Justice Finally Comes

cms-fed court houseThis is the post I promised. The case saddens me, while at the same time I was excited. One reason I was excited is because justice was administered by the federal district court where I live. Another reason is that is shows that in some cases, federal investigators turn over every rock to find evidence, and sniff out every witness, even if it takes years — in this case, 4 years.

In August 2010, a search warrant was executed for a home located in Saint Anne, Illinois. The person (who investigators called “A”) admitted that he viewed and traded child pornography over the internet. He used various methods to trade the pornography, including P2P networks, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype. In September 2010 during a follow-up interview, the person identified the user names of individuals in whom he had traded child pornography.

Two usernames were for one individual who was identified as Greg Pyle. Greg Pyle sent child pornography to “A”. Greg told “A” that a boy in the porn photos and videos was a relative. “A’s” hard drive was examined and investigators found that Greg Pyle also exchanged child pornography with others on the internet. Google cooperated in the investigation to verify information. Oops!!

So, who is Greg Pyle? Why is he any different from any other person charged with child pornography?


Greg Pyle

Greg Pyle was a member of the Illinois Chapter of the ICAC, (Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force). The task force is a subset of The Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Department of Justice. Pyle was a member as part of his job as a Sergeant with the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department. Pyle was to investigate and bring those guilty of exploiting children to justice. He was suppose to protect children and educate the public on how to protect children when using the internet.


Pyle was also a member of the Sheriff’s S.W.A.T. team.Pyle-Greg-in-SWAT-gear

In January 2012, Pyle was charged on the state level with 10 counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault. He is currently out on a $20,000 bond while that case is pending. It was because of those charges that Pyle was removed from the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force and was placed on administrative leave. The 10 count charge can be read here.

Pyle also crossed the state line to engage in a sexual act with a minor, and that opened him up for federal prosecution. The feds proceeded with the case.  In January 2012, investigators interviewed a boy who told them Pyle had abused him from at least age 8 to age 10, at Pyle’s home and at a hotel in Wisconsin in 2008.

On August 14, 2012, federal prosecutors filed charges against Pyle. The charge, that alleges crimes dating back to 2006, can be read here, but be forewarned that some of it is very explicit. The federal investigator dug back to calendar year 2006 and presents what the pornography shows.

Pyle was indicted on charges of crossing a state line with intent to engage in a sexual act with a person who had not attained the age of 12 years, and transportation of a minor in interstate commerce to engage in sexually explicit conduct to produce a video, both in violation of Title 18 of federal statute.

In January 2014, former McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Greg Pyle plead guilty to the federal charges. He was sentenced this week.

The plea agreement includes;

“Specifically, defendant admits that on December 13, 2008, he had custody of Child A and knew that Child A had not attained the age of 12 years. On that date, the defendant drove Child A from Crystal Lake, Illinois to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The purposes for the defendant’s transportation of Child A to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, included the defendant’s intention to engage in sexual acts with Child A and to produce visual depictions of such acts. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the defendant and Child A stayed overnight in a hotel associated with a national hotel chain. Further, while in the hotel, the defendant engaged in sexual acts with Child A that were sadistic, masochistic, and violent. The defendant produced images of Child A engaged in these sexual acts and later distributed the images over the Internet.”

At his sentence hearing, the victim’s mother took the stand and said her son, who Pyle crossed the state line to victimize, is angry and depressed and has been hospitalized twice because of suicidal thoughts. Listening to her speak, Pyle began to cry.

Pyle was looking at a sentence of life in prison, with a minimum mandatory sentence of 30 years. At his sentence hearing, Pyle tearfully stated that he “couldn’t be more sorry for my actions. I hope that one day I’ll be free again.”

His defense attorney, in seeking the minimum sentence, pointed to Pyle’s background in law enforcement and the military. He cited a letter from 2002, written by a military superior who described Pyle’s “good character.” That did not impress U.S. District court judge Frederick J. Kapala.

Federal district court Judge Kapala called Pyle’s actions “heinous and despicable.” Judge Kapala stated that the fact that Pyle was working in law enforcement during the time he was abusing the boy speaks to the need for a severe sentence.

“He took a young, helpless child,” who should have been able trust Pyle and “he perverted the entire situation,” said Judge Kapala. Judge Kapala sentenced Pyle to 50 years.

