Satellite looking into missing Malaysia flight detects ‘suspected crash area’

Please, please let them find that plane. It is better for the families and would stop the conspiracy theorists.

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A Chinese satellite probing the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 “observed a suspected crash area at sea,” a Chinese government agency said — a potentially pivotal lead into what thus far has been a frustrating, fruitless search.

China’s State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense announced the discovery, including images of what it said were “three suspected floating objects.”

The objects aren’t small: 13 by 18 meters (43 by 59 feet), 14 by 19 meters (46 by 62 feet) and 24 by 22 meters (79 feet by 72 feet). For reference, the wingspan of an intact Boeing 777-200ER like the one that disappeared is about 61 meters (200 feet) and its overall length is about 64 meters (210 feet).

The images were captured around 11 a.m. on March 9 — which was the day after the plane went missing — but weren’t released until…

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  1. Pray for the families and loved ones.


  2. The Chinese are now backtracking on this report. So many leads turning out to be false. Sadly because a large expanse of water is involved they may not know for quite some time.


    • towerflower,
      Since the plane disappeared, there have been so many reports that have resulted in false hope. Now I hear that the search has been extended to include the Indian ocean.


  3. Xena, they are going by a military radar facility that observed the jet make a u-turn and head back toward the southwest. If the plane was on autopilot and they had some sort of emergency decompression and the crew didn’t react in time to first protect themselves with oxygen, it is also possible the plane could fly straight and level until it ran out of gas. There are so many questions and scenarios with no answers.


    • towerflower,
      I can’t imagine what the families are going through. Those searching should stop giving people hope until they find something tangible. Now, they’re reporting that the transponder had to be intentionally turned off.


  4. Satellite Data Reveal Route of Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane
    Jetliner ‘Pinged’ Satellites With Location, Altitude for Hours After Disappearance


    • towerflower

      I’m wondering about this: “According to Boeing, the plane’s manufacturer, the airline didn’t purchase a package through Boeing to monitor its airplanes’ data through the satellite system.”

      If Boeing didn’t put the tracking system in, did the airline purchase it through another company and have it installed. The airline wouldn’t elaborate. If they didn’t then this could be another false lead and someone in the tracking field fed out false information.


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