Paula-extrememeanThe other week, I was watching the Steve Harvey show and Paula Todd was a guest on his program. Paula Todd is a Canadian journalist, investigative author, broadcaster, and lawyer. She is a professor of broadcast journalism and digital media at Seneca College, and is a frequent speaker on cyberabuse, Internet culture, writing, reporting, literacy and freedom of the press. In 2014, she published the book, Extreme Mean: Trolls, Bullies and Predators Online.

An introduction of her book starts with;

“Cyberbullying, tormenting and revenge porn. Workplace digital skullduggery, online defamation and reputation annihilation. Cyberstalking, Anon hate and adults ridiculing other’s children. Digital sexual extortion, blackmail and predators on the prowl. Which kids, youth and adults are behind this negative online behaviour and what can be done to stop the abuse?”

For those who have Word Press blogs, you know that we can see referrals to our blog from other sites and emails. I don’t always check that section on the Admin side, but when I saw a significant increase in the number of views one day, I did check.

steve-harveySteve Harvey’s website linked to an article on Blackbutterfly7. Words cannot express how honored I was. Of all the sites on the internet that reported on the particular subject matter, Blackbutterfly7 was chosen. I didn’t publicly share that information. Why? Because for years, cyberextortionists stalk the internet looking for opportunity to disparage this blog and defame me. I did not want them trying to verbally vandalize Steve Harvey’s website and taking up the time of his staff to moderate their defamatory vileness.

You might already know that I use the word “cyberextortionists” rather than cyberharassers because they threatened me with defamation unless I delete this blog.

Paula Todd has coined a better description – “cyberabusers.”  According to Paula, based on her research, cyberabusers are not happy in their own lives. They intentionally seek to inflict harm on others.  There’s no reasoning with them.

The timing of the Steve Harvey show was perfect. Last year around this time, a certain individual who we have come to call “Mr. Stalker” filed for a restraining order against Santiago. Santiago writes for this blog.

In general, courts grant temporary restraining orders, and schedule a hearing giving the respondent opportunity to come to court to challenge the allegations. Before the scheduled hearing however, Mr. Stalker sent a comment to this blog informing me that he had obtained a temporary restraining order and I should get familiar with the Word Press delete button or he would do the same to me. He followed that by filing malicious copyright infringement complaints against this blog – not because copyright was infringed, but in effort to have Word Press take down this blog.




take down threat

The court denied Mr. Stalker’s petition for a plenary restraining order, and he went ballistic on Santiago. Mr. Stalker carried his actions beyond the internet and along with Santiago, doxed Santiago’s wife and children and posted their personal information on the internet, misrepresenting the content. Santiago used his legal options, went to court, proved his case, and was granted a 3-year restraining order against Mr. Stalker.

cyber-harassment-provocationThat however, did not stop Mr. Stalker. He engaged the help of others and had them post demeaning and defamatory material on their websites and sent the link to one site to Santiago’s wife’s employer so they could see the type of man she is married to. Yes, they threatened her employment and went as far to boast that because it’s on the internet, all of her future potential employers could read their defamation. Santiago’s wife is an accomplished professional, a college professor, and someone who I don’t think has ever spoken nor written an abusive word to anyone in her life.

The situation involves two different law enforcement jurisdictions, so reporting Mr. Stalker’s violations of the restraining order was like going in a vicious circle. That compelled Santiago to seek the court to hold Mr. Stalker in contempt. That was in January of this year.

Since Mr. Stalker’s income is disability, he was appointed an attorney at the cost of taxpayers. Santiago however, is paying a private lawyer.

(As a side note, those perpetrating the violation of civil rights under the guise that they are protecting the country from the “Black grievance industry” have stated that their agenda is to take away the money of their target victims. What they are doing to Santiago is an effort to accomplish that agenda. Also, those perpetrating this agenda are not gainfully employed and have nothing to lose.)

Mr. Stalker is an admitted Sovereign Citizen, (see his comment above), so he uses paper terrorism and dilatory tactics to delay court proceedings.  As you can see, it is now May. Several hearings have taken place, requiring that Santiago pay his lawyer for appearing in court. Mr. Stalker however, has yet to personally appear in court and is paying nothing.

Finally, Mr. Stalker’s arraignment was scheduled for yesterday, for the second time. It didn’t occur. The court had given his attorney time to brief Mr. Stalker’s argument about a jurisdictional matter and extended that time yesterday.

Santiago is now in debt for legal fees and costs and the case is still pending. Mr. Stalker’s use of dilatory tactics with continuing hearings have cost Santiago approximately $5,000. He would appreciate your help, if you can.

I’ve put a Paypal button on the border of this blog for that purpose. If 100 people donate $10, that would be a thousand dollars to help defray the costs.

Here’s Paula Todd and Steve Harvey.


