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Kindheart101 contacted me.  She is taking a well deserved break from her computer, but wanted me to share the following song with you.

She and I are people who carry the burdens of others.  Our compassion runs deep and there are times when others run to us because they know they will receive the attention, mercy, and kindness that they need to lift them up.  After the healing, we are often exhausted.

Kindheart101 needs our positive thoughts right now.  She is going into a cocoon stage where she will come out strong and fly again, but while she in the cocoon stage, let’s not forget that it can be a lonely, dark place.

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  1. kindheart101,
    I’m so very sorry that you are going through this agony. It sounds like deep depression and it hurts. I remember years ago my chest kept feeling heavy and I cried all of the time. I didn’t know what it was until my father-in-law told me he knew it felt like a heart attack, but it would get better. I knew he had been through deep depression and knew what he was talking about.
    I just thought it would never go away. But it did. : )
    You do so much for everyone. You care so deeply and you want to help. I wish that I knew the words to sy right now to help you.
    The other day you helped me so much talking about people we love and have lost but we know they are around and the signs we get from them.
    I wanted to write and let you know how much that helped me. I always love hearing those stories and they meant so much to me. I couldn’t get reply, so I didn’t know how to let you know how much you helped and your kindness meant so much to me.
    You know I had a very special talk with my son. He was so worried about his family and friends. He knew what death was and knew it would be hard on all of us.
    I told him that we didn’t want him to suffer and wanted peace for him.
    He amazed me! He said Mom thank you that is the sweetest gift you could give.
    I remember when anything sad or tragic happened he would always say that he wanted peace for them.
    He also said Mom read John 14:27 and he also quoted it to me about peace.
    I hope the same for you kindheart. I know I want that for you and all of your friends here want the same.
    I hope this helps, my doctor was precious and I believe she saved my life.
    There are times when the big waves come and knock you down, but you will get through it and feel the calm.
    Was she ever right, The waves come still but I know there will be a calm.
    I hope so much for you kindheart.
    You are so thoughtful and kind and concerned for others, you forget about yourself.
    We all hope that you take the break you need. One thing always special is to walk out at night and find that one twinkling star, just for you.
    My grandaughter has always had this phrase from way back, I love you in circles and circles! : )
    I know that’s what we all feel for you, here at Xena’s blog. She meant for it to help others!
    You both need a break.
    I love the song Xena sent and there’s one that always gives me a reason when I hear it.
    I hope y’all like it!: )


    • kindheart101

      Dear Lolypop:

      Where on earth do I start? Do I admire your gentle compassion? Do I thank you for your loving understanding?

      Or, do I use your own words………”There are times when the big waves come and knock you down, but you will get through it and feel the calm.”

      Lolypop, you ARE the ocean my dear friend. You come in waves, and wash across those that are hurting, and remove their sorrow. It is so very obvious you care so deeply for others.

      I am so very honored to call you friend.

      With deepest spiritual love always,

      Thank you,


      • Kindheart,
        I love you. : )
        Before reading the rest of the post, I had just told my husband that I hate to know someone is hurting and I can’t reach through this computer
        and just hug them, then I read that in one of your post. : )
        It is so true, when someone hurts you want to get to them and just hug them until they are better again.
        That’s just one of the reasons why I’m so thankful for Xena and her blog.
        I was just thinking how much more the pain would be if we couldn’t at least express it in words.
        I’m so thankful that you are better.
        I really do believe that sitting out and just looking over the beauty, like the mountains, oceans and stars gives us rest and gives us peace, if only for a while.
        I also want to say I’m so very sorry for your losses.
        That’s a pain that if you go into a bubble or denial, it gives your heart a break.
        I will always be thinking of you and wishing you calm, if only in little bits at a time.
        I love you and also consider you and the rest on Xena’s home my friends. : )


  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    You know, Kindheart , I have always cherished our exchanges and your poetry that you have gifted our community with. You have such a beautiful spirit and a caring heart! 🙂

    What a beautiful song to the Lord that you gave Xena to share with us!

    I am praying that the Lord will continue to make His Presence and Love known to you as He gently and tenderly tends to you in your “cocoon” moment. May you feel His Presence and be strengthened, comforted and lifted by His loving Touch.

    Please know that I will be sending positive and bright energy your way and that I will be keeping you in my prayers. I will be holding your hand in spirit, my dear friend.

    I just know that you will rise up and fly to even greater heights with refreshed and strong wings!

    Love and Hugs ❤


    • yahtzeebutterfly


      If I may (and because you shared a song to the Lord), I would like to share this song with you. My mother used to sing it to me and I have remembered it in my past time of need. May it strengthen you and aid you at this moment ❤


      • kindheart101

        Beautiful Yahtzee, just beautiful.

        How you find the time to research, and post updates on so many different current issues amazes me.

        Yet, your ability to touch ones deeper side is a trait I thank you for also. It’s almost as if you can reach out through the computer and give someone in need a hug.

        I took a few days off, but I will always cherish what I returned to.

        Thank you for that. 🙂


  3. Rest well friend.


    • kindheart101

      To a very wonderful, sweet, caring person I am so happy to see posting again.

      Mindy, you have always been up front, and admired by all for your honesty and compassion.

      Should you ever head up the east coast……..I would love to meet you. 🙂


  4. Wow…..kh101. We all need a break from this world and the grief we see. You’ve always had something positive to say with such a logical outlook all the way back to early 2012 on HP. I still have a poem you wrote my sons band was going to turn into a song dedicated to Trayvon.

