First Reported Cases Of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus ( MERS virus) Appear In United States.

As if mankind needs another disease in which there is no known cure. I hope the best for the patients.

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By Jueseppi B.


From The Chicago Tribune:

Indiana MERS patient in good condition

Tribune reporter

The first known person in the country to be diagnosed with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome remains in good condition and is expected to return home soon, Indiana officials said this morning. Representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are monitoring people who came in close contact with the patient after his arrival into the United States.

Family members of the patient and hospital workers who were exposed to the patient are also being tested on a daily basis, officials at Community Hospital in Munster, Ind. said.

A CDC epidemiologist said the patient lives in Saudi Arabia and was working in a hospital there that had MERS patients but did not recall working directly with diagnosed MERS patients. The patient has family in the United States and came…

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  1. Yikes!

  2. towerflower

    Florida has two confirmed cases in the Orlando area, they are treating the health care workers who first saw them. This makes 2 states now.

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