Another Cop Bashing Article


Hey @blanc_papillon7, aka Papillon_Jane.

You’ve just been Rick Rolled.


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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Laughing out loud!

    Thinking of

    Road Runner’s “Beep! Beep!”


    Woody Woodpecker’s laugh!

    • Hahahaaaaaaaa Yahtzeebutterfly…now you’ve got me doing the Woody Woodpecker’s laugh!!

      • Can you hear me laughing Xena? I’ve got this down to an art! Thanks for the vid and thanks for filling in my grin!! Yes it says it all!

        • LOL@Pilcherje. It’s so funny that Miss Filth thinks an agenda of using “snowapes” and “thugs” to denigrate negatively reflects on this blog when they are her words. What she is actually doing is impugning the reputation of those police officers who she says she supports.

          • That reality surely is lost on her – a portrayal of balancing compassion and empathy with an alleged profession – casting an alleged LE spouse about as supportive of her “unapologetic” bloviating…unprofessional actions and incongruous speeches. It’s truly an embarrassment to every professional LEO.

            • pilcherje,
              You’re right. Can you imagine an EMT reporting to provide someone with life saving service, see that it’s an interracial couple and refer to the White person as a “snowape”? Likewise, if a cops shoots a suspect and she is on duty as an EMT and the suspect is Black, she won’t render appropriate aid because she prejudicially thinks the suspect is a “thug.”

              No — she’s not an EMT and if she married since finishing college, she would have announced it on the Conservative Treehouse under one of the handles she used there, the main one being Alexandra M.

            • By the way, “snowape” — I recently learned that it’s a group on Twitter who support police officers in Ferguson. None of them have tweeted to me — only blanc_papillon7. I think she uses that hashtag in attempt to cause me to think that many people are hating at me.

  2. (Administrator’s note: How about this one?)

    Crying with Laughter

  3. Oh shoot! My ‘grin’ didn’t show up… it’s huge. LOL

  4. This is precious!!! LMAO!

  5. I realize that folks who are inherently racist aren’t the brightest bulbs in the tree, proven time and time again by those like Ms. Filth.

    I guess it’s never dawned on her that those Americans who haven’t already formed an opinion on if some officers are racist or not, Ms. Filth, by her postings and twitter are confirming they are. At least she thinks they are.

    • I figured that since she trolls here so she can have something to tweet, that I might as well title an article in a fashion that she accuses me of writing. (shrug)

  6. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Oh my… love, love, love! ❤

  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    Do any of you remember this children’s rhyme?

    Made you look.
    Made you look.
    Made you buy
    A penny book.


  9. nope don’t get it!
    even after watching most of that 1985 video! LMAO

    • Shannon,
      Rick Rolling is getting people to come to something thinking it is one thing, to find out it is not. It is still popular today. @blanc_papillon7 got it. She accused me of being a “cop basher” so I titled this accordingly.

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