Mark O’Mara Has Time For Private Practice

Some, most, or maybe all who read here are familiar with the name Mark O’Mara. O’Mara represented George Zimmerman in his second degree murder trial for killing unarmed 17-year old Trayvon Martin.

Mark O'Mara 1

Mark O’Mara

After his acquittal, George Zimmerman was retained by the police at the house that he rented and shared with his wife Shellie, who had filed for divorce and was moving out of the house. Mark O’Mara appeared at the house.

It was at or around that time when Mark O’Mara told the press that he no longer represented George and would not be representing him in the divorce case. Shortly thereafter, O’Mara announced that he was hired by CNN to give legal commentary.

Then came O’Mara’s announcement that George owes him $2.5 million.   There were pending motions for sanctions against the State left over from George’s 2nd degree murder trial. The motions were abandoned.

Before trial, George filed a lawsuit against NBC. O’Mara subsequently withdrew from representing George in that case.

Some who followed O’Mara after the verdict in Zimmerman’s case suspected that O’Mara was too busy with television commentary to continue representing George. It is my opinion that O’Mara wanted to wipe his hands of George Zimmerman.

Turns out that along with his CNN job, Mark O’Mara has time to represent new clients in his law practice. This time, it’s a man charged with home invasion robbery with a firearm and a mask, two counts of kidnapping with intent to commit or facilitate commission of a felony, attempted armed burglary with a firearm and mask, possession of burglary tools and criminal mischief.

From left: accused "ninja robbers" Andres Perez, Frank William Bower Jr. and Johnathan Contreras, who were arrested in Orlando

From left: accused “ninja robbers” Andres Perez, Frank William Bower Jr. and Johnathan Contreras, who were arrested in Orlando

Twenty-seven year old Johnathan Contreras, known as the “ninja-style” robber, was captured and arrested last week when deputies caught him, 54-year old Frank Bower Jr., and 44-year old Andres Perez cutting into a fence at a million dollar mansion.  Contreras is the only one who has hired O’Mara.

Police officers found that the men had black clothing, black shoes, black gloves on them and a black mask. They also found pepper spray, zip ties, duct tape and a gun stolen from Collier County.

The mask and clothing appear to be the link between that attempted robbery and others, one in which Contreras and the other men tied up homeowner Bill Kitchen and his partner. The robbers made off with $1,800 in cash and more than $25,000 in jewelry. They allegedly took off in Bill Kitchen’s vehicle. The media did not report whether Contreras of another of the men were charged with stealing the vehicle.

In this case, like in Zimmerman’s, maybe Mark O’Mara will tell the jury to bring their common sense, but not use it during deliberations.


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  1. what the …………

    what could one possibly use for a defense in a home invasion?


    • Well, let’s see. O’Mara can use three cardboard cut-outs representing the three men. He could put masks on them and then ask the jury if they can figure out which one represents his client. Of course, the cardboard cut-outs will all be the same height and size. 🙂


    • They weren’t planning a home invasion. They had just arrived home from the first night screening of “Three Ninja’s Dressed in Black”, and decided they were hungry and decided to take a shortcut to Mcdonalds. They took along the pepper spray, zip ties, duct tape and the stolen gun just in case they ran into a bear. His client, the young man sitting on the right was not hungry, but the two elderly men offered to buy him a vanilla shake, so he decided to tag along.


  2. Who would want this new case? These guys were caught in the act. Is it going to be a high profile case in Florida, and, thus, O’Mara thinks he will be in the limelight again?

    Is O’Mara in debt (by 2 1/2 million) to his technical and legal experts and assistants from the Zimmerman case. The 2 1/2 million can’t include any of his personal legal work because he took the case pro bono, right?


    • The pro bono claims have been questioned because if O’Mara took on Zimmerman pro bono, he cannot turn around and charge legal fees. Now, I need to go back to his interviews, because when he said he was taking the case pro bono, that might have been before GZ’s first bond hearing. If so, then maybe O’Mara didn’t see the gravy train. What he didn’t think about however, was that the gravy train came to a screeching halt when donors discovered that GZ used the money to get himself out of pre-Feb. 26, 2012 debts.

      Then too, he and Don West purchased a building and charged GZ’s defense fund for the rent. So, O’Mara was served with some financial benefit while GZ could not afford to purchase himself clothes to wear to court. Or in the alternative, O’Mara sickened of GZ being at his office everyday and decided to buy another building that GZ could hang out in and not disturb his money-making staff.

      I wonder what O’Mara is using that building for now? Storage of property?


      • I’m wondering if there is some type of written agreement between MOM and Z about his services. When he first took on the case he said it was pro bono but there was an interview he gave after the bond situation in which he said he would no longer work pro bono. I think when he found out how much cash he was collecting gave him an eye opener and he wanted in but he didn’t think the donations would dry up. I still can’t get over the rent charge to a client. I saw where the “building” was nothing more than a former home that is now in an area that is converting to mainly business.

