly enforced! look how strict they are about school districts! they’ll throw your ass in jail for lying about your address.

  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    NYC lifestream of demonstration:

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  11. sidewinder50

    Did McCullough say Mike ran 25 feet back toward Wilson?

    • Sidewinder, don’t know. When folks preference each sentence with a bunch of adjectives, it conveys to me that they are trying to convince rather than just state the truth. He lost my attention.

      • Yes, he did say it. There is a diagram that I saw on CNN showing all the evidence markers and one of them was a blood trail showing that Michael moved 25 feet toward the officer.

        • butterflydreamer2

          Well, I guess if he were in such fear for his life, he should have stayed in the car, and waited for backup to arrive.

    • I took what he said to mean that Michael only ran 20′ away from Wilson before he turned to allegedly run back

  12. President Obama: “We are a nation of laws.”

    Complete that sentence, please … laws that can be and are often applied and interpreted by men according to their biases.

    We are a nation of a constitution also, but those constitutional rights do not apply to all. It should be amended to say that law enforcement gets to decide what citizens have rights to life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness.

  13. Conflicting stories. Let’s believe the officer. He has to be telling the truth. He shot a kid that was unarmed. I’ll never believe the kid charged that officer. That’s lunacy.
    I’ll admit that I did have issues with some of the witnesses that gave public testimony. Piaget Crenshaw and Tiffany johnson lied about some of their stories and fashioned them to fit each other’s. They gave public testimony like they were in defense of mike brown, as opposed to telling the truth. I want to see the information that supports Wilson’s version of the events.

    • James,

      Piaget Crenshaw and Tiffany johnson lied about some of their stories and fashioned them to fit each other’s. They gave public testimony like they were in defense of mike brown, as opposed to telling the truth.

      Just because some may think that the tone of their testimonies were in defense of Mike, does not mean that the content is untrue.

    • BS he’s telling the truth.

      • butterflydreamer2

        I found their testimony to be credible, and it matched other witness testimony. McCulloch told of other witness testimony that was far from credible. Wilson got out from the safety of his car to chase Michael down. He had other choices. He has to live with the one he made. Like Zimmerman, he seems not to be bothered, as he decided within 2 months of taking a young mans life to get married. What a slap in the face to Michaels parents, who buried the son and will never have the chance to see their boy marry and have grandchildren.

        Just remember, although it may seem to others that the two witness’s stories look like they were fashioned to fit each other, Wilson never made a written report right after the incident as required by all officers, so there is nothing to compare his story to. Seems like he’s the one who had full opportunity to make his story fit, considering he had the knowledge of witness testimony.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          I also found their testimony to be credible.

          I agree with you butterflydreamer when you write:

          “Just remember, although it may seem to others that the two witness’s stories look like they were fashioned to fit each other, Wilson never made a written report right after the incident as required by all officers, so there is nothing to compare his story to. Seems like he’s the one who had full opportunity to make his story fit, considering he had the knowledge of witness testimony.”

    • there is redness, yet when Michael was running away, as Wilson was shooting at him, he was no longer a threat, this was not self defense.

      • I’ve seen mosquito bites that look worst. You’re right — Michael ran. I just don’t know — it seems that some cops do not belong in that job. They are like deep sea divers who never expect to get wet.

        • I hope the protestors stay safe and the officers do their job to protect them, allowing them their right to peacefully assemble

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Exactly, Mindy!

    • butterflydreamer2

      Geez, I wonder how that happened? I guess when he had his body through the window to reach across an unholster Wilson’s gun, he reached up to slap him on the right side of his face. Unbelievable.

      • Butterflydreamer,
        Don’t you know. A punch to the right-side of Wilson’s face on the passenger side, can be magically made by a tall, large 18-year old Black guy standing on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Not only that, but it justifies shooting the 18-year old in the top of the head, spilling his brains onto the street. (snark)

    • chuquestaquenumber1

      While ,this is disappointing. Sad to say Don Lemon who I normally don’t agree with did call this some time ago.Remember when we were told Mike Brown punched out Wilson’s eye socket? The racists got a twofer. Wilson’s non indictment,plus the rioting which will be further used to vilify Black people. Just remember,there were 6 riots that happened by members of the dominant society this year. Seattle,Lexington,Storrs,Phoenix,Keene and SanFrancisco. Meanwhile another Black man walking in a staircase gets shot by an NYPD officer.Later a 12 yr old Black kid in Cleveland is shot to death for playing with a airsoft gun. Meanwhile non Black people continuously can go by the White House with weapons in their cars,infiltrate a 1st Daughters motorcade,etc and not get shot.A reminder how the struggle is ongoing.

