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Georgia Transsexual Man Called ‘It’ by Police Pushes for End to Harassment

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Juan Evans, a transsexual man who was harassed and dehumanized by police officers in East Point, Ga., received a small measure of justice this week after hearing a heartfelt apology from the town’s mayor. But he is continuing to seek an apology and an indication of future changes from the town’s police department.

On October 23, Evans was pulled over by police for speeding. Having left his wallet at his office several blocks away, Evans identified himself by providing his birth name, birth date, social security number, and address. He told officers he was a transsexual after an officer accused him of lying.

In response, a police officer allegedly demanded to search Evans’ genitals on the side of the road to determine his gender. When Evans refused, he says the officer laughed and stated, “I have a right to search your mother’s genitals to find out who you are.”


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