        The ninja case will be a local news story, imo, by the time it goes to trial. They were also looking for a 4th person. But they feel they are responsible for the break ins of several expensive homes and the cops had an area staked out when they caught them in the act.


        • towerflower,
          I too have wondered if there was a written agreement. If O’Mara was to work pro bono and that is documented, George should have been able to arbitrate the invoice.

          I wonder what’s happening in the divorce case?


      • One of the many things that still make me sick about gz is the wearing of a wedding ring in court. A purchase with his beg site? A ring never seen before or after the trial. To my knowledge.


  3. He’s a pig


  4. What……………and you all missed the pattern ?? !! ?? Here it comes…..get ready…..

    Moron O’ Mara will thugify the fence……his client was attacked by a rich privileged fence and was forced to stand his ground.

    He’ll bring in a 6 ft. piece of fence and lay on the floor and get pounded by it…..or maybe he’ll pound the fence, whatever the case…………it ain’t his clients fault.

    Then he’ll bring a wheel barrow full of the ground and…….I know you see it coming……have a “witness” describe that “ground & pound” while throwing the ground all over the courtroom floor. (lets face it, the Moron Man loves props)

    He’ll call a press conference and say he fully expects his client to file a civil suit against the fence, the earth, for supporting the fence, the homeowners and needless to say the original owner of the gun for allowing it be in his possession.


  5. God I hate this man. And CNN is trash for hiring him as a commentator on political and legal issues! I even saw him the other day giving his opinion on whether Macklemore’s performance costume was racist or not, and not surprisingly he said “no.” And he railed against “political correctness”. He’s such a blowhard.


    • Caleb! How are you, friend?
      O’Mara is not qualified to speak on race issues. He appealed to the biases of the jury and entertained the White Supremacists for financial benefit by denigrating Trayvon. He, Don West, and George Zimmerman should be put on a row boat and set out in the Atlantic ocean.


      • I’m doing alright myself Xena. Just doing a lot of writing lately. lol. And I like the sound of that! I think that we should send those three off in search of the center of the Bermuda Triangle!


        • Caleb,
          I enjoyed your new posts and look forward to you writing more.

          Bermuda Triangle? LOL Maybe they can be sent to find the missing Malaysian plane and ordered not to return until they do. 🙂


          • You know that was what came first to my mind but I was like, “nah, too soon to joke about that.” lol


            • Well Caleb, somebody needs to locate that plane and who better than 2 attorneys and a guy who owns an arsenal?


            • I could see George shooting down the plane from a boat in the ocean and Mark O’Mara would say “He had a legitimate right to defend himself in his own ocean.”


            • Caleb,
              Or O’Mara can combine it with Dunn’s defense — the air plane engines hurt GZ’s ears giving him the right to stop the plane’s engines.


            • Xena, You’ve got me. I’ve been sitting here for a couple minutes trying to think of a clever response and I’m at an absolute loss for words. lol


            • Caleb,
              LOL! Let’s see. Zimmerman thought the clouds were popcorn and feared for his life, firing into the air and hitting the plane. Don West advised against that because he thought the clouds were vanilla ice cream.


  6. I hate his lying ass as well.

    “Blowhard” is putting mildly.


  7. I don’t know if you saw the memo omara sent the conservative shithouse having them all scurry out to the interwebs to collect anything he might of said to the media that cld be considered unethical, because Bernie asked for a gag order.
    it just reminds me of a creepy warlock or something & his evil minions. he used those idiots for everything he cld and they loved it! Zimmerman used them too. still is.

    the sight of omara on cnn is sick. they’re turning into foxlite anyway, but why put such an unpleasant looking guy on TV when there’s plenty of good looking assholes.
    thinking back he always did try to point out his ‘expertise’ on racial issues.
    i guess who better than him, he has represented black criminals after all! he probably had the TV gig in the works the whole time. makes me sick! remember how he’d say, we need a discussion abt race, but not in this case. then in the next breath demean Trayvon in the most viscous ways that riled up the filthy racists into donating some more.


  8. Soooooooooo We haven’t heard anything about Frank “The Racist Tank” in 3 weeks.

    What’s up with that ?? I guess no legal show offered him a job……..


    • Racer, last I heard, Frank was trying to rally people to march on the DOJ and demand they talk to him. The consensus seems to be that Frank isn’t telling us anything we didn’t already know or suspect. Additionally, unless he was an eyewitness, the DOJ does not need anything he says to charge Zimmerman with violating Trayvon’s civil rights.

      As you probably know, the FBI might interview others for the who, when, where and how, but they look for evidence directly from the person being investigated. I suspect that they know how many sheets of toilet paper Zimmerman uses to wipe his butt.


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