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The Way of Peace

This is the way of peace:

Overcome evil with good,

falsehood with truth,

and hatred with love.

Be Peace.




Wordless Wednesday – Sept. 28, 2016


Hearts As One Drumbeat Award


Hearts as one

Sue of Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary, passed on her Hearts As One Drumbeat Award to Blackbutterfly7. Sue created the award, and the rules for passing it on are;

“Within their posts whether if be through Poem or Word

Caring for others is a must for this Award.

Be it through laughter or Humour

Photograph or Story

Love and Compassion 



Together let us Beat our Drums for Harmony, Peace, Unity, and Equality.

 Let the Beat of your Thoughts Ripple out as we share our Hearts in One Beat of Unity.


The Hearts as One Drumbeat Award is a celebration of unity, love, and compassion. In spite of some subject matters that we write about, I always wear my emotions on my sleeve and it is a humbling honor to be recognized, even on my worst days, for keeping the hope of love and compassion alive. Read the rest of this entry

Staying the Course

gold fence

I have built a fence of gold for righteousness, and given it a gate of silver for judgment.

Passing through it judges the heart and mind to do what is right.

Within the fence is a house built of love.

It is for the protection of hearts and minds so that cruelty does not plant seeds.

It is a place of rest for the weary.

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From Kindheart101

Kindheart101 contacted me.  She is taking a well deserved break from her computer, but wanted me to share the following song with you.

She and I are people who carry the burdens of others.  Our compassion runs deep and there are times when others run to us because they know they will receive the attention, mercy, and kindness that they need to lift them up.  After the healing, we are often exhausted.

Kindheart101 needs our positive thoughts right now.  She is going into a cocoon stage where she will come out strong and fly again, but while she in the cocoon stage, let’s not forget that it can be a lonely, dark place.

Butterfly quote


It Has Been A Long Week

It is Friday already.  Seems like yesterday was Monday.

Butterflydreamer2 had a birthday this week.  Yahtzeebutterfly covered the Ted Wafer trial, along with other magnificent participants.  I’m afraid that if I try naming everyone that I might inadvertently omit someone, so here’s a huge thanks to everyone.  It certainly was not easy following a trial that was not live streamed.

Justice for Renisha is no longer a hope but a reality.  We lift up her parents, family and friends.  Nothing will ever replace Renisha, but knowing that the jury entered a ruling based on facts and the law is like having an eternal flame.  May it brighten the path for others to follow.

dog and catWe continue moving forward in hope and love for peace, not only in our nation of America, but for all inhabitants on Earth, including all creatures, great and small.


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Taking a Break – June 26, 2014

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies and all creatures great and small,

Black butterflyI have had to make a hard decision.  It is generally understood that changes come with life.  Responsibilities and priorities can be added to and/or change daily.  With that said, I am scheduled for a medical procedure in July, and am not now feeling 100 percent. Along with my health, there is personal business that I must give attention to.

No — I have no plans to stop blogging.  Blackbutterfly7 isn’t going into blog limbo.  What I don’t want is for readers and participants to anticipate the frequency of new blog articles as in the past year.  After the second week of July, I’m hoping to return  stronger. 

For now, what I plan to do is reblog from some of my, and your, favorite bloggers until I am feeling well enough to dig into the research that I like and use in writing for this blog.

In other words, I’ll still be around, but can’t promise how much time I’ll have for writing.  Feel free to continue posting comments.  Read the rest of this entry

The Perfect Storm

We’ve come so far but have so much further to go.  There might never be a time when people don’t hate, but those of us who do not have to drown out words of hate with actions of love.  Thanks for being a doer of peace and love.



In the sixties, there was a perfect storm of hatred and violence and passionate pacifism. Folk singers like Peter, Paul and Mary, Pete Seger and Joan Baez sang the songs that started the fire that crossed America to get the Vietnam War ended. Hearts were set afire with music, poetry, sit-ins and marches. We watched the boys we knew going off to the war. There was a draft and I can remember sitting at the dinner table and listening for the numbers to be selected. You knew the numbers of your family and friends. The silence that would envelope a family when a son’s number was called was so opaque you could cut it with a knife. In addition to this being held like a human sacrifice by a Pagan world, some of these men fled and went to Canada. Very few returned, even when all was forgiven.

Thanks to…

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