In ruling on Pyle’s sentencing, Judge Kapala pointed to an interview that Pyle gave to a social worker after his arrest, which he reportedly said he feared he would abuse another boy if he had not been caught. Pyle “went undetected for a long period of time. There is no reason to believe he would have stopped had he not been caught,” said Judge Kapala.

Thank you, Judge Kapala.  He gets it.  He understands that people who obtain positions that they use to betray public trust, should not get just a slap on the wrist.

Pyle still faces state charges of aggravated criminal sexual assault in McHenry County, with a potential penalty of up to 60 years in prison.


Court records show that on October 21, 2014, Pyle was sentenced to 45 years in prison in the State’s case.

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  1. georgiakevin

    When I first began reading your blog/this post I was felt an overwhelming sense of sadness since child abuse and child pornograhy is such a devastating crime to the poor children but I grew angrier and angrier especially as I read where the person responsible is when I read that the person responsible was a person in a position of trust , a law enforcement officer who should have been protecting children instead of destroying their lives.


    • Kevin,
      I feel the same. What I cannot find is if Pyle made any arrests while he was on the task force. Here were parents and others depending on him to identify and catch child porn perpetrators, and he was one of them. I am so happy to know that the federal judge made the statement and decision that he did when sentencing Pyle.

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      • The “fox in the hen house” – I can only imagine (the) Pyle having derived some form of satisfaction with the investigations, perusing evidence. Yet I wonder if any of that evidence was missing. And surely, those he shared with over the internet, have been captured…the list no doubt is wide and far.


  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Good news, Xena, this is justice for once. What a low-life amoeba to do that to a relative and children to boot! *two thumbs up*


  3. this is so disgusting but at least he’ll die in prison, which is very important for the victims to be aware of. there’s also satisfaction in the judge’s publicly stated condemnation of their terrorizer which helps to relieve victims of an undeserved, but yet certain sense of guilt and responsibility.
    hopefully they get the rest of the support they need so this doesn’t completely ruin their life. but his conviction was & is the very 1st & best step.


    • Shannon, YES!! It also reminds me of what a federal public defender once said — when the feds charge, they have all the videos, audios, computer evidence, and everything necessary to convict. The worst mistake that suspects make is thinking that time is on their side because they don’t see the feds doing anything. The best that a defense attorney can do is try to negotiate a shorter sentence.

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      • Exactly. A Federal investigation doesn’t even share discovery like a state case does. It’s generally “Trial by ambush” With which I have noooooooo problem with.

        Hear that Fogen…………the silence can be deafening.


  4. Two sides to a story

    It’s frightening how many pedophiles work in jobs in which they have access to children. There were a rash of such incidents in a small SW town where I used to live and I often felt as if there were some underground activity going on there because there seemed to be an unusual number of known and newly discovered sex offenders in that area. If there was / is, I can only hope the community will always have resolutions like this one.

    If only all judges could be as forthright in dealing with dubious self-defense shootings with racist roots as this judge was in dealing with a pedophile.


    • Two sides,
      Child pornographers seem to exist in groups and some of them use the abused kids to recruit other kids. It’s not only sexual and physical abuse but also brainwashing.

      Can you imagine a child being sexually abused by a sheriff? Who is he going to tell who will do anything? And of course, Pyle was on the task force so he could hide information and evidence. For the victims, that had to be a hopeless feeling.


    • At a Church we attended for 15 years and in which I played guitar in a Praise & Worship team, had a convicted pedophile in the other P & W team who would subvert the efforts of anyone he perceived as a threat.

      He’s back in prison and will probably die there….ya know, getting caught molesting kids again while he still had years of probation/parole left.

      Unfortunately before he was caught the second time, he caused a mass exodus from the Church.


  5. kindheart101

    What are the chances that Judge Kapala would move to sunny Florida so he could be the seated Judge when Zimmerman winds up in court again?

    We all know it’s going to happen…..


    • yahtzeebutterfly


      Judge Kapala IS the kind of judge that should deal with gz.

      Kudos to Judge Kapala for his statement as he sentenced depraved Pyle!

      Great work by federal investigators and prosecutors!


      • I’ve read numerous decisions entered by Judge Kapala in both civil and criminal cases. He has a very keen sense for getting to the truth without being distracted by straw man arguments. By the way, the federal grand jury session that returned the indictment on Pyle was the December 2011 session. The feds continued working and it was not until August 2012 that they had the magistrate judge sign the warrant for Pyle’s arrest. In other words, there are cases where the public needs to be as patient as the feds. 🙂


    • LOL@kindheart101. IF GZ has irritable bowel syndrome now, he will need Depends if he goes before Judge Kapala.


