Black American Injustice Continues: Commute The 25 Year Mandatory Minimum Sentence For Michael Giles.

I wonder — had he killed his attacker, would he have been free under SYG.

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  1. This has got to stop.


  2. Thank you, Xena, for re-blogging Juseppi’s important article


    • Yahtzee,
      You’re welcomed.

      (Still working to try to find out why Word Press is not sending email notifications of comments.)


  3. In my opinion ,No. Giles wouldn’t be free if he killed his attacker. The issue I will keep repeating, is the historic denial of blacks regarding self-defense, castle doctrine SYG or whatever you call it. On CNN white attorney Holly Hughes asked”What if black men were taking out white teenagers? ” She said there would be white protests in the streets. That is the issue the historic denial and the racial double standard. Gregg Jarrett continues his attacks on Don Lemon. Now Don is the al Sharpton of CNN according to Jarrett. Its telling how Don is being demonized by the same racist suspects that applauded him when he agreed with O’Reilly. Also did Jarrett go on a tirade against Nancy Grace for her disgust at the Casey Anthony acquittal? Did he call Nancy Grace names? To my knowledge he didn’t. If he did ,let me know. Thank you,for allowing me to voice my opinion.


    • m1,
      Tonight, I did catch a bit of CNN with a panel on AC360, and one interrupted Mark O’Mara and brought up the double-standard.

      I just finished watching Unsung where they featured Gil Scott-Heron. He was more than a singer and poet. He was prophetic. Now, I want to put on the vinyl and listen to B-Movie. There is so much — I’m beginning to feel burdened with not being able to address it all in a timely manner. (Singing) “Everybody’s got a pistol …”


    • There was another case in Florida which was not a high profile case, it had to do with Gabriel Mobley. Mr. Mobley was in a Chili’s with a few friends. He and another went outside for a smoke and upon returning found 2 other men talking to their female friends. The 2 men left but returned and started to bang on the front window and pointed at Mobley and his other male friend. Mobley feeling uncomfortable went to his car and retrieved his gun (he had a concealed permit). Later they went outside again for another smoke and the two men came from around a corner and attacked his friend first, shattering his eye socket. When they came for him, he pulled his gun and killed his attackers.

      He recently won an appellate court hearing that gave him SYG. The lower court denied it but the appellate court granted it saying he didn’t have a need to leave and that he had ever right to be at the Chili’s without being attacked. Mobley is black and his 2 attackers were white.

      There is a Tampa Bay article on the SYG cases in Florida in which you can break down the races. You’ll find that the %’s are almost the same across the board regardless of race.


  4. kindheart101

    This is just so very pitiful. And sadly, this double standard and blatant racism, is present in every aspect of our lives. We see it played out in our court system, and even officers that have sworn to uphold the law. (Equally and fairly) And the thing that really gets to me are the people who say “Oh No…I’m not racist.” (Until you get to know them better, and you see the real them) Just look at the real Dunn. (That we learned about from his former neighbor) And how about the real Zimmerman. Now there’s a guy for you who practiced incest most of his younger life, then moved up to fighting and assaulting both women and police, while attending college for close to a decade, (and still wasn’t able to get a degree) who then moved on to volunteering as neighborhood watch………and why? So he could call the police on every single black person he saw in his neighborhood, and ultimately murder an unarmed teenager walking home.

    I’ve seen it right in my own neighborhood, and it sickens me. Last Spring the house down the street from me was put on the market as a rental, and a young black couple with two children rented it. I took a pan of lasagna with a large fresh salad down to them as a welcome, and let them know if they needed anything while they were moving in, just let me know. Their daughter was in her first year of high school, and their son will be starting high school this year. A few weeks after they had moved in, their children were walking home from the store, (about three blocks away) when I saw the man that lives in the corner house walking fast down the street toward them. They had just passed my house, and I was out watering my plants, (and asked them how the move was going) when he stormed right up to them and demanded to know what they were doing around here??? I almost fell over! I said hey…hey ..hey! (As I walked over) They told him they live here, and pointed at the house their parents rented. By this time I was a bit ticked shall we say, and I was not very nice. I told him to take his racist white a** back to his own property, and not to forget to return with a shovel to clean up the bullsh*t he obviously carries with him daily!

    I find it frightening that such stupidity goes without a lobotomy…..much less be able to procreate and pass on defective genes.


    • kindheart101,
      It is so good to see your fonts.

      Scary story, and good for you for speaking up. Imagine the memory that those children will carry with them the rest of their lives. Some people want to know why Blacks cannot put racial discrimination and bigotry in the past. Well, your story tells us the answer, because it’s not in the past. It’s still present.


    • Two sides to a story

      Holy smokes. Unbelievable in this day and age. People like that need to go live in a predominantly black country for awhile until they get their heads screwed on right.


  5. The Michael Giles case is truly a travesty. But I wonder if he has a basis for appeal because of his attorney. He constantly told the family and Michael that he would ask for a SYG hearing, but, on the first day of trial he did not. The attorney had changed his mind and only said he changed it after consulting with another attorney. This was a big mistake since Michael’s case was a prime case for SYG.

    But it was the same 10-20-Life law that others had been caught in, like Marissa Alexander, that gave him the 25 yrs. This is the law that needs to go. This law went into effect before SYG laws ever did and it was a form of gun control–thinking that with heavier sentencing it would act as a deterrent. The bill that Xena commented on another thread will do anyway with this law and give the judge the leeway to change sentencing.


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