      • Chuquest,
        That’s a great summary. Of course, rioting because of pumpkins is forgiven and blamed on alcohol consumption. Breaches in security at the White House really bother me. It’s almost as if they are test drives to see weaknesses before launching the real thing.

        Well — we can say that as a prosecutor, McCullough is a loser. He is suppose to get indictments from grand juries. Failing to do that, he failed the people. He should have had his head in his hands wondering where he went wrong, rather than giving the public a closing argument of a defense attorney at his press conference.

  14. Darren Wilson, you are a disgusting person.

    • more like underwhelming evidence

    • My friend Omotayo has a theory that folks who’s ears are lower than their eyes are more likely to be deviant than others. I had to share this with him on his FB..

      • LOL@Mindyme. If Wilson had to wear eyeglasses, his nostrils would have good vision.

      • omg I panicked and ran to check my ear level, cuz i’m pretty deviant! but thankfully my ears aren’t completely lower than my eyes!!llolo

        but what’s so scary is Wilson is creepy looking. Zimmerman is creepy looking. i’d hate to imagine everyone who looks creepy is a cold blooded murderer or could be one day.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          LOL! Shannon…so funny!

          I also checked my ears in the mirror for fun….They are okay and reach above my eyes.

          (I will have to go check out Yoda’s ear level now.)

  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    We’ve just learned the grand jury convened to investigate the shooting death of Michael Brown has chosen not to indict Officer Darren Wilson.

    C, this is a devastating setback in our fight for justice. But the grand jury’s decision does not mean a crime was not committed in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 9. It does not mean we are done fighting for Michael Brown.

    Sign our petition to the Department of Justice. Demand resolution to the federal, criminal civil rights investigation into Michael Brown’s death.

    We are all filled with frustration, disbelief, and anger over this decision. That the officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man with his hands in the air remains free is appalling. Local officials in Ferguson utterly failed in their duties to conduct an open and transparent investigation.

    The local prosecutor who oversaw the grand jury process has significant personal, family, and professional ties to the local police department—the same local police who were slow to talk to witnesses and eager to attack protesters and journalists.

    We will not allow this to be another Sanford, Florida. We will not allow the justice system to let us down once more. Take action today, for Michael, and for all of our sons.

    While the NAACP joins the community in standing for peaceful protest, we will hold law enforcement officials accountable and ask that they adhere to the rules of engagement agreed upon.

    We stand united with the community and other activists groups, demanding that all police officers wear operable body cameras; police departments reflect the diversity of the community that they are serving; and that Congress passes the End Racial Profiling Act.

    Sign our petition to the Department of Justice right now:

    Thank you,

    Cornell William Brooks
    President and CEO

  16. Those injuries that wilson claims he has is pathetic. Matches his fake testimony. He lied from start to finish. Said he was hit 10 times. Said he tried to exit his vehicle and was pushed back in 3 different times. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe this is happening. I’m so thankful that I don’t live anywhere near St Louis. It almost like the Leadership by public officials and police department is racist and blatantly displayed. McCullough was sooo condescending with his tone. They have got to remove that guy by all means.

    • he had 2 hours to get that ‘injury’ ready to be photographed before he even went to the hospital

  17. kindheart101

    I have checked, there are tickets available for tomorrow. I am thinking of flying in to support them on the front line.

    RIP Mike…..

  18. yeseventhistoowillpass

    The prosecutor almost seemed to be more like a defense attorney… Weird..

    • Yeah Juan — I was waiting for the prosecutor to speak.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I agree, Juan!

      I need to read the evidence presented to the grand jury to determine the prosecution’s approach.

      I feel very strongly that Gov. Nixon should have appointed a special prosecutor.