  6. Outstanding!! Finally, like was stated, someone gets it!


    • Mindmyme, Pyle’s attorney entered loads of letters of commendations and even Pyle’s military commendation in effort to get his sentence reduced. He apparently could not see that Pyle was betraying the trust of those he was suppose to protect in spite of doing things such as stopping a car and finding pot inside. Well whoopee — arrest someone with pot while sexually abusing a little boy and sending the photos and videos via the internet. What Pyle did to that kid was horrible.


  7. The charges are despicable, what this man did to this poor kid


  8. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on MrMilitantNegro™.


  9. Jueseppi B.

    Judge Kapala sentenced Pyle to 50 years.Hallelujah


    • Jueseppi, there’s another hearing scheduled for Oct. because there are financial penalties included in the sentencing. The feds are not finished with Pyle yet.


    • I’ll see your Hallelujah and raise you an “Amen” !!!!!!


  10. crustyolemothman

    Xena, My first thought were that this person should be executed for his horrible crime, but then I realized that death would let him off too easy! He needs to spend each waking day for the rest of his life being reminded what a poor example of filth he is… I hope he lives to spend each minute and second of his sentence and does not die until the last day of his sentence… but regardless, he should never be allowed to rejoin society as a free man…


    • kindheart101


      End of story. Let the rotting in prison begin.


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        x 2


      • It’s a fact and a statistic that inmates hate child molesters more than anything……oh, and cops…..they hate cops as well.

        I’m thinking he’s gonna have a real hard time “playing well with others” from this point on.


        • kindheart101

          But the question is……….”How well will they play with him?” (Having police in my family also, I think we both know the answer to that Racer.)

          Good to see you.


        • Hey Racer,
          In 2012, we were all pretty focused on Trayvon. That year, Brian Richardson was put on trial for murdering a child sexual molester in a federal prison in Georgia. He was facing the federal death penalty but the jury gave him life in prison. Richardson killed his child molesting cell mate with a knife that he fashioned from a pin in a fire extinguisher.

          I can’t imagine Greg Pyle wanting to sleep with both eyes closed.


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    The fact that the federal investigators used four years to carefully gather up evidence against Greg Pyle to successfully gain a conviction, gives me hope that, although many months have passed, the DOJ WILL be successful in bringing charges against gz and be successful at uncovering the truth regarding the death of Kendrick Johnson.


  12. I, for one, am a firm believer that pedophiles should be given life without parole sentences. There have been enough studies to show that they can’t be rehabilitated and if released a child will always be at risk.


    • There have been enough studies to show that they can’t be rehabilitated and if released a child will always be at risk.

      True. Hopefully the state will proceed, convict, and add another 60 years to the 50. I wonder if federal prisons have special sections for “short eyes,” because I understand that those prisoners are at risk among the general population.


    • Correct, they have a very high repeat % (see my above post about our Church)

      Life w/o parole……maybe a little torture…….lots of, …………..well, I’ll keep that unsaid.


    • butterflydreamer2


      I agree!!!


  13. pedos can’t be rehabilitated anymore than heterosexuals or homosexuals can change orientation.
    it’s not like a mental illness even tho most of us say they’re sick.
    they aren’t technically ‘sick’. they don’t have a brain disorder so surgery, therapy or medication won’t cure them.
    the pedo is a just a deviant sexual sadistic criminal. it’s a sexual compulsion and they’ll always be compelled to rape children.
    so if a pedo is let out of prison and chained to a tree, the pedo will still think about attacking a kid that walks by. too bad we cant read minds because it would be great to make thinking about it illegal.
    once we get one they should never get out of prison. instead, be grateful we finally caught one and keep them locked up forever. because we know that if it’s not bad enough, more than likely they’ve victimized other kids we will never know about.


    • Shannon,

      … so if a pedo is let out of prison and chained to a tree, the pedo will still think about attacking a kid that walks by.

      There is something in their minds that is like an addiction. And, as you say, there are probably other kids we will never know about. I have a hard time believing that Pyle waited until 2010 to begin sexually abusing little boys. He’s probably been doing that all of his adult life.

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