Arrest Made for Threatening George Zimmerman is a Hoax

The Epoch Times reports that a story that George Zimmerman got into an altercation with ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas, and that Arenas was arrested, is fake.

The fake article was published on Empire Sports, which describes itself as “satire.”

Empire Sports has a disclaimer that says it publishes satirical articles, and uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. 

“Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas was arrested Monday afternoon after a brief altercation with George Zimmerman as he attended a signing at a gun show in Orlando, Florida,” it reads.

Most people know that the gun show was on the weekend, and not on a Monday.  That should have clued them in to know that the report was at least not factual.

democratice undergroundAnother story intended as satire was published and apparently believed.  That story was published on Cream Bmp Daily, written by a comedian named CREAM, and said that Zimmerman accidentally shot and killed himself while reloading his gun.

Part of the problem, as I see it, is that people tweet out a comment with a link, and those reading the tweet do not read the link and then begin tweeting out the news contained in the comment.

The same is true for a photo that Zimmerman recently tweeted as proof that he mentored Black children.  That photo was not provided to the media nor presented by any of Zimmerman’s advocates pre-trial, nor during trial.  It only showed up after there was discussion on social media of the conflicting reports for what George did before leaving, and his reason for leaving his home on February 26, 2012. 

Robert Zimmerman Sr. said that George cooked dinner for Shellie and then they went to shop for grocery.  That questioned whether Shellie was in the truck with George when he saw and called non-emergency dispatch to report a “suspicious person.”

George Zimmerman himself contradicted his father’s comment, saying that after he and Shellie mentored the kids on Sundays, they went grocery shopping. 

After trial, Shellie Zimmerman interviewed with media saying that the Saturday before George killed Trayvon, she and George had an argument and she left and was staying at her dad’s and was at her dad’s that Sunday evening.

That makes it reasonable to believe that George recently tweeted the photo in effort to distract from the conflicting statements of what he did and why he left his house the evening of Sunday, February 26, 2012.   However, it goes a bit further than that.  In a pre-trial interview with Sean Hannity, George Zimmerman said he no regrets for leaving his truck to follow Trayvon, and no regrets for carrying a gun.  In fact, he said that it was “all God’s plan.”  In a recent interview with Chris Cuomo, George said that if he could go back to that night he would not have left his house.  George cannot truly regret leaving home to grocery shop, so his answer to Cuomo indicates that he left his home for another reason.   

George Zimmerman told Cuomo that the Department of Justice is still investigating whether he violated Trayvon Martin’s civil rights.  The photo that George recently tweeted might come with another agenda and should not be distributed as any proof that George mentored Black kids.  It is self-serving and has not been corroborated neither verified by any unbiased source.


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  1. kindheart101

    Zimmernut is HOLLOW. He’s a cracked nut with nothing but a shell to show for his lack of existence on earth. Even the fruit held within was rotten once the shell was opened. This low life lives to do nothing but make up lies and try to get people to like him.

    Go to all the gun shows you want you fat, lying pig. You will be shunned from grace, and the devil will come to collect your soul.

    RIP Dear Trayvon.

    • kindheart101,
      So good to see you.

      Rotten fruit and hollow — spiritual descriptions that hit the proverbial nail on the head.

  2. There was another fake news thing the other day about how he (GZ) had accidentally shot himself while cleaning a gun at a gun range and was dead. No such luck. It is by the same people:

  3. Oh Dear! lol.. I hadn’t heard of any of this. None of it surprises me!

    Kindheart101! I agree, he is but a hollow shell.

    • mindyme,
      If it hadn’t been for Twitter, I would not have heard about any of it either. Things get around fast on Twitter.

      • Does Mark Osterman twitter?

        Wonder what he thinks about the GZ’s gun show appearance?

        • Yahtzee,
          I don’t know if Mark Osterman is on Twitter. At some point, whomever tweets anything about GZ finds it is re-tweeted.

  4. Taaffee should be driving the clown car. He has a lot of experience drinking and driving, doesn’t he?

    • kindheart101

      What an idiot he is! I think Zimmernuts Momma got to know Taaffes’ Daddy a little too well……..It’s relatively rare for 2 people to be as sick as Zimmernut and Taaffe unless they are related…..Just look at the rest of their families…….. all of them are sick sick sick…….

      • They most assuredly are close to cornering the market on “(insert insult here) up thinking” Where do they come from……and why are they breathing our air ??

        I don’t have the link, but you should see the interview by Fogen on his lawyers website……
        a freaking divorce interview…..and he’s not named Kardashian either. Oh, he regales us with his “family man” crap and something about being faithful in his relationships.

