Bloggers Who Care, Community Heart Award

Bloggers who care

Kev has nominated Blackbutterfly7 for the “Bloggers Who Care, Community Heart Award.” Horty also nominated Blackbutterfly7 for the same. I thank both of them. It’s an honor.

A very talented man, Kev wrote in making the award:

“This award is one I made myself for All members of my community. You deserve it and I love you all.”

I love you too, Kev.

In the past 4 months, the number of subscribers to Blackbutterfly7 has grown. I’ve not yet been able to visit all of the blogs of new subscribers yet, and for that I apologize.  I see you, and thank you for following and your support.

Caring. Our community cares about so much. We care about animals, nature, people, and about how people treat each other. We care about peace and love. We care about children, education, health. We care about equality for all.

I love our caring, Word Press Family.

There are no rules for acceptance, such as nominating a certain number of other blogs, etc. But, I am going to pay it forward to a blogger who demonstrates caring.  She’s been around for a while but most recently started blogging projects, such as a database of unarmed people who were killed.

I’m on my way to deliver the award to what zen a lotion bar.


Butterflies of all colors, all go through the same experience of transformation from caterpillar.

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  1. kindheart101

    Congratulations Xena, you deserve this. Your endless hours of research, and compassion you show to all of us is to be truly admired.

    Thank you for such a wonderful, secure home for all of us to be able to come to educate ourselves, get up to date information, and share our feelings.

    I think I can respectfully speak for all of us to say……….WE LOVE YOU TOO!


  2. Xena, Congratulations on your Bloggers Who Care, Community Heart Award and I’m extremelyhonored you have chosen to pay it forward to me!
    Thank you


  3. So well deserved!


  4. AWEEEEEEEEEEEEE Wonderful. Well deserved!!!!!


  5. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Congrats, Xena! I take a bow to you! ❤


  6. chuquestaquenumber1

    Another well deserved award . Kudos once again Xena. Keep up the work and efforts to expose racist beings and ideas. As always you have my suport.


  7. Xena, Congratulations!


  8. butterflydreamer2

    Congrats Xena


  9. 3 Cheers !!!! You deserve every award you get…….and most likely, some you didn’t !!!

    Congrats !!


    • Racer,
      You’ve always been a great supporter and motivator. I love your sense of humor and well — just love you period.

      There are other nominations awaiting acceptance — about 3. When they require nominating other blogs, it takes time. Also, I’m always afraid of leaving out a blogger who deserves it. There are bloggers who I admire and follow who follow this blog, but have made their blogs award free zones.


  10. Yes, this is a very caring community. I’m grateful that we have it. Congratulations–you more than deserve the award!


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