Put Him Behind Bars –Not A Boxing Ring

Orlando Sentinel and other news sources report that another promoter has come forth to place George Zimmerman in the ring.  Billionaire David Alki owns streaming service FilmOn.com.  He told TMZ.com that he is working on obtaining the rights to a Zimmerman fight, promising that it will be “bloodier and more fierce than the other event would have been.”

Former promoter Damon Feldman is said to be selling the rights to the Zimmerman fight to Alki. Feldman purportedly received threats via Twitter, one saying, “Somebody should kill Damon Feldman’s son and ask him would he put his son’s killer in a celebrity boxing match.


David Alki

Alki has said that the opponent will not be DMX.

The Greek immigrant with a net worth of about $1.7 billion is trying to make the appeal to money in Trayvon’s name, saying that all proceeds will go to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.  It is highly reasonable to believe that Trayvon Martin’s parents don’t want the killer of their son giving money to the Foundation.  Those wanting to donate to the Foundation have and can donate without Zimmerman’s involvement.  That in fact, David Alki can make a donation without seeking to gain profits that also pay the participants.

Alki owns a 16,200-square foot mansion in Beverly Hills; a mansion in Greece, a ski lodge in Switzerland and several properties in the United Kingdom.

Wikipedia says that David Alkiviades, “Alki” is the heir to the Coca-Cola Hellenic shipping and bottling company and digital media entrepreneur whose companies include FilmOn TV Networks, Channel 3 Dish Networks in California and Nevada, Channel 8 Los Angeles, KILM Channel 64 Los Angeles (formerly KHIZ), and Battlecam.com .   He also does acting, having appeared in several films.

If Alki cannot see his disrespect for Trayvon’s legacy, then maybe boycotts against his businesses are in order.

Alki is already involved in litigation with CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox Broadcasting and their studios winning a temporary restraining order against FilmOn in November 2012 to prevent unlicensed use of their broadcast signals.  In June 2013, Alki filed a countersuit against the four networks seeking a ruling that providing internet technology for receiving over-the-air broadcast signals at no charge does not violate broadcasters’ copyrights.  Last year, Alki was held in contempt of court, and ordered to pay $1.6 million for failing to fulfill two conditions of a settlement agreement blocking FilmOn from re-transmitting local stations over the web.

His company, Battlecam.com, was mentioned in a lawsuit filed in Illinois, where a user of the site harassed another user by making false police reports.

This is what David Alki needs to realize — that George Zimmerman’s claim to fame was because he followed and killed an unarmed 17-year old.  Had he not done that, America would not know of him. Two of the juror’s who acquitted him came out in public; one sentencing Zimmerman to lessons learned, and the other admitting that he was guilty but the law was read to her to say that the State had to prove intent.

While there were protests to arrest Zimmerman, White Supremacist websites launched their thugification of Trayvon Martin, and this continues today.  That in fact, it has progressed with the use of racial derogatory language and a theory of a conspiracy known as the “Black Grievance Industry” by bloggers who stalk and extort other bloggers with threats of slander unless they report, solely, on black-on-black crimes or articles to control “feral Black youths.”  To promote George Zimmerman is to promote White Supremacist ideology and the violations of law committed by them using Zimmerman as the means to express and promote those ideologies.

If David Alki really wants to help George Zimmerman, give him a job with one of his companies.   Maybe he can help George get a job as a stunt man in movies.  His portfolio shouldn’t take long to organize seeing that he already has at least four sets of mug shots.

The petition to stop the fight is still available. Click here to access and sign.

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  1. I am just sickened.


  2. blushedbrown



  3. It is sickening…..but what say we on Team Trayvon interview the biggest baddest, well trained pissed at the world over this AA fighter…….say 6 – 5 near 300 lbs. Winner take all.

    Bill it as “Fogen’s opponent to be named at ringside to protect his safety”

    If Fogen says no go, we know where he stands……well, we all know that anyway, but he then might as well have a huge neon sign over his head with an arrow pointing at him that says “PUSSY”


  4. Can’t he just be involuntarily committed as he is a threat to himself and others? he’s a fricken lunatic!!


    • We can only wish. Unfortunately it takes more than this. 99.999999999999% of the world knows he’s 100% pure psycho and there nothing we can do about it.

