He Looks Like ….


“…he’s on drugs or something.”


George Zimmerman


George Zimmerman’s photo from his MySpace Page

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  1. No kidding, he looks like he’s wiped out.. He reminds me of some cartoon character, a dog, can’t think of his name.

    If he is a drug user, this situation must be cramping ‘his style’ big time… Do you know if this is his sister in the picture that lost her job for helping him hide the money?

    Good Morning Everyone!


    • Someone said that the woman in the picture is GZ’s sister. I have not been able to verify that info. There is a resemblance. Yeah, GZ is wasted in that pic but he apparently was proud of being wasted because he posted it to his MySpace page. And this is a man who wanted to be a cop?!?!?!


  2. He’s got a lot of nerve. This man has problems beyond his legal situations. I wish there was some way to make more people aware of his many deceptions.


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