    That was priceless.

    This version of “Who am I” by Casting Crowns is one of the songs I play in several Church’s my band works with and it’s perfect.

    I have a song I’d like to post, an original my new band is playing that lifts me up. I just have to figure out how to get it from my hard drive onto here.

    Take care and I am certain everything will be fine. You’re far to good a person….

    Cheers !!


    • kindheart101

      Racer………….Oh Dear Racer

      We have talked for over 2 years now, and my admiration for you grows stronger daily.

      You are the cutting edge my dear friend! You always combine a very “sharp, verbal description”, accompanied with a “loving, lords spirit” to balance it, which just blows me away every time!

      I feel that you, my dear friend, will make it big. Not only because of your talent, but because of your spirit, soul and love of others.

      The size of your heart, by far, by passes mine Racer,

      (((Hugs))) Always and Always


  5. butterflydreamer2


    You are a very special person……..Take care of yourself, and remember


    • kindheart101

      Thank you Dreamer…………..

      Your name says it all! To Dream, that beautiful dream……… wish….to hope………to pray……to dream for the best in life……….the best for others………..

      To be a “Butterflydreamer2” is awesome because with wings, you can soar to the heavens, and deliver your message in person. 🙂

      (Please let me know when you will take passengers?)


  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    I have been thinking of you all day, dear Kindheart.

    You do so much for others. Often times we don’t realize the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy we expend helping others until it hits us all at once (happened to me 25 years ago) and then it is hard for us to rebuild all of that energy and bright spirit.

    Now is your time to take care of just you, to indulge yourself, to rest and just lounge around, to do whatever your heart desires…..listen to music, have special treats (hehe…ice cream 🙂 ) and make yourself your number one priority.

    Just drift without telling yourself when you should feel better or what progress you should be making toward feeling better. Don’t worry or feel bad if you have a setback after having a good day. Just give yourself all the time you need without double thinking things…one hour at a time…one day at a time. Just rest and flow with the moment.

    I know from experience that things do get better and you will emerge with more strength and peace.

    It I could I would mail you a real rainbow, 7 sunbeams, some singing meadow larks and chirping robins, and cozy things like slippers, a purring cat, a snuggling puppy. 🙂

    I love you, dear friend, and I wish I could be there with you, supporting you and helping you with things like errands or appointments or even finding funny DVD’s for comic relief.


    (Hope you like how I fixed up my eyelashes here. 🙂 )


  7. kindheart,

    Be well my friend.


    • kindheart101

      Joseph, Mi Amigo,

      I just needed time, I am fine.

      You my friend are a rock! How I admire you. Please Joseph, never change.

      I hope to be talking to you until the year 2050……………and beyond…………

      You inspire me!

      🙂 🙂


  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Kindheart, I am wishing you a peaceful night filled with gentle moonbeams.


  9. Kindheart, (edited by request) once again I hope all is well and better days come back soon. We wish you all the best and see you again soon in cyberspace!


    • kindheart101

      Dearest Towerflower……..

      What ever, in the world, could you ever say to me that had to be edited? That alone kind of upsets me? I have always respected you, and I would always value what you have to say to me?

      Maybe I am really going to be out of line…………but I am going to ask you to please post to me what you originally posted, or please ask Xena to email it to me!

      ((Hugs)) Towerflower……… are a Lilly in a sea of cactus. Though you have no thorns, protection comes in many forms. Your protection comes from your sweet spirit, that attracts those that spread your pollen from post to post………..

      You will always be remembered. You will always be loved.

      Thank you


      • About the same time that you went on vacation, someone on twitter posted about doing the same. Towerflower mistook that person for you. Recognizing the error, she asked that I remove the portion where she wrote about reading your tweet — because it wasn’t your tweet.

        Kindheart, we here on Blackbutterfly7 are somewhat protective of each other. The last thing we need was for the haters to start trolling on Twitter trying to find you. 🙂


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    I will be thinking of you this weekend, Kindheart.

    Here is a bright morning song for you:


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Oh, kindheart,

    How wonderful to see you back here with your beautiful messages to all of us. 🙂

    You, dear friend, have a beautiful soul.

    For you: 🙂



  12. kindheart101

    I’m home, and I am going to start reading the other Butterfly posts.

    I spent a few days in the mountains of NC, looking over God’s mountains and valleys, sitting on the edge of a mountain, and crying many tears. I have lost several loved ones in the past few months, but I have also felt the love of many.

    I planned on being gone for a few weeks, but my cat sitter had to leave town also….which brought me right back home.

    I pray all of you know how much you mean to me.




    • Kindheart,
      It is great seeing your return. Sorry to hear that you had to cut your rest short, but happy to hear that you did receive refreshment in spirit. I pray that does not end. (((Hugs)))


      • kindheart101

        My Dear Spiritual Friend

        We both know time moves on.

        Though it may be cut short, it does not diminish the impact it has on us.

        Your Blog touches many, but even more, it brings truth and hopefully spiritually healing to those that need it. There is so much hate and pain in the world today. Where it comes from bewilders me……..and I want to curse the families that encourage and fuel this, though I honestly think it’s passed down from generation to generation.

        Yes, I’m back, and I am now going to read your other posts.

        God help us……..How many more Mike Browns do we have to read about until the world changes……..

        Please, not one more!

        Justice for Mike


        • Kindheart,
          Thanks you so much for your kind words. Your comments and poetry are so uplifting and words cannot express my appreciation. You are certainly a positive influence in my life, and to this blog.

          Love You Puppy


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