Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death


Dylann Roof, found guilty of the murder of nine people, and sentenced to death.

The jury began their deliberations early this afternoon.   It did not take them long to decide that Dylann Roof, the murderer of nine people, receive the death penalty.

At closing argument, Roof reminded the jury that its decision must be unanimous.  Apparently, he was looking to impress upon just one juror not to sentence him to death.

Also during his closing argument, Roof told the jury,  “I still feel like I had to do it.”

It is reported that every member of the jury looked directly at Roof as he spoke for about 5 minutes.

The prosecutor’s closing argument included;

“They welcomed a 13th person that night … with a kind word, a Bible, a handout and a chair,” Richardson said during his closing argument. “He had come with a hateful heart and a Glock .45.”


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    Justice … at last!

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  4. I have to believe that Roots trial strategy was to ensure a long period of appeals, based on his mental state and lack of competent counsel.

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  5. Two sides to a story

    He certainly deserves it, but I don’t think state-sanctioned murder achieves much. Sitting in jail for a lifetime is cheaper for state taxpayers, and can be soul-changing. After all, the system should be supporting rehabilitation, even during life sentences . . .

    I would think, karmically speaking, that a person dispatched by death penalty would just take on a fairly rapid rebirth under similar circumstances and perhaps do the same thing again. That’s my Buddhist take on the subject.

    The death penalty appears to go hand-in-hand with Judeo-Christian-Muslim philosophy that souls go to heaven or hell permanently after one earthly sojourn, and many people think that’s dandy, and send the bastard to hell. And Roof may very well face a hell realm even after a life sentence, but in Buddhist philosophy, he would eventually resolve that karma, leave the hell realm, and likely face more rebirth, but in a more purified state.

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    • Two sides,
      Just a head’s up. Not all Christian denominations believe in a hell after death. Some believe that hell is a realm lived while in the flesh.

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  6. And so a little more evil may leave the world.

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  7. Thanks again for keeping us all informed. I can’t click “like” on this one, however, since I am totally opposed to the death penalty – for reasons already outlined in a comment on one of your earlier articles. I also worry that returning murder for murder will create martyrs for hate-mongers.

    I am relieved that this trial is over so that the victim’s relatives can get on with the business of mourning and healing – at least until an appeals process begins.

    Prayers for ALL.

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    • This little creep! He wore shoes to court with WS symbols drawn on them! OMG

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      • Yep. That’s his thing — he wants to prove that he is not mentally ill for murdering people because he sincerely believes that his ideologies are right.


  8. Melvin Graham, Cynthia Hurd’s brother, speaks after the death penalty verdict reached in Dylan Roof’s federal trial.

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  9. DEATH………. is too good for this piece of trash!!!

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    • Roach,
      Your comment reminded me of Greek mythology story. I don’t remember the name of the man, but he was cursed to be chained in a cave. Everyday, a large bird would kill him and eat his insides. He would come back alive in the morning, be killed, eaten, arise again each morning and process repeated itself. If I remember the story correctly, Hercules eventually rescued him.

      So, it sounds like you would resurrect Roof and kill him again. LOL.

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  10. Roof is now in Club Fed.


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