How to Manage Your Emotions After Hearing About Yet Another Case of Police Brutality

I really enjoyed the videos!

A Woman's Worth

Every day it seems another black person is killed by the police. We all know the statistics. We’ve all seen the video footage. We’ve all felt an increasing outrage at the fact that black people live in danger from a system that neither protects nor serves.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven to work pissed off about another case of police brutality. And the only thing I can do about my anger in that very moment is crank up Kendrick Lamar as I roll into the parking lot not giving a single fuck about who hears the blaring music. Then I stroll into the office and pray to God no one asks me how I feel about the incident before I’ve calmed down with my morning tea.

But like protestors quoting one of Kedrick’s latests: “We gon be alright.”

To help manage your anger, fatigue and other…

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    So refreshing and important for Ms. Collins in her two videos to “tell it like it is” for herself as a Black woman witnessing horrific police killings of and brutality toward Black individuals and then, when at work, being asked/expected to discuss it before she is desirous to do so or at an emotional readiness/willingness to do so.

    I respect Ms. Collins and her message.

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  2. Linda Andersen

    Loved both videos! Although I’m not black, I can still relate to both of them for different reasons.

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  3. Me too, I love the videos. I just wish those that NEED to watch them would, the people who deny racism and discrimination exist.


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