Your Life Is No Longer Your Own (Tissues Required)

You were right. I needed tissues.

My Good Time Stories

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Read an amazing account of incredible sacrifice during World War 2 involving simple towns people.

Around this time each year, Memorial Day, I am reminded of a story that I once heard. Though the exactness of it I cannot confirm, I am assured its basis is quite factual, and its message definitely deserves to be retold.

The story is of a man, Andrew, who was known all his life for selfless sacrifice and good works. He always stood in defense of the defenseless, and toiled without tiring, standing up for the downtrodden and underprivileged. As he grew old, and people tried to honor him for his well-lived life of service, he was reluctant to accept the praise and attention that his community desired to heap upon him. It was then, for the first time, that he told a story that had burned deep in his heart and…

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  1. What an incredible story. I love this “live your life for both of us” And what a lot to carry on one’s heart.


  2. Such a moving story…. the older man lovingly sacrificing his life so that the young child might live. That man’s spirit lived in the boy’s heart and was reflected in the boy’s humanitarian actions for a lifetime. Beautiful.

    Thank you for reflagging this, Xena.


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