  19. CNN just posted a diagram that answered a question that I had early on. If MB had charged/advanced on DW there would be a blood trail. The diagram they posted had markers on where various evidence was and one of them was a blood trail……not from the car to where he died but further away going back to the car which shows that he did advance on DW.

    Also they explained some of the original witnesses admitted they did not see the shooting but instead repeated what they heard from the crowd, I’m wondering how many of them where some of those who the press interviewed or if they were someone else.

    I want to see all the documents……

    • Towerflower, I looked at the photos but they don’t actually tell me anything. Also, I’m thinking about the audio recording of the shots and trying to visualize Michael bum rushing Wilson as Wilson is shooting. There is also that question the path of the shot to the head that indicates Michael was falling, and the shot to the top of his head that indicates he was already down.

      • When the discussion about MB first started, we all believed the narrative that MB never advanced on DW, I even said if he had there would have been a blood trail from his wounds. We now know from this released info there was indeed a blood trail and MB advanced 25′ toward DW, based on the where the blood trail was at it furthest point to where MB ended up.

        I don’t know if he was bum-rushing, running, or walking back…..all I’m saying is the blood trail shows he moved toward DW. I don’t know what possessed MB to go back toward the officer.

        I believe that the shots to the head occurred as he was falling.

        • Towerflower,
          If Michael indeed moved toward Wilson, only he can say why and he’s dead. He could have been going for his cap. He could have thought that Wilson could not hear his pleas from the distance and he needed to get closer. After all, Wilson’s ears are not in balance with his head. His ear drums are probably in his nostrils. Okay — mocking aside …

          Wilson had a reason for getting out of his vehicle and it didn’t involve enforcing the law. He was vindictive and was going to teach that community a lesson to use the sidewalk.

        • towerflower, have you heard Wilson’s ABC interview? becuz you know, you’re our resident responsible gun expert 🙂 i’d love to hear your opinions, most specifically on his story of the ‘struggle with the gun in the car’ part.
          cuz i’m dumbfounded that a cop says he pulled the trigger 3 times but nothing happens, 3 times?! does that make sense in your experience?

          I can’t speak to the blood trail yet because I’m not ready to look at pics, still too raw for me. so far all I’ve been able to stomach is reading tiny bits& pieces of testimony and watching snips of Wilson’s interview and the msnbc discussing the docu dumps.

          • I haven’t seen the interview in full, only pieces. I’ll have to find it on youtube. But if you pull a trigger on the gun and nothing happens then you have an issue… could be several things.
            1. not cocked….with his pistol you need to pull the slide back to load and cock the pistol.
            2. Misfire…..something was wrong with the ammo and the shell does not fire.
            3. Hangfire……again this deals with the ammo, it will not be an instant fire but a slow burn of the gunpowder and the fire will be delayed. You have to wait 30 seconds to be on the safe side before you recycle the gun, this is to ensure that it is not a hangfire but instead a misfire. There is a chance that if it is a hangfire and if you recycle the gun (pull the slide back to eliminate the bad ammo and reload a good round) too soon you could potentially open the slide and the shell could then go off. This can result in damage to the gun and yourself.

            But no matter what if you pull a trigger and nothing happens it requires that the gun be recycled……pulling the slide back again to recycle the gun…..eliminate the bad round, reloads a new round and cocks the firearm again.

            I did have a match style pistol that allowed you to pull the trigger back on more than one occasion but the pistol was malfunctioning. It would allow me to pull the trigger back several times and sometimes it would strike the bullet on the 3rd pull. This is not right and the gun went back to the factory to be repaired and the entire trigger assembly had to be replaced. I cannot imagine a cop would have such a pistol without having it replaced/repaired, since his life might depend on the correct operation of a firearm you don’t want one that will not fire correctly.

            So if he says he pulled the trigger 3 times and nothing happened then why doesn’t he mention having to recycle the firearm? If anything the only thing I can think of is that he might have thought he was pulling back on the trigger but in fact he wasn’t pulling it back enough or he didn’t have his finger on the trigger. With the struggle in the car it’s hard to say. But you don’t pull back on a trigger 3 times without doing more to the firearm.