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  1. I will be so glad when Santiago has that DiP out of his life. Ms Todd is absolutely correct that those who stalk others to this extent are mentally ill. Sane people don’t do things like this.

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    • scrodriguez

      I will be glad when this comes to an end, its been very draining, The order was issued one year ago and I have spent that entire year trying to get this to stop. its ridiculous that anybody has to go through this.

      Thank you so much for your support. MindyMe

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    • Mindyme,
      One battle at a time. See, Mr. Stalker colluded with others to do his dirty work for him. Now, they are angry with Santiago for having the restraining order enforced on them. (He was ordered not to engage third-parties in his harassment.) But, one battle at a time.

      A person who does not live in this country viciously lied about Santiago harassing her. She accused him of being everyone on Twitter who posts anything about her, or anything that she disagrees with and she too engaged a person who Mr. Stalker uses to do her dirty work for her. Then things got interesting. It appeared that everyone and anyone, other than those first 2 who colluded with Mr. Stalker, were served a dose of hate the same way Santiago was. But, one battle at a time.

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      • Those stalkers have way to much time on their hands. I can not wait until the ‘book is thrown’ at them. And I have every faith that it will be.


      • scrodriguez


        My Sister, Words can not express our gratitude for the support you have given me and my wife through out this. Thank you for being the ear needed when I need to verbally let loose as obviously this has been very frustrating and should not be happening at all.

        None of this should be happening but it is what it is…. Again thank you so much

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  2. Two sides to a story

    Would it be useful now to disengage from any further court dates with DP? He seems incapable of accomplishing anything legally. Or must you continue involvement in the case or suffer some other loss besides the legal fees?


    • scrodriguez

      are you kidding me? disengage? why? so he can pick up where he left off?

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    • scrodriguez

      I apologize if I sounded a bit harsh, But there is no other option I either proceed with this or he will continue to do what he has been doing and what he has been doing has put my childrens safety in jeopardy my wifes career in jeopardy my own well being in jeopardy I mean every single aspect of our personal life has been invaded every person close to me has been targeted and threatened and if I do nothing to get it to stop it will not

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      • Santiago,

        … or he will continue to do what he has been doing…

        And, he would lie about it, probably say that you “lost” while adding descriptive adjectives to it. He has already fooled some to believe that although he has not yet obtained an Associate’s degree, that he has applied for admission into a law school.

        Here’s a link to the requirements to take the California Bar Exam. These are just prerequisites — they still have to pass the Bar exam.

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      • No way would I let this go.

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        • Ohh I am not letting this go, He contacted my wifes place of work sent a bunch of nonsense to her job, threats to my children were made, prior to the stuff he sent to my wifes job he was extorting me if I did not pull out of this proceeding he would put my wifes name and her profession on blast….. Then goes on to call me an illegal alien claiming that my wife and I are a marriage of convenience…. Some Project much…..

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    • Two sides, I can’t speak for Santiago, but would like to share the following regarding your question. It is only a civil matter requiring victims to pay private attorneys because law enforcement doesn’t appear to care.

      Mr. Stalker took his actions beyond the internet into Santiago’s personal life. It’s intended to harm his career, his wife’s career, and the future of his children. Some serious threats were made against his children. False police reports were filed. His credit report was unlawfully accessed.

      The court is the only option to stop Mr. Stalker. Which goes to say that those state laws against electronic harassment are as good as blank pieces of paper. If law enforcement cooperated within the various jurisdictions, things would not have progressed like they have, and Santiago would not be in court and Mr. Stalker would have been behind bars a long time ago.

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Santiago, I am sorry you are having to deal with such nonsense from the stalker. Hopefully it will end soon with the court ultimately ruling against the guy.

    The light of truth and goodness is on your side.

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  4. No one should ever have to endure what Santiago has gone and is going through.

    Xena thank you putting in the paypal button, I will gladly donate to this site, the fight that Santiago is fighting is helping all of us.

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    • scrodriguez


      Thank you so much my friend and to all who have donate thus far my wife says thank you so much for your support and friendship.
      when this is over she would like to write a thank you post for all of you here at BB7, The Undisputed Champion of Blogs

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      • The Undisputed Champion of Blogs

        Speaking of which, I have another award to accept — need to nominate 15 other blogs. If anyone has become familiar with another blog through here, and likes that blog, please let me know. I need 5 more to complete the nomination. Thanks.

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    • Towerflower,

      …the fight that Santiago is fighting is helping all of us.

      Yes, I agree. Mr. Stalker hurt lots of people.

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      • Exactly. Back in 2012 he was on HP using several names. When you would hammer a point home, he flare up and post personal information on the blog. He did it to several of us. LE couldn’t have cared less.

        You would have thought Fogen was his son or something.