        What part of “I’m cheating on my wife and here’s video proof” did I misunderstand ?

        Just like Hitler……he’s just “Misunderstood”

        • kindheart101

          Hey Racer…….

          It’s wonderful to see you. I hope you and your family are doing well.

          I am so sick of hearing about him and all of his idiotic, lying escapades. He was evil even as a child, proven by his drive for sexual incest. Then his anger started to interfere with jobs and relationships, much less a disrespect for the police. His intelligence is rated at a -0 after 8+ years of college that he couldn’t complete, yet he still claims he would like to be an attorney? LOL…… attorney? He’ll be lucky to be hired as a janitor! There are intelligent people that occupy or work in most buildings, and they certainly wouldn’t want the likes of that a** around! He has proven himself to be a racist, murdering, lying idiot that is despised by any normal person.

          (Can you tell I’m a bit raw tonight?)

          Your day will come Zimmernut! And as you are drug to the depths of hell, screaming for mercy, those above will know you got what you deserved.

          • Hey kh !! Raw ? ! ? ! You are holding it back admirably I must say. And this pile of shit is wasting our air !! wasting it I tell ya.

    • Taaffe does have the experience on that D & D issue, but then again he does have bouts of short term vision………………….not mention he wants to beat Fogen up in the ring now.

      Geeeez I wish they’d make up their minds.

  5. “Zimmerman said he’s trying to be a faithful family man but realizes that everything he does, good or bad, is heavily scrutinized.”

    WTF???!!! I mean really – he isn’t even divorced yet.


    And you know, his parents had already moved out of their house before Roseanne did her tweet thing (which I do have to say was wrong of her, regardless). But they didn’t move out because of her tweet – they were already gone and it is documented.

    Liars. Effen liars ALL of them!!!

  6. Dear Lord….I missed these HEADLINES myself!! Geeezz….will this IDIOTS CRAP ever STOP?? I agree with everyone of you here!! He IS & has always been nothing but a shell of a human.It doesn’t take much reading up on him a couple of years back to figure this out.He is one of those who when you look in their eyes,there is NOTHING in there.You know how so many people talk with their eyes?? You can look at his & nobody is home! That whole family is whacko & now they are on a lawsuit mission to a list of people a mile long.So Folks….these whackos who need to HIDE so bad is going to get BACK in the media with their lawsuits.If they were in such FEAR,SCARED,why don’t they collect their pensions by the GOVERMENT(thats why they refuse to leave this country) & shut up?? They have collected a crap load of money already from suckers…when is it enough? My Son got in a little trouble 20 yrs ago(DWI)WE paid & helped him….we never dreamed of asking complete STRANGERS to pay his bills,pay our bills,etc.They are from a planet I have never heard of!!
    If ever ANYBODY needed bodyguards,it was the Anthonys,all the trucks & mobs were outside their door!! Did I miss this with these IDIOTS? NOBODY knew where in the hell they were or cared.That dad seems to be the head wacko,I saw that the day he walked in the State Attorneys office & I heard him ask HOW “we make this all go away”,I guess like he has always done! Oh how my prayers would be answered with the DOJ knocking on their door & not to say Avon calling!!

    • Marilyn C.
      You make good points. IMHO, he lost many supporters when he deceived them to believe that he needed money for a legal defense, but used more than $35K to pay off bills that had accrued before he killed Trayvon.

      According to Judge Lester, if not but for the GPS ankle bracelet, GZ would have used his valid passport that Shellie placed in the safety deposit box, and left the country with the remaining money.

  7. It’s amazing how so many people don’t do basic research first…..I have to confess I replied to the Z is writing children’s books before I researched it first. But the minute I commented I went to research and found it was another satire news site and then put that out. But it appears most Z supporters will run with any rumor that paints him in a good light.

    • towerflower,
      I forgot about the children’s book fake report! That’s another satire that was reported as truth.

  8. kindheart101

    Just sat here and put my thoughts down in the last 5 minutes………….Ha! Z makes it sooooooooooooooo easy!

    Oh Zimmernut, you’re such an ass,
    you show no signs of any class.
    Your life is one of only lies,
    and it will lead to your demise!

    You’re in so deep, you can not tell,
    what’s true or false, so go to hell.
    You’re stupid, can’t compete in school,
    continue to break every rule.

    We only see you as a freak,
    that’s on the news, most every week.
    You make us laugh because we know,
    your soul “TO HELL” will surely go!

    RIP Dear Trayvon


    • GZ’s words from latest interview:

      • kindheart101

        Good morning friend.