            • I should also say….with a semi-automatic pistol like he has, it will only recycle on it’s own when a good round is fired from the gun. If it is a bad round then the shooter needs to recycle the gun by pulling the slide back.

            • Thanks for the explanation. So we can rule out ‘un cocked’ & ‘hang fire’ bcuz it did end up firing without blowing up and/or recycling until later during the ‘struggle’ but after it fired at least once…it’s a convoluted story in my mind. his stories change significantly between police interview, the grand jury testimony to his TV interview, but he’s freakishly consistent in his descriptive and extraneous details about what Mike was doing and thinking and how infantile he felt compared to Mike,
              he even says Mike “hopped, you know, like when a person is starting to run.” his stories are just as outrageous as Zimmerman’s. “he wasn’t running out of fear he was skipping.”
              Wilson and Zimmerman have the same mentality, two of a kind. it’s scary.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          We now know from this released info there was indeed a blood trail and MB advanced 25′ toward DW, based on the where the blood trail was at it furthest point to where MB ended up. posted by Towerflower

          I agree and now accept this as fact after reviewing the pertinent evidence.

          • yahtzeebutterfly


            At this link above….photo 82 of 83 does show the distance that Michael reversed his direction from blood marker 20 to 19 to the ghastly blood pool at the right of the picture on the road’s center double yellow line.

            ******I have NEVER heard a valid explanation justifying the need for Wilson to chase after Michael while shooting at Michael.******

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            For so many blood drips to be close together, one has to wonder if Michael simply had turned around and stood a bit at those to locations (#20 and #19) as he said his surrendering words with his hands up (and thumb still bleeding).

            I think he took SLOW steps as he surrendered. (Don’t forget that 21 or 22 feet is about the length of a regular car.) And, who knows, he might have taken those first few steps by walking backwards towards Wilson…finally turning around to face Wilson after a few steps.

  20. FAA has once again closed the airspace over Ferguson due to gunfire. Police aren’t sure where shots are going.

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    “Once again, America finds that America’s unarmed citizens can be chased by a person with a badge and gunned down dead, without consequences at law that apply to civilians.”

    • Well that law also seems to apply to some civilians too.
      Like the civilian who’s careful enough to choose an already ‘killing approved’ civilian, such as a 17yo black teenage boy, deemed suspicious for walking home in a middle class neighborhood to watch the All Star game on an early Sunday evening.
      Oh and the civilian must be “whiter” than the one they kill.

  22. Going to take awhile to go through it all… thing I found was DW was given drug and alcohol test.

    • Towerflower,
      The results of Wilson’s alcohol and drug tests are redacted. If they were negative, they should not have redacted. Wilson is the accused in this matter — not Michael, but they didn’t redact Michael’s test results.

      • Xena…..I thought the drug one was a little blank…..but the alcohol one had a signature space for the testee to sign if they tested over .02. That wasn’t signed by DW so I’m assuming he passed the alcohol testing.

        When I was drug tested for work you had the main paper/chain of custody that you filled out but the results showed up several weeks later in the mail.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Photo #40 shows a bullet casing (at yellow marker 3) on the ground about two feet away from Wilsons cruiser’s driver’s door. This must mean that as soon as Wilson got out of his cruiser, he IMMEDIATELY began shooting at Michael as he was fleeing.

      OR it could mean that Ofc. Wilson turned his body in his cruiser to face toward the back of his cruiser with his head and right gun hand outside the window and shot at Michael as he was fleeing in the direction behind Wilson’s cruiser. If this were the case, perhaps the recoil of his gun came back and hit him in the cheek which would explain the injury on Wilson’s cheek.

      Any thoughts?

      (Photo #41 shows a close-up of this casing.)

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        On Wilson’s RIGHT cheek.

      • Depending on how the gun was aimed when he fired those two shots from within the car it is not impossible for the shell casing to end up outside of the vehicle. Shell casings do not come back at the shooter but discharge off to the right.

        • I think i heard mc culloch say that they did NOT recover the 2nd bullet at the truck? I wonder if they found ( I think it was 12) ALL 12 bullets & casings. but damn, the ballistics alone was enough for a trial.