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        • Thats been the MO from as far as I can remember and yeah LE doesnt seem to even want to get involved I know why this is happening its allot of effort for them to investigate only to wind up with a misdemeanor believe me LE weighs out their options when it comes to cases I live in LA County, they have the mentality of Felony or nothing.

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        • Racer, as you know, I was a late comer in 2012. I had no idea who was who or doing what. Around November of 2012 is when I heard of him and his vileness. Around March 2013, a comment was submitted to this blog warning me that the harasser had hooked up with “The Captain.” Remember when he was using a handle with that? Immediately, the most vile, racially bigoted comments were submitted and based on his reputation, I figured it was him. But, the comments were submitted through proxy IP addresses.

          They don’t know how it was accomplished, and I’m not publicly sharing that, but eventually, if someone tried to submit a comment to this blog through a proxy IP address, they found that they couldn’t. That is when he started submitting comments directly through a Comcast IP address.

          It took LE in another state, based on a complaint from one of their citizens, to discover that a person living in the same apartment complex as Mr. Stalker had an unprotected router, and Mr. Stalker was using that to do his dirty work. But, what did he do then? He started submitting vile, threatening comments using the computers at the college, then a public library, then public Wi-Fi using his Cricket phone. I suppose that the residents in the complex where he lives protected their routers because he now accesses the internet through another IP address that is assigned to Comcast.

          That is why I say he and those he colludes with are not trolls — trolls who don’t get attention and provoke responses generally go elsewhere. They don’t target certain individuals perpetually and once LE does get involved, they generally stop. Thinking they can use proxy IP addresses, or cloud services, or just change handles, does not help them. It only demonstrates their intent and determination. He has told people, including myself, to kill ourselves. Miss Filth (the blogger) recently opened an email account titled “butterflyblood.” That’s a direct physical threat.


          • That is sick and creepy ‘butterflyblood’ Total proof she’s a nutjob.


            • Right Mindyme — a nutjob who wants me to bleed. I reported it to my local police and the police in her jurisdiction. Also, I’m waiting to hear back from someone who might be able to expedite the investigation process — including the whole ring of them.


  5. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Wow, Xena, just wow! You are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. ❤

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    • Hey Jackie. Hopefully, Santiago is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Because the person who loves to defame me by accusing me of being someone else is doing it in stealth, we have submitted preservation of evidence letters. Well, it’s not that we don’t know who she is but rather, getting proof of the person behind the computer for law enforcement and lawsuit. Step-by-step, one battle at a time.

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      • as you can see i use my real name and my avatar gives a huge clue as to where i went to college…..i have a stalker that it took 2 YEARS to figure out who i am, for most of that time they claimed to have spoken with “Bill Taylor” and he was very angry about me trying to steal his identity…….then after those years someway he found my middle name and changed his tune to yes this is my real name and created a website using that real name and filled it with lies………growing up in appalachia many people there use double names as in Jim Bob, Jo Lynn, etc…….i informed an attorney and the local police about their threats of coming to my home(they did publish my address) and was told IF he ever comes to your house do what you have to do then call us to come get the body.

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        • oh wow!


        • Bill,
          What a story! Back in the early to mid 1990’s if people wanted email and what we called then the “world wide web” we had limited resources. Compuserve was the most popular. It assigned customers a number as their email address. Compuserve had forums and when people joined them, they used their real name. No one tried to “dox” anyone and forum section leaders did not allow personal attacks. Most people who had PCs i their home were professional people. They didn’t sell computers retail then unless it was something like Commodore 64. Even then, most people who had them were writers and used them for word processing. Some independent accounting and engineering professionals had Apple computers.

          Then came the retailers selling home computers, and AOHell took advantage of that. AOHell, with their 30 day free trials and allowing customers to chose their own “handles” changed the landscape of the internet. They offered $19.95 a month unlimited usage. Compuserve was a monthly rate with minute limitations. Then they changed to something like $25.00 a month for unlimited. A few years thereafter, Compuserve merged with AOHell. They allowed the “handle” people to come into their forums. Their regular customers left, the forums turned to garbage, then closed, and so did Compuserve.

          The point is that, “handles” or anonymity did not start until AOHell and their sending disks and CD’s to every household to introduce their product, it attracted people to use the internet commit domestic terrorism. They did not operate under the professionalism of Compuserve and still today, those sites that they own are garbage bins for the most part.

          I agree with Paula Todd that the internet and lack of hosting companies taking action to stop cyberabuse has placed the world in a position to suffer emotional distress.


  6. Many people do not realize the havoc the troll’s behavior can cause their victims. I used to say who cares about a pack of vapid losers talking shit online? Nobody cares what these idiots say especially ones that nobody even knows exists!
    We’ve even learned to expect internet trolls, that’s why they’ve got a name & spot in the urban dictionary.

    But I now know otherwise.

