Anonymous Email In Kendrick Johnson Case A Rumor

I truly wish that people in the media would learn that words have meaning, and use the proper words. A rumor can be fake, but to say that an email is fake is not the same thing.

On March 19, 2014, we reported on a claim of confession probed in the Kendrick Johnson death.

Through their website, the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous email dated January 27, 2014. On January 28, 2014, Chief Assistant District Attorney Bradfield Shealy issued a subpoena to Mediacom Communications Corporation to provide the subscriber information for the person submitting that email.

The sender did not suggest that he or she witnessed the confession. Rather, the sender claims to have been given that information by someone who purportedly is aware of the confession by one person implicated in the email.

Now it turns out that the email was submitted by a teenage girl who says it was strictly a rumor. The girl was interviewed by The Times at her home, and said the rumor weighed heavily on her conscience, causing her to send the anonymous email to the sheriff’s office two months ago. Investigators subsequently concluded that there was nothing to the confession claim.

“I heard it so many times from so many different people that it just sounded like it could be true,” said the girl.

The girl said she does not personally know the individuals she mentioned in her anonymous email, but that rumors persist about them at the high school, dividing the student body down the middle over those who believe Johnson died accidentally and those who do not.

She agreed to talk to The Times to set the record straight and to deflect speculation about her involvement in the Johnson case.

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  1. A lot of times, when there is smoke, there is fire…


  2. Excellent point, Xena.

    Nothing wrong with the person having LE check out the rumor she heard. I am sure he/she just was trying to be helpful.


    • Correction:
      “the rumor he/she heard”


    • From the Times article:

      The girl said she thought her email would be helpful in solving the uncertainty surrounding Johnson’s strange death in the high school’s old gym. She said she thought it might be true given the speculation in the media, especially and CNN, over the circumstances of the Johnson case.

      “Now,” she added, “I know it was just hurting people that were completely innocent. There’s no way they could have anything to do with it. There’s nothing there that proves that they have anything to do with it.”


      • I hope someone tells here that she was not just hurting people. A rumor like that goes around and it has to be checked out. Leave no stone unturned. No one got hurt in the process. They were just checking, and I’m glad they did. I wish she didn’t feel bad about it. If my child were killed in some strange occurrence such as this and someone heard a rumor, I’d want it checked out too. I wonder of someone got to her. I’m not so sure there was nothing to it, but I’m skeptical that way.


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