          • I believe what he meant by that is that they found the shell casing but they never recovered the bullet fired. They may never find it, a bullet can travel a good distance and if the path was clear it could have ended up several streets over.

  23. Ferguson prosecutor Robert McCulloch delivered a long-winded, smirking speech blaming social media, journalists, Ferguson residents, and pretty much everyone else who isn’t Darren Wilson, for Darren Wilson shooting and killing 18-year-old Michael Brown.

    It took McCulloch 10 minutes of hectoring before he revealed the grand jury had found no probable cause to indict Wilson, and the rest of the 45-minute speech, in which McCulloch seemed to be presenting evidence in Wilson’s favor, felt more like defense attorney’s argument than a prosecutor’s.

    • UGH

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      From the article which you linked, Xena:

      “The very length of McCulloch’s rambling statement, really, and the amount of evidence he felt compelled to argue against, was in and of itself a fair argument that the case should have gone to trial.”

      This is it in a nutshell!!!

      And the proof of this is found in McCulloch’s slip-of-the-tongue incorrectly calling the grand jury’s decision “the VERDICT” ………..From timestamp 26:19 to 26:33 of the video of McCulloch’s presser announcing the grand jury’s decision:

      McCulloch: “By statute the grand jury is not allowed nor is anyone allowed to ask what the VERDICT oh, I’m sorry, what the ‘vote’ was, nor are they allowed to or anyone allowed to ask what the discussion was, the opinions expressed by the other grand jurors.”

      (Only trial juries hand down a “verdict.”)

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        I really think McCulloch’s intentions behind his guidance of his team’s presentation to the grand jury IS found in this slip-of-the-tongue of his.

  24. Here’s Mister Adjectives’ announcement.

    • I watched too much of it and I cant really stand to hear it again. no doubt he was a defense lawyer for Wilson. his flippant arrogance is scary actually& it reminds me of a comment he made several years ago about some other victims whom he called scumbags or something to that effect.
      he should’ve been dismissed back then for his unprofessional public comments. imagine how he speaks about ppl in private.

      Xena, when/if you get a chance, can you elaborate on what you mean in your above comment about what it means when someone uses too many adjectives in their comments?

      • Shannon,
        There are methods that some people use to get the result they want in terms of emotion, credibility, or even to provoke anger or pass blame. McCullough’s use of adjectives such as “tirelessly,” “monumental,” “exhaustive,” were incorporated in his description of the work of the grand jurors. How does he know? What he did was give the grand jurors a performance review, which is not his job. His job was to present evidence of probable cause. He failed at that job while giving the grand jurors an adjective filled performance review as if the process was a competitive sport.

  25. I’m so sad and really heart broken and angry.
    I’ve had company all evening and didn’t turn on the TV.
    I thought I’m come here and check.
    It’s late and I’m going to bed, but it isn’t going to be easy to sleep.
    So very sad for Mike Brown his family Ferguson and America.
    Why God Why????

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I feel the same way as you, Lolypop.

      I have deep aching and also have that same “Why God Why????”

      This from Shaun King points the way forward (hopefully)

      Shaun King @ShaunKing · 12h 12 hours ago
      I am going to throw my life into solutions .

      I hope you’ll join me.

      Full force. All in.

      Something’s gotta give. A change has to come.

      • Yahtzee,
        I agree. Something’s gotta give.
        I was just thinking, here the police are all armed, the guard armed, the protestors not.
        I know rioting is wrong but dammit taking a LIFE has got to stop.
        How DO they show their frustration.
        This reminded me of LA. The bastard Gates said and I quote let them all kill themselves and called the police to leave.
        To have this kind of tragedy happen is unforgivable.
        So, Wilson sits behind a desk and id paid.
        This WHOLE thing could have been prevented from the beginning and it wasn’t.
        HOW can a police officer get by with murder???
        It can’t keep happening. Like you said a change has to change!
        Such a very sad time!!!!

  26. Darren Wilson most likely slapped himself in the face and said “oh crap gotta make it look like I was attacked” UGH! I am so so sad. I have no words for what happened. Just. No justice for Michael Brown. Or anyone that is black for that matter.