    While this post is necessarily vague & can only point out a few examples of what been happening to X & Santiago, i’ll say that its much more intense than is stated (and illegal)! And its going on for a very long time! Santiago almost a year& over 2 years for Xena!

    One of the basic implications internet harassment, that i missed initially, was how it affects other ppl associated with the victims in the future. Something such as a disparaging meme made by a troll 5 years ago is still online when one day your kid’s friends’ parents Google your address to send you an invite to their housewarming party. But that meme falsely accused you of being a child molester. Now your kid is going through it too! That’s a horrible situation bcuz that’s not something any parent, especially someone who doesn’t know you well will be able to take lightly. Then imagine if there happens to be blogs about you too?!! Can you image?

    I’ve got a lot to say about this BS but my internet is down until tomorrow& I’m struggling on this phone lol BUT BELIEVE ILL BE BACK!

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    • Actually this has been going on since the GZ trial it escalated when he located me after the think progress article came about regarding GZ being another Sandy Hook, from there I have been attacked by him 24/7

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      • Oh No I’m not talking about our twitter drama. Now they did victimize Trayvon supporters on Twitter, you tube, on par with what your going through now even before you & after the trial. you know what happened to some of them & many haven’t recovered.
        That’s what I’m talking about. Trust me, Xena has been dealing with that before they knew you existed. Remember that’s why I hooked you up, because she’d already been there& got the t-shirt!

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  7. I had a stalker years ago. He continued to taunt, stalk threaten to come to the US to get me. He was from Canada. It’s the most terrible thing in the world to be stalked, harassed, etc. It lasted 3 years. He worked for a phone co and got my number. Went as far as talking to my 8 year old son. Telling him I was leaving them for Him (stalker) My life was a mess. Phone calls wouldn’t stop. The screaming etc. All hours of the night. I had to even get off line. He caused me to shut down two messages boards and one website. Anyway. I pray all of this stops for everyone. No matter the reasons. It’s terrible and it can ruin lives. I am glad it was mentioned. I wish nothing but the best for you. Xena and scrodriguez, Hang in there. It’s awful. But I am sending positive thoughts and much peace.

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    • ugh, I am so sorry that happened to you


    • OMG!! That is the most creepiest Sh!t I have heard. See when I requested a restraining order I refused to put the names of my children on the document, because knowing him he would have went after them to and once he did find out who they were well my belief was confirmed.
      Put it to you like this I had to make arrangements so that my children can assume new names


      • I think I would bait him, draw him out. I live in Florida, Gators have to eat too, heh heh heh.

        omg did I just ‘say that out loud’ ACK!!

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        • mindyme62. Wish I lived in Florida at the time. All the emotional stress he caused me daily. That would of been a plan. And yes, you said it. And I like it lol. Only because he would deserve to be at least as scared and he made me. The worse part. He had a pic up “of himself” It was really someone else. When I was showed a real pic of him. UGH. And yes he lived in the basement of his parents home. If he did come to get me. I would never know who he was or what he looked like.


      • Creepy when he invented a game about me called “The girlfriend” He put it online and invited people to play it. For all I know it’s still up somewhere haha.

        Xena> From your comment. Yes he wanted me to close my sites. And he got his wish because I was ignorant then. Today I have wised up. But it was scary. Someone being so obsessed with another they don’t REALLY know is troubling to me.


    • Shyloh,

      He caused me to shut down two messages boards and one website.

      That is what they want, and LE, whether local or federal, takes the position that we should voluntarily surrender our civil and constitutional rights to criminals who violate them. It’s cyber Jim Crow.


  8. A friend on FB had to make a new page because he keeps hitting the limit of friends. He is having a horrible time with a stalker.

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    • Mindyme, I’m sorry to hear what is happening to your friend. IMHO, as people learned what they could do with impunity without hosting companies, neither LE doing anything, it has progressed. And, when that happens, most people feel that they have to take matters into their own hands. That generally results in people attacking attackers, which is actually what attackers want.


  9. I’m pretty sure I speak for a lot of people when I say……….don’t they have anything better to do????? Even retired people have things to do that are constructive or part of everyday life. DP has spent so much time using fake names it’s joke.

    Many of us have been abused, but the abusers will get theirs.


    • Santiago, thanks for the links. I’m familiar with the information provided by SPLC and will check out the other link. I have personal first-hand experience with a sovereign citizen, and then came Mr. Stalker. When I blogged about sovereign citizens, he was the first among their group to try to defend himself, admitting to being one while claiming it has nothing to do with race. His own comments betray his defense. Also, he forgets why the word “sovereign” was chosen — it’s to distinguish between themselves and “14th amendment” citizens. The “BGI” conspiracy is founded on “sovereign” versus 14th Amendment citizens, and their ideologies fit into those of racial supremacy. All of his buddies adhere to the “BGI” conspiracy, which they also use “RGI” or “racial grievance industry” interchangeably.


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