      One would think he’d lay low and just get a job, but nooooo, he’s so in love with himself he thinks WE owe him something. The nerve of that state to pester him with answering questions…then even doubting anything he says no matter how many versions and to put him on trial………shiiiiiiiitt….


  5. All I can say at this moment is Dear God….I need to THINK on this.Is this ever gonna STOP?


    • He won’t stop. I have a brother just like him…not a murderer, but once he got away with something, it never ends.


  6. I so totally agree — waiting to see if Skolnick addresses this.


  7. Like

  8. I hope it gets stricken by all 50 states, but then he’ll sue everyone for trampling his Constitutional Rights to make a living so …….here’s the best I can do…for now.

    “…every pennies worth” “So I can make a donation….”


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    For real!!


  10. Jueseppi B.

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  11. Um, a little comic relief. How about GZ takes on his most rabid supporter, David Piercy – ?

    Seriously, I think another big petition drive could put this Greek in his place, if he has half a brain. I also highly doubt that the TM Foundation is interested in any money spawned by this endeavor.


  12. Absolutely sickening. I have a petition for Jordan Davis. Let’s not let history repeat itself. Please sign, and encourage your readers to do so as well. Thank you.



    • blackmillennialmusings,
      Welcome to Blackbutterfly7 and thanks for the comment. I visited the petition. It does not say what it’s goal or purpose is. Can it be edited to include that?

      Jordan’s parents have my prayers, and I’m watching the trial hoping the jury finds Dunn guilty as charged.


  13. “…promising that it will be “bloodier and more fierce than the other event would have been.”

    that part doesn’t sound so bad..

    When will it end?


  14. Like

  15. Xena, Do you think we might have just found out who bought the painting? Or should I say paintings? I would bet his name would be close to the top (if not on top) of the people who donated to Zimmerman’s defens fund….


  16. Depravity!


  17. So far it is just a lot of hot air. GZ hasn’t even been asked if he will do this and they don’t have an opponent. Just a way to keep him in the public eye a little longer. I refuse. I’m done with him.


  18. I missed this February 8 article:

    Zimmerman Fight to Be Livestreamed by Crazy “Obama Streaker” Billionaire
    Damon Feldman finds the perfect partner.



  19. If they make this a “Winner take all” match Fogen will all but disappear.

    My bad……”Winner take all” and Fogen pays his own medical…….and he’ll be forced back the see that PA since X – Rays are so expensive what with that shit medical plan he had and all.


  20. They will probably have Hollywood make-up artists available to quickly slap on pre-made-up plastic blood wound patches when the camera scans to the referee.


  21. caterpillars, moths, butterflies and others,
    I apologize for my absence this evening. There is a medical emergency and my son is having surgery in the morning. I am going to open a post for tomorrow’s trial in Dunn’s case and feel free to post comments.

    For those submitting comments for the first time, they go into moderation for approval, and I will go over them as soon as I can tomorrow.


  22. No to the new idolatry of money

    55. One cause of this situation is found in our relationship with money, since we calmly accept its dominion over ourselves and our societies. … We have created new idols. The worship of the ancient golden calf (cf. Ex 32:1-35) has returned in a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money and the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human purpose. …



  23. “A memorial for the life of Trayvon Martin was held today in Goldsboro….”
    The speech I wrote for the memorial… Why is Trayvon Martin Important?

    February 8, 2014



    • Thank you, Yahtzee. Great job!! And summed up so well by this:

      And so it is again, here and now, with Trayvon Martin. He is our Emmett Till. Trayvon Martin is a single victim in a larger problem, and stands symbolic for every child murdered, and every act of prejudice we now face.

      BTW, where is Goldsboro? Is it the one here in NC? Just wondering (and hoping)….


  24. This is wonderful!

    The parents of Jordan Davis want the world to know their son as more than just a black teen killed by Michael Dunn



  25. An example to support the article — Zimmerman supporter David Piercy tells a justice for Trayvon supporter to kill himself.



  26. Xena….Prayers for your Son & You.I’ll be sending much Luv & Prayers your way for sure!


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