9 Year Anniversary On Word Press


I received this last month.   Nine years!  It seems like yesterday, but it also seems like 9 years ago.  I’m 9 years older now and just had the third year anniversary of being a breast cancer survivor.   I’ve not consistently blogged since 2018.  With each month, I intend to get back to a schedule so I can read blogs I follow; so I can comment on them; so I can continue making new blogging friends.  Each month goes by and rather than finding more time to spend on Word Press, there is less time.  However, I’ve not given up hope.

Currently, I’m working on something that if resolved, should help thousands of senior citizens in the State of Illinois.  Since May, it has taken up much of my time.  More and more, I lose faith in the powers that be. They are only as good as their gatekeepers. We have come to a time when those holding positions with government agencies, including agencies headed by an elected official, do not provide email addresses to anyone specific in their office.  It’s a general email account and if you do get a reply, it’s from someone who is anonymous. 

At times I’ve considered they don’t want to give their name because if the elected official runs for re-election and the matter they disregarded is made public, they can deny having any knowledge.   

Don’t worry.  After I’ve exhausted all options, I will write a post about it naming names, giving credit where it is deserved, and those who failed to do their jobs.   

I think that I have PTSD after four years of Trump’s lies.  There are also times when I know I feel too deeply and try too hard to understand people who disrespect the lives of others.  Yes – I’m talking about people who rebelled against Executive Orders by Governors to wear masks in public.  They argue with store clerks, (and even killed at least one), and get in the faces of those wearing masks.  I hurt for nurses, doctors, and hospital staff overall.  They need a break and not only that, but people who need surgery and treatment for serious health matters have waited over a year, while hospital beds fill-up with people who won’t wear masks in public and won’t get vaccinated..

Getting off that soap box and back on the subject of blogging, it hasn’t helped that Word Press changed to a block editor. I really wish that Word Press would have given us a choice to keep the classic editor without having to work-around the block editor.  Much of my hesitation to write a blog post is because of getting around the block editor.

I do not know if the block editor is the reason I also have problems reblogging others.  Most times, I have to go to the reader, search for the post, and click to reblog from there because the button doesn’t work on the actual blog post. 

Overall, I’ve had a wonderful time blogging and I miss communicating with so many of you.  Here’s looking forward to having more time to spend with you.




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  1. Two sides to a story

    Happy anniversary! What a quick nine years! And yeah, I think many of us do have cPTSD – one of the side effects of dealing with the gaslighting and other abuse from people who have narcissistic personality disoreder (NPD).

    Looking foward to hearing more from you in the future. Stay happy and healthy!

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  2. Happy Anniversary! I salute you for the valid points you make in this post and wish you many more years of insightful blogging.

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  3. Good to hear from you, and happy anniversary! I’m not a fan of the block editor either, but I guess it doesn’t affect me as much as it does some, because I draft my posts in a Word document first and then paste my draft onto WordPress.

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    • Hi Brendan. I too write in a Word document, but the moment I click to add a new post, that blasted block editor comes up. I put in the title and a line of text, then save as a draft. Then I go back and pull up “all posts”, get the one I just titled and click “classic editor” to paste what I wrote in Word. A box comes up alerting that you started in the block editor and asks if you want to continue in the classic editor. Things used to be so simple. (sigh)

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  4. Congratulations! 🥳

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  5. Scottiestoybox

    Hello Xena. Congratulations. There is a way to use the classic editor in the block editor, and it is rather quick and easy once you get use to it. To use the Classic Block, click the Add Block button, then type classic in the search field and finally click Classic option to add the block into your post or page. You can edit the content in the Classic Block just like if you were using the classic editor. https://ithemes.com/how-to-use-classic-editor-wordpress-5-0/ I use this all the time. Even better if in the preferences you turn on remember most used blocks classic is always right at the first block for me. Best wishes. Hugs

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  6. Welcome back and happy anniversary.

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  7. Happy belated Bloggiversary! I hope things are going great with you. Yeah, the block editor is so weird and I’m still trying to get used to it especially with my film reviews.


    • Ospreshire,
      Great hearing from you. If you’re using the block editor, bless you. I still like the dinosaur age. 🙂

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      • Sorry for the delay, Xena. Don’t feel bad about it. I should try the classic mode again.

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        • Oh no Ospreshire. If you’re working with the block editor without needing a drink, then please continue to use it. LOL!.

          I have no tolerance for alcohol, so the first time I tried using the block editor and spent about an hour trying to understand it, I gave up and made coffee, then binged on “The 100”. 🙂

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          • Hahaha! No problem and I understand your concerns. To be fair, I haven’t had alcohol in years and even then I can count on one hand when I had an adult beverage (my first time was on my 21st birthday, and even then I’ve never been drunk in my life). Nothing wrong with coffee though. I just had a latte not that long ago today.

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          • If coffee was ever banned, I would have to leave the country. LOL! I went to a funeral on Friday but did not get up in time to make coffee before hitting the road. There was coffee afterwards. If there hadn’t been, my hair was going to start standing on end.

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          • Yeah, I would feel similarly if that were to happen. Hahaha! Coffee has certainly been helpful to me and I don’t blame you for feeling that way during that time.


  8. Hey Xena,
    Have you tried just writing your post in Word and then pasting the whole thing to create a post? The paragraphs, lists and other formats are converted correctly into blocks with no further input from you needed (except image insertion).
    Hope that helps!


    • Hi jkaybay,
      Yes, that is how I generally write posts. I’ve not tried pasting to the Block editor, however. When I click on “new post” the Block editor automatically appears. I enter the title and the first line of the post, then save as a draft. I come out, go back to “posts” and “all” and select “classic editor” to complete the post. I’m familiar with categories and tags on the classic — not the Block editor.

      What can I say? I’m a dinosaur. Recently, my son got me an Android cell phone to replace my flip phone. He called me to make sure it was working and I kept pushing the answer button but it wouldn’t answer. I called him from my landline and told him. He said, “Mom. You have to swipe it.” LOL!


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