Bundy Group In Oregon Indicted On Federal Charges

160127-oregon-protestors-jsw-429p_154f5f732152504d1a3a7f1c5ef4fb34.nbcnews-ux-320-320Sixteen people, including four who are still at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, have been indicted by a federal grand jury. They have all been charged with felony conspiracy. The charge is for using intimidation to prevent federal officers from doing their work at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, threatening violence against federal authorities, and using social media to urge others to join them. The federal charge carries a maximum sentence of six years in prison

Named defendants include standoff leader Ammon Bundy , and Kenneth Medenbach, who was arrested after being caught driving a government vehicle to a supermarket. The four remaining domestic terrorists are: David Fry, 27, of Blanchester, Ohio; Jeff Banta, 46, of Elko, Nevada; and Sean Anderson, 48, and Sandy Anderson, 47, from Riggins, Idaho. Sean and Sandy Anderson are a married couple.

The standoff began Jan. 2, 2016, with the group demanding the federal government turn public lands over to local control and free two ranchers imprisoned for setting fires.

Federal documents allege that once the occupation began, the group brandished firearms to keep officials from carrying out their duties, threatened violence and intimidated locals “to effectuate the goals of the conspiracy.”

Strained tensions in the Burn, Oregon community increased with the death of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum on January 26, 2016. His death led to protests this week by those supporting the trespassers, while local residents rallied to urge the 4 holdouts to leave.

Please watch the following video for a bit of history into the Bundy Ranch and their Sovereign Citizen beliefs.


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  1. Mr. Militant Negro

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  2. Bundy and his friends need to do prison time. They received a get out of jail card with their prior standoff in 2014. They were not invited or welcomed in Oregon. They went looking for trouble and it’s time that they pay the price.

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    Well … actions have consequences! .. about time!!
    “They have all been charged with felony conspiracy. The charge is for using intimidation to prevent federal officers from doing their work at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, threatening violence against federal authorities, and using social media to urge others to join them.”

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  4. Well, finally.


  5. georgiakevin

    The charges make sense but nothing is black and white. There is more to this story than the public has been made aware of…………………….


  6. I’m so glad Jon Ritzcracker is included as well as Pete Santilli. Both are domestic terrorists in their own right. Outside of joining the hillbilly militia.

    Jon is the ‘person’ who gathers other hateful loonies to protest Mosques while armed. As if threatening violence proves Christianity is less violent or more peaceful than any other religion. Pete is just a nut bag. If you ever want to be disgusted, look him up on youtube.

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    • Well, if I look up Jon now, I might get really ill. 🙂 Thanks for the info.

      I absolutely despise people who call themselves Christian but impugn the nature and ways of Jesus Christ. He harmed no one, taught us to do no harm, and he raised the dead. He healed the Roman centurion’s servant without requiring them to convert. Jon and those like him seem to forget that the term “Christian” was first used by “pagans” who witnessed the Apostle Paul’s gifts.

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      • Many folks like Jon have never read the Bible OR the Constitution, which is clear that all Americans are free to practice, or not, any religion they choose. The Holy Bible has more verses commanding non-believers be killed than the Quran does. So in a way, folks like Jon, are doing ‘the Lord’s work’ according to the Old Testament.

        I like to think most Christians follow the tender mercies Christ taught. Christ never shunned nor taught any of his followers to shun or to deny mercy to anyone.


        • Hey Mindyme.
          Indeed. I don’t understand how some believe the law of the Old Testament when Jesus said that all before him were thieves and robbers. I suppose that agrees with their desires and heart of violence and they never progress to becoming new creations in Christ Jesus. You are so correct that Christ never shunned anyone and taught us to do likewise.

          As far as the Constitution, Bundy and those like him believe it is only for “sovereigns” and all of the amendments are wrong and should be repealed.

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  7. crustyolemothman

    I am disappointed that the grand jury did not bring more serious charges against the Bundy Gang. They very easily could have charged them under the RICO statutes, with the call they put out for other to join them in open rebellion against the federal government they have also committed sedation and possibly treason.

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    • Well Mothman, you know the feds are probably charging the violations that are easiest to prove. Keep in mind that our jury system does not always have the sharper tools in the shed. How many trials have we followed where the jury sends notes to the judge asking about the law?


  8. chuquestaquenumber1

    There’s enough in Title 18 to keep them in prison for life. As usual the racists that mocked Hands up don’t shoot in Ferguson,tried to say Roy Finicum(Oregon terrorist) had his hands up when LEOs shot him. However the 25 minute video shows Roy reaching to his pocket thus the Hands up don’t shoot was a lie here. When the shootout happened ,I said “For all of their talk they were a bunch of chumps that got what they deserved. Remember”We are here to kill or be killed. I dare the FBI to come get us.” They got their wish.

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    • Chuquest,
      As you know, I don’t agree with killing, so I hope that Finicum’s family finds comfort. Like you, I noticed the “Hands up” argument. Once the video was released, that put the matter to rest, which we cannot say about Michael Brown because there was no video. Yeah — they said they would stay there and die, so I suppose they have no room to complain since one of them did.

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      • chuquestaquenumber1

        Once again I appreciate your humanity. The fact that you offer condolences for Finicum’s family shows why I respect you. Even though he was an ARMED bad guy,you speak against him being killed. I salute you for that.

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        • Well Chuquest, although the vision makes me a bit ill, there must be someone who loves Finicum and is mourning his death. Death and grief do not discriminate. Maybe, just maybe, some of those who mock and applaud the deaths of Brown and Black people by members of law enforcement can now take a look at Finicum’s death and find some compassion in their souls for all people.


      • I will never believe the FBI or anyone else wanted to kill Finicum or any of them. The last thing they would have wanted was to make a martyr for ‘the cause’

        In my heart, I can’t escape the feeling though that he may have wanted to draw any potential gunfire away from the truck where the women were.


        • Mindyme, I agree. My first thought was that Finicum wanted a showdown and thought that pulling his gun would cause a stand-off.


  9. Feb. 10, 2016. The FBI has done a press release. They have surrounded the Malheur National Wildlife Refuse so the remaining 4 people cannot escape.

    “At approximately 4:30 p.m. (Pacific) on Wednesday, February 10, 2016, one of the occupiers rode an ATV outside the barricades established by the militia at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. FBI agents attempted to approach the driver, and he returned to the encampment at the refuge at a high rate of speed.”



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