Stand Your Ground Protesters Arrested In Georgia



Looks like State Senator Jesse Stone is making a reputation for himself — a bad reputation.

End Stand Your Ground

Moral Monday Georgia Stand Your Ground Protesters Moral Monday Georgia protesters demonstrating against the state’s stand your ground law were arrested February 10. 2014. (photo credit: Max Blau)

About 23 people protesting Georgia’s stand your ground law in a demonstration by the Moral Monday activism movement were arrested in the office of State Senator Jesse Stone (R-Waynesboro) at the Coverdell Legislative Office Building in Atlanta Monday.

Senator Stone is the chairman of the state Senate Judiciary Non-Civil Committee. The group wanted to meet with the lawmaker about his handling of SB 280, a bill introduced by Senator Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) to repeal the Georgia stand your ground law. Georgia’s self-defense laws contain a “no duty to retreat” statute enacted in 2006.

Stone’s staff told the protesters that the Senator would meet with only two representatives of the group – without cameras – but the protesters wanted the lawmaker to come out and speak with them all as a group, so the demonstration…

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  1. I pray for the end of SYG laws!


    • Did you see the video? I’ll embed it here in comments. Dedicated, wonderful people who were willing to be arrested. It reminds me of the commitment of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King.


  2. Here’s the video from End Stand Your Ground’s Youtube channel.


    • Beautiful……I have tears of being deeply moved by their caring dedication!

      We all need to be filled with this spirit!

      Thanks for the video, Xena!


  3. Here’s another video from End Stand Your Ground Now. I’ve also added a link to the Youtube channel on the right border under “Video Channels.”


  4. How stupid. Why can’t someone just come out and address the whole group? How difficult would that be? smh


  5. Moral Monday. Arresting people rather than listening to what they have to say. Doesn’t sound very moral to me.


  6. Surprisingly – and a bright spot in an otherwise totally depressing “hard right turn” that began here in 2010 – “Moral Monday” events actually began here in NC (thanks and KUDOS to Reverend Dr. William J. Barber, president of the North Carolina chapter of NAACP … a new hero of mine!).

    The NC Moral Monday gatherings began and then grew and GREW in size all last year. More than 900 of the participants – regular Joe Blows and Grannys – were arrested over past year, and they are actually STILL BEING PROSECUTED by our new, incredibly regressive state government! (A complete disgrace to those of us who were proud that NC had progressed to a fairly enlightened and … it’s all relative, of course … progressive state in the South!)

    Anyway, people from Georgia contacted our Moral Monday folks for advice about getting such a movement going there, and the two groups have been working together.

    This past Saturday, we had the largest rally yet, even though it was at or below freezing in the morning. And Melissa Harris-Perry did a nice, live segment about it on her show!

    Many thanks for all the support from MSNBC and so many others! We are hurting BAD here in NC ever since the pee-partiers took over our state in 2010 and then gained complete, unfettered control in 2012. They are like foxes set loose in the hen house.