Judge Orders Trump Administration To Reunite Migrant Families

“A federal judge has ordered the federal government to reunite migrant parents with children taken from them under the Trump  administration’s family separation policy.”

“U.S. District Court Judge Dana Sabraw, based in San Diego, issued a preliminary injunction on Tuesday night requiring that nearly all children younger than 5 be returned to their parents within 14 days and that older children be returned within 30 days.”

The Order can be read at this link.


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  1. That’s some good news for change. Yay!!!


  2. My brother is a judge in San Diego. Rock on judges. Hit Trump with the law.

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    • Cindy,
      Yes, it’s a good thing. Let’s hope that there is no motion to stay the order and appeal. If there is, it will prove that Trump and Sessions never planned on reuniting families.

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  3. This is a very sad day in America. We need a federal judge to tell our government that families belong together. Never mind what it says about the trump administration, what does it say about us? The Supreme Court ruling on the Muslim Ban is actually incomprehensible to me. Is the supreme court losing its way?

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    • Phil,
      The GOP held up confirming President Obama’s appointment to the Supreme Court. So, when Trump entered office, he nominated his guy and the GOP confirmed. That means we have a majority of conservatives now on the Supreme Court.

      What does it say about us? It says that we have an administration in the White House that operates just as he did in business, which is to force people into the courts. By the time they decide, he’s gotten away with doing what he wants, even if just temporarily.

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      • I understand. There were over 40 million voters who saw no need to vote. Let’s hope they see a need now.

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        • Phil,
          40 million voters? I did not know that. Thanks for the information.

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          • You are welcome. Any suggestions on how to motivate people to register and vote would be appreciated. If the current administration isn’t incentive enough, I’m not sure what we can do. However I’m not about to throw in the towel and I believe social media may be the key.

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          • Phil,
            Based on my experience, there are 5 different types of voters that I’ve met.
            There are those who vote according to issues that they believe directly effect them.
            There are those who vote according to issues that they want to control the lives of others.
            There are those who have a greater understanding of the roles played by the three branches of government and vote for the good of the country.
            Some people vote along party lines as a tradition. They’ve place their trust in a party and don’t bother learning about issues nor the candidates.

            The fifth is the category that votes for the candidate who hates who they hate. That is what we see mostly in angry Trump supporters. They hate minorities and Islam more than they love freedom and constitutional rights and privileges.

            I’ve found it easier to get people to vote when there is early voting and people are invited to come with, rather than on election day. A national election day in November comes with unpredictable weather in parts of this nation. I try to make it a girls’ night out, preferably on a Friday when restaurants have all you want to eat fish fry.

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          • Hate seems to work for trump and republicans. Maybe fear can work for us. If people can be made aware of how much they can lose under the current administration perhaps they can see voting as an easy way to protect themselves. I have become more convinced since 2016 that appeals to self interest are essential.

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          • Phil,
            Yes, I agree that appeals to self interest are essential. It’s rather strange that there are people who go through life without giving one notice to things that don’t happen to them, until it happens to them or to someone close to them.

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  4. Dear Xena,

    This ruling was some badly needed positive news.

    Have you heard that the Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is resigning?

    The Dems in the US Congress had better fight tooth and nail to stop any republican nomination.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Gronda,
      Justice Kennendy’s retirement was anticipated. He is scheduled to retire at the end of next month. If Trump finds a replacement to nominate, the best that the Judiciary Committee can do is delay confirmation until after the November elections. Justice Kennedy originally came out of the 9th Circuit, and if proper custom is followed, his replacement should also.

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