    • Shyloh,
      It’s the old game of retribution that is played today by many who hold to sovereign citizen ideology of “common law.” It is void of decency and at this time, rather than play-out the Hatfield and McCoy feud, the one with the gun just kills the other.

  27. George Stephanopoulos interviewed Darren Wilson. I wonder when he will interview Michael Brown to hear his side of the story. Oh — that’s right. The other party involved is dead because of Wilson.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I feel like throwing up from just hearing the news that Wilson was interviewed.

  28. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Somebody who does that to a child has no heart. If he had not harassed Michael he would be alive today.

    • Jackie,
      Wilson didn’t even see Michael as a “suspect” but rather, a demonized, elderly, former wrestler named Hulk Hogan.

      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

        Wilson was wrong to accost Brown the way he did. If Michael were white, Wilson would not have harassed him. They said he “charged” Wilson; I don’t know but I bet he said things to upset him. No law enforcement should ever challenge or disrespect a person; they are supposed to protect and serve the public – and the last I heard, African Americans are the “public.”

        I am furious over this. I read a few minutes ago that there are new laws and regulations being proposed to protect property…. well what about protecting PEOPLE?

        I am too disgusted with this decision. I bet I have signed 5 petitions today. And I have little hope even that will help. 😦

        • Jackie, I believe what you say. After Thanksgiving, I’m getting on the soap box. There are many things involved in this issue and all of the talking heads on television, although some are well intended, are not addressing the root.

      • At first when I heard this I imagined DW as a little 5′ nothin’ cop. Then I hear that he is 6’4″ and about 210 while MB is 6’6″ and 290…….that isn’t a large difference.

        • roderick2012

          @Towerflower, MB was 6’4 and 290 so they were the same height.

          But that doesn’t matter because MB had the Mandingo gene just like Trayvon did that night and even though Piglet outweighed Trayvon by over 50lbs Trayvon was able to manhandle the helpless Piglet to the point where Piglet wasn’t able to raise his hands to protect his face. /sarc

  29. I saw this comment under this article and it’s exactly the types of things I started thinking when the grand jury leaks came out about these mysterious “12 black witnesses testified in defense of wilson”
    I think this has to be looked into by the DOJ. the police, prosecutor and the governor who are both in bed w/ the guy roorda in the police union and ran for senate and involved in Wilson’s defense fund and that. they all need to be investigated for conspiracy to obstruct justice and tampering with evidence and/or witnesses and falsifying evidence. I mean there’s even indications that public officials are sympathetic to the KKK!

    A front pager at Balloon Juice noticed something…odd.

    I’ve been reading through the Ferguson grand jury doc dump released by Mr. McCullough; the documents are housed at the St. Louis public radio station here. The oddest thing I’ve seen so far is the account of Witness #40, who just happened to set out on a journey of racial self-discovery on the very morning of August 9, 2014, the day Mike Brown was killed.

    By a series of amazing coincidences, this person magically ended up witnessing events, and his or her perspective aligned perfectly with Officer Wilson’s account. Witness #40’s testimony comes in the form of handwritten journal entries, which you can view for yourself here. Here’s how it starts:

    August 9th Saturday 8 am
    Well I’m gonna take my random drive to Florissant. Need to understand the Black race better so I stop calling Blacks n*****s and start calling them People. Like dad always said you cant fear or hate an entire race cause of what one man did 40 yrs ago.

    The “journal” goes on to recount how Witness #40 takes a series of wrong turns and coincidentally turns up at the scene of the Brown shooting moments before it happens and sees the whole thing unfold. His or her account includes the following:

    The cop just stood there dang if that kid didnt start running right at the cop like a football player. Head down.

    The story is helpfully populated with “sweet” and “nice” local people whose wonderful qualities Witness #40 notes in the journal, qualities a racist who was attempting to create a post-hoc justification for a widely publicized police shooting would totally NOT appreciate, let alone record in a personal diary that later inexplicably found its way into evidence files. (wink-wink-nudge-nudge)


    • Amazing isn’t it? How convenient of a racial bigot to drive alone to change her mind about “those people” based on something that happened to her 40 years ago. I understand that the FBI has gone over all videos that were taken of that area and cannot identify any vehicle that belongs to “Witness 40.” McCullough and Zimmerman should have lunch together to celebrate being the most hated men in America.