        I’m only still awake because I am updating windows. I need to go to bed, but I am happy I saw your reply, as I am always happy to read your posts. 🙂

        You are a charm Yahtzee.

      • Yahtzee,

        GZ’s words from latest interview:

        Hearty Laugh

    • kindheart101,

      You’re right, Z does make it easy….good poem. Here’s one I wrote last week to some annoying commenter on an article. Excuse the profanity, I thought it would be flagged no profanity allowed, but hey, they allowed it.

      The river runs deep, and your song is played out,
      When you stand Up and sing for a gun totin creep,
      Who stalked and shot a black teenager down,
      Who did not realize he was in a sundown town.

      What would you do if a creepy ass cracker followed you,
      “He ran,” said George, who tells only the truth.
      “he didn’t run, he wasn’t afraid,”
      ” Fn coon, the ahole skipped away.”

      “I said I was following him, I really wasn’t,”
      “I just happened to be going the very same way,”
      Cause the Officer needed an address,
      Where I wouldn’t be at.
      I do not lie, that is a fact.

      Out of the bushes the kid appeared,
      No problem, me with “the gun,” I do not fear,
      He broke my nose and I fell back,
      I had to kill him, and that was that.

      You can find your hero, he’s the man,
      Preachin the the holy word in twitterland,
      Twitter me this, and I’ll twitter you that,
      Give me a shout out George, I got your back.

      George wants you to know “it was all Gods Plan,”
      You can’t flim flam the Zimmer Man,
      says his fans in twitterland,
      Your song is played out, You have no soul,
      God doesn’t like ugly, you bitch ass troll.


    • dreamer and kindheart101,


  9. Another one from Sanford Watch about Papa and Mama Zim’s lawsuit against Rosanne and ADDITIONAL LIES they uncovered.

    I just thought about something. Papa and Mama Zim filed their complaint in County Court for Seminole County, Florida. Doesn’t Rosanne reside in Hawaii? She can have the case moved to the federal district court in Hawaii on the doctrine of diversity. If not, she can have it moved to a federal district court in Florida on the same doctrine. In other words, there is diversity in the states of residence for the parties and that case belongs in the federal court.

    I hope that attorney Heil is familiar with federal rules and procedures, and admitted to practice before the federal district courts.

  10. towerflower

    Just found out the CTH mentioned my posts on the Orlando Sentinel. lol. The don’t deny that Papa Z gave the interview but still blame RB’s tweet. Saying they most likely planned to move back home but her tweet prevented that. smh.

    I find the lawsuit flawed, first being saying that it was her tweet that caused them to flee their home when in fact they left weeks before the tweet. Also claiming that their home lost value. Fact is everyone in Florida who owned a home lost value over the past years and only recently have they started to increase in value. Their home is worth more then 1. when they bought it in 2002, 2. worth more than last year, 3. has same home value as similar homes in the same neighborhood. Zillow is a good source to see this.

    • towerflower,

      Zillow is a good source to see this.

      In the above video, Sanford Watch presents the public records from and assessor’s office.

      Maybe no one wants to purchase it, but that’s not Rosanne’s fault, and the complaint says nothing about Papa and Mama Zim putting the house on the market.

      I think that the townhouse GZ and Shellie rented is still vacant.

      • towerflower

        Agreed, but I went to Zillow to see what their home value is compared to others, when you find others in the neighborhood with the same square footage/bedrooms/bathrooms you will see that their home value is the same. There are quite a few homes in the neighborhood worth more but they have more square footage/bedrooms/baths. But it wouldn’t surprise me for them to think that their home should be worth just as much as the home next door when that one has a lot more.

        • towerflower

          ps..according to Zillow the Z home is not for sale or rent.

          • towerflower,
            So, Papa and Mama Zim have done nothing to mitigate or reduce their amount of damages. They don’t plan on returning to that house, but still want to keep it as an asset. That might just get their case dismissed.

    • towerflower,

      The don’t deny that Papa Z gave the interview but still blame RB’s tweet. Saying they most likely planned to move back home but her tweet prevented that. smh.

      That’s not their allegations in the complaint and if they amended to include that, it would be inconsistent with their allegation that Rosanne’s tweet caused them to move due to threats. If they were in that position before she tweeted their address, then tweeting it caused them no further harm.

      • They would like everybody to believe Roseanne was the only person in the world who knew where they lived. I’m sure the neighbors, friends of theirs and Georges, probably people from their church, relatives, ect knew. Word gets around, and by the sounds of it, it already had if they had death threats prior to her tweet.

