Friday Fill-Up – May 16th

We who care can sometimes be drained of energy.

For those who cry about the loss of children gone to soon;

For those who have a loved one who has gone ahead;

For those who look forward to a future of hope and peace for the next generation;

For those who work and live paycheck to paycheck;

For those who are ill;




The following is a portion of lyrics from one of my favorite songs.

“There are certain things that once you have
No man can take away-
No wave can wash away-
No wind can blow away-
No tide can turn away-
No fire can burn away-
No time can wear away…”

Time to refuel.



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  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Love “Yentl!” Great message.


  2. Hi Y’all! I have seen some hilarious memes today on the ‘Spring March on Washington’ to throw Obama out of the WH.

    I’ll have to search for news as I’ve yet to see anything on how many of the ’10 to 30 Millions’ actually showed up. *snicker*


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    This is our reality!! So very well said …. Love Barbra!! Reblog!


  4. Dr. Shipping Bao is writing a tell all book that is about 4 to 6 months away from being completed. He said the book will cover the Martin and Marlon Brown cases.

    Bao now works for the Champaign County, Illinois Coroner’s Office.


    • towerflower

      That last hearing was strange. Her attorney is arguing that the “warning shot” bill should be applied to her case. While the bill passed it has NOT BEEN SIGNED by the Governor. Also this new clause would not be retroactive to help her. Weird….anyway the Judge will rule in June.


      • towerflower,
        There was an article not long ago where it said that attorney Zimet was going to argue that according to law, Marrissa did not have to leave her house. That was to counter the judge’s decision at her previous immunity hearing. That argument sounds firmly ground in law.

        After reading the article in the link, it appears that the reporter thinks that the warning shot law will help, rather than Marissa’s attorney possibly raising that argument. I believe that I have the brief that Marissa’s attorney filed. His argument should be confined to the brief.

        All along, it was not Marissa’s actions, but the sentence that concerned me.


  5. Like

    • Hat tip to Ametia and SG2 for this video and for statement and link that follows:


      “The Wolfeboro Board of Selectmen (the Town’s governing body) and Town Manager (its chief executive officer) are appalled at the language used by Commissioner Copeland relative to President Obama, and have publicly stated that we find it reprehensible and totally inconsistent with the Town’s open and welcoming character. Mr. Copeland’s views are in no way representative of the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Wolfeboro, its administration, or the men and women of the Wolfeboro Police Department.

      “The Wolfeboro Police Commission is a separately elected Town board that does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen or Town Manager, and there is no provision in New Hampshire State Law or the Town’s ordinances that would enable us to remove Mr. Copeland from his elected position on the Police Commission for his egregious behavior. Therefore, we are hopeful that Mr. Copeland will accede to the public outcry and finally do the right thing and resign from his elected position to save the Town any further embarrassment of his making.
      David Owen, Town Manager”




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  8. “The 60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education: Remembering When Parents Stood Up for Change”


  9. /large


  10. “Rescue underway for South Carolina dog seen running with pipe stuck on head”


  11. Thank you for the encouragement, it came at a good time. Went to a Bring Back Our Girls rally last week, and honestly, that entire situation feels a little hopeless. If those girls have been sold into other countries already, how much chance is there that they will be found? But it’s good to remember that there’s always hope.


    • eurobrat,
      I wish that there was something I could say to give you hope. It’s bad when things like that happen in other countries and they have to go outside to other countries for help. If those girls were sold to other countries, they should be found. My guess is that they have not been sold. At least, that’s my hope also.


      • There was that video which seemed to show most of them still in the Nigerian bush with their captives. Maybe that is our hopeful sign.


        • eurobrat,
          Yes. I truly hope that the girls are safe, will be located and returned to their families.


          • The link has 3 pixs of MO leaving bank. The 3 rd I had never seen and clearly shows a heavier chin. Trial was fixed. I keep guessing what O’Mara wanted us not to see in tub’s text as “it would be too explosive.” Now, I think it may be a text to MO either before the killing to come over or after to get my car out of there NOW.

            We know tubs said Mark was there on Det.Singleton’s chit chat quiet time.,after she asks what did your wife think when you didn’t come home?
            Oh, she’s ok…neighbor ( he actually said nice eye witness) called her and she called “my friend Mark who was there” and they were here in 5 minutes.

            Mark sticks to him like glue. Goes on neighborhood walk through, to police station next day and takes both him and Shellie, and guess the two dogs into his home, which might be just helping a friend thing but when uproar began, they were allowed to remain with the Ostermans and their child.

            Neither Gracie nor Bro bro ( when he moved to Fl.) nor papa and mama Z nor Shellie’s parents took them in. He didn’t even call his parents that night.
            But this 50 times in 6 yrs. target practicing only buddy exposes his own family to this brewing firestorm.

            MO’s booting from police force is documented so he’s a con artist and most definitely not a knight in shining armor type.

            Really, what was in it for MO to put his wife and child at risk? Because people always act in ways that make sense for them ( maybe not for anyone else),but for them 100% of the time. Sometimes it is a thing of beauty and sometimes it is a thing of terror but to the person it is correct.


  12. This is photo match for Mark Osterman from a twittor. Can’t get it to load. Matches his bank photo to man walking out with tubs from jail to his Fb pix. I thought it was him but another person said no, that was a bodyguard from bail agency.


    • 2dogsonly,
      I always thought that was Osterman at the bank. During trial, I waited for the prosecution to bring up that video. Why enter it into discovery if they weren’t going to use it? Well, we were disappointed. I would still like to know what the prosecutors see in that video if not Osterman being at the bank at the same time that Trayvon was walking home from the 7-Eleven.


  13. Rats, broke link.,sorry Xena.


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