      • Orly? I didn’t realize the feds couldn’t find this person, but maybe that’s bc ‘she’ was too busy telling another story on the internet radio show and going by the name of Josie!
        And i wonder how often this person went on a random drives into neighborhoods of ppl they can’t stand and make a bunch of wrong turns.

        BTW. i’m also under the impression that POS prosecutor didn’t even call the Brown family to give them the grand jury’s decision before his disgusting public statement. again its another slap in the face to an already traumatized family. and another act of disregard for them and Mike’s humanity by the person who’s supposed to have been their advocate. just another act of disrespect for a black child’s life by our government and a classless county prosecutor.

        But the more i see how media is treating this case since the evidence dump and Obama & Holder’s statements, i’m getting a feeling that this really isn’t over.
        I think the shit’s gonna hit the fan over there in Ferguson.

        I think McCullough thought his plan was pretty clever but i think he found out today that he fucked up because anyone with any common sense who saw his performance last night now know he’s an inept liar and total fraud.
        And now his arrogance is on full display and it’s not pretty. His attitude is that he’s above reproach and his decisions are not to be questioned. In fact he’s so smug he thinks he can make accusations and demean others not even involved in the case!

        He controlled everything. And last night he wanted the spotlight ON HIM not wilson and certainly NOT Mike Brown or his family. He’s wanted all the attention and the media gave him the national stage. Why else would he want to make this huge announcement in a 45 minute speech in the middle of the damn night?
        He had 3 months to orchestrated the whole thing the way HE wanted it.

        • “He had 3 months to orchestrated the whole thing the way HE wanted it.”

          FPD, Wilson, McCulloch and the GJ – “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit.” But I don’t think their edges are as seamless as they think they are and I agree, things are going to come down in Ferguson when the DOJ completes their investigation.

  30. yahtzeebutterfly

    “An attorney who does not aggressively cross-examine the target of an investigation…
    “…is an attorney who does not want to get to the truth.”
    Lawyer and legal analyst Lisa Bloom on the sham indictment proceedings against Darren Wilson

  31. yahtzeebutterfly

    “How Robert McCulloch Indicted Himself”
    Posted: 11/25/2014 11:46 pm EST

  32. BTW Crumps & Rev Al’s presser today was the BEST presser they’ve ever had! ever! it was awesome advocacy for Mike Brown and his family!
    I wish he would’ve done that for Trayvon. I’m still upset no one’s been on TV and ripped open Zimmerman’s lies in detail like that. I’m still waiting for that for our poor Trayvon.

    • Shannon, they didn’t hold back. It was real advocacy. The difference between advocating in this matter for Mike as opposed to Trayvon, is that O’Mara and West were private attorneys defending a man accused of murder. McCullough on the other hand, is a public servant whose job is to prosecute those accused of committing crime. McCullough failed to do his job. He’s a prosecutor who cannot get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. It’s unheard of that prosecutors invite the accused to testify before the grand jury. It’s not a procedure to determine guilt or innocence but rather, probable cause.

    • Oh — let me add this … not only are the accused not invited to testify on their behalf before grand juries as standard procedure but there’s another reason for not allowing that. If the grand jury indicts, the accused who sat before them know who they are; if not by name, at least by physical appearance. Imagine that intimidation factor of indicting the accused if they are involved in organized crime or law enforcement.

      • OMG I didn’t even realize that! it’s just unbelievable. this whole thing is horrible.

        btw. these fires in ferguson, at least some of them, could be the cops or KKK acts of intimidation. The Brown’s church burned down and the preacher just mentioned that once he did an interview calling for Wilson’s immediate arrest, he started getting threats in phone calls and letters.
        he was called a “hate preacher” …umm just a normal Christian preacher, well a black normal Christian who speaks about equal justice is called a “racist hate preacher”..
        just sounds kinda familiar to me.
        this has been the first times I’ve ever been called ‘racist’ for advocating for murdered kids, and it’s such an oxymoron but then again it’s certainly not surprising coming from the morons who’s only defense is twisting reality and hoping their victims won’t notice. makes me wonder if your stalkers are in ferguson.

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