        The lost value in their house, well so did everybody else in the usa. If they want to sell it in the future they might have a hard time, their name would be disclosed, and personally, I wouldn’t buy it knowing killer GZ lived there or any of them. You have to disclose to the buyer if someone has died there, either of those I’d say no go. They have only themselves to blame. When you support your son going to a gun show to meet and greet and sign autographs, it’s nothing I would be proud of.

        • dreamer,

          They would like everybody to believe Roseanne was the only person in the world who knew where they lived. I’m sure the neighbors, friends of theirs and Georges, probably people from their church, relatives, ect knew.

          Yes. According to their complaint, it was the media who first came to their house. All a reporter had to do was obtain the public record for property owned by the Zimmerman’s. Papa Zim could have stepped outside with cameras rolling and said that George was not there and he asks for privacy for him and his family. Rather than doing that, he started advocating for George based on “George said,” and then crying about how their lives were changed by the media. No Papa Zim. Your life was changed because of George’s actions.

  11. towerflower

    The Orlando Sentinel updated their Barr lawsuit story.,0,3636401.story

    “It alleges that Barr’s tweets forced them to go into hiding. They are seeking unspecified damages, accusing her of intentionally inflicting emotional distress.

    But that date – March 29, 2012 – does not jibe with what Robert Zimmerman Sr. told the Orlando Sentinel in a March 15, 2012, interview. On that day, he said that he and his wife had already moved out of their home and gone into hiding because of death threats.”

    That’s what happens when you give too many interviews, you forget what you said and when.

    • towerflower,

      That’s what happens when you give too many interviews, you forget what you said and when.

      Yep, also what happens when people lie and forget what they lied about and when.

  12. Michael Dunn has sentencing delayed, retrial set for May”

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A judge on Friday granted Michael Dunn, the Florida man convicted of attempted murder in a confrontation over loud music, a sentencing delay and scheduled Dunn’s retrial for May 5, reports CBS affiliate WTEV.

    Dunn, 47, was scheduled to be sentenced on March 24 but his attorneys sought to delay the sentencing until after he’s tried again on a first-degree murder charge.

  13. That’s incorrect. A Frye hearing is a test on the general acceptance to determine the admissibility of scientific evidence. It provides that expert opinion based on a scientific technique is admissible only where the technique is generally accepted as reliable in the relevant scientific community.

    At Zimmerman’s Frye hearing, witnesses for the defense said they could not tell who was screaming for help in the background of the 911 call. Witnesses for the prosecution said that they could. Then, the defense brought on witnesses who argued against the techniques used by the prosecution’s expert.

  14. The documents don’t lie, and that is what Sanford Watch put in their videos.

    • The Zimmies have always driven on “EMPTY” with flat tires.

      • = gotten nowhere

        • Yahtzee,
          They disagree with the truth because of who says it. If I were to tell that person that I made all the street signs in Clovis and Fresno, he would stay lost, refusing to read and believe the street signs because I made them.

  15. Plain Ole Dave (D.P.) does not understand federal diversity. Papa and Mama Zim’s complaint requests relief in no specified amount — just in excess of $15K to let the court know it is not a small claims case. Certainly, their real estate is valued at more than $75K. Also, their attorney failed to put a jurisdictional statement in the complaint.

    Now, I wonder who D.P. will tweet and ask what it means when legal counsel fails to include a jurisdictional statement in a complaint?

    And while you’re at it, D.P., ask a lawyer what “mandate” means. It does not apply statutes.

    And yes, Dave, I lurk. I lurk in the event there is anything to supplement a legal matter. Funny — you wouldn’t know I was lurking there unless you are lurking here. LOL!

  16. towerflower

    I’m convinced that DP has reading comprehension problems, either that or deliberating distorts everything he reads.

    You know have one trying to get him to plant false stories about posters getting arrested for harassing GZ. So I’ll guess that will be the next thing if he runs with it. GZ invites comments when he decided to have a public twitter account. If they don’t like it then maybe they should convince him to go private and then problem solved.

    • towerflower,
      What DP has is competitive anger problems and that seems to be true of all the harassers. When I say “harassers,” I’m speaking of those who revealed their personalities and motives in comments they submitted to this blog and posted on their blogs.

      They lurk here and on Leatherman’s. If it wasn’t for our blogs, they would have little to comment about on Nettle’s and nothing to write about for their blog posts. When bloggers demonstrate that their only motivation for blogging is to denigrate other bloggers, they give evidence that their main interest is in other bloggers, and not the subject matter.

      What I wrote about federal diversity did not come in response to anything that DP said anywhere. So he lurked here and decided to post a comment TO ME on Nettle’s blog in effort to refute it. He tries to use legalese without knowing the meaning of words. I’m not trying to embarrass him — he embarrasses himself.

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