Law Enforcement-Above The Law

This week has been exhausting. Thankfully, I subscribe to other blogs that give me a sigh of relief with gorgeous photos and quotes of wisdom. However, it’s not long before I return to thinking about seeing law enforcement on the streets of America with equipment that was manufactured and intended for use by military troops.

stolen livesSome of you might remember when I wrote “Upsetting the Apple Cart.” It is about my first experience hearing about cops killing and a cover-up.  Entire cities lose trust in law enforcement. In the 1960’s and until about the mid 1970’s, it was common to hear cops referred to as “pigs.” Knowing some cops personally, I never wanted to include them in the pot with stupid, cowardly cops. Still, I can look back in history and consider now that in some cities, such as Chicago, vigilante justice runs rampant because citizens do not trust cops.

Since the 1970’s, cops have acquired more tools for protection, and more tools to force the submission of “suspects.” The problem however, as we saw with Sean Bell, is that when there is no resistance, cops still want to use their tools to control, as tools to punish and torture. The cop who killed Sean Bell said he thought he was pulling his taser, but Sean Bell was not resisting where a taser was necessary.

Also, as we saw with Kelly Thomas, when a “suspect” has a mental Police-Brutality-protest-Fullerton-CA-e1382393910367disease, there are cops who take pleasure in experimenting to see just how much pain they can inflict, even pain that results in death.

Resisting is now defined as moving any part of your body; asking any question; being deaf; having physical conditions where you can’t move fast.  

Now, most cops wear bullet-proof vests. When a person with a bullet-proof vest has to pull a gun before getting a better look at what they suspect is a weapon; before they use tasers; something is wrong in their understanding of “to serve and protect.” No, I’m not saying that a cop who is shot at should contemplate a response other than returning fire. The same is true for having someone point a gun at them. They should not have to wait until the trigger is pulled.

Police-Brutality1-e1407616343242What I am saying is that there are too many unarmed citizens who are killed by members of law enforcement and there are no consequences or the punishment does not meet the crime. Because self-defense also applies to law enforcement, that is the general default story used by law enforcement to justify all killings, even when the evidence proves that deadly force was unnecessary.

Members of law enforcement are human, and humans make ZQcLWQLgOXXNhju-556x313-noPadmistakes. Having a badge however, should never place those humans above the law. Deadly force is not always necessary. Whenever a “suspect” is unarmed, and law enforcement mistakes a cell phone, a drill, or other object for a gun and kills the “suspect,” they should be charged the same as if an undeputized citizen pulls the trigger.

Some of the names of unarmed individuals killed by law enforcement are fresh in our minds. Some are not. The below is not an exhaustive list; just some of those who readers may not have heard about.

A special Wood County (West Virginia) grand jury decided against indicting Detective P.M. Edelen. Edelen killed 24-year-old Steven Lewis Pfalzgraf of Parkersburg. Edelen said that Pfalzgraf drove a car towards him. The 16 jurors determined that Detective Edelen acted in self defense.

Kimani Gray, 16 years old in Brooklyn, was shot 7 times in his shoulders, arms, and legs, with wounds to the front and back of his body. The two officers in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, were not charged.

Jose Guerena was a U.S. Marine veteran who served in the Iraq War. On May 5, 2011, he was killed in his Tucson, Arizona home by officers of the Pima County SWAT team.   The five-person team fired at least 71 rounds at Guerena in less than seven seconds. Guerena was hit 22 times. Guerena’s wife called 911 to request medical assistance for her husband shortly after the shooting. Paramedics, however, were instructed to hold back. Guerena was denied attention, for about one hour, until the team declared the “area secured”. Ambulance crews were then notified they were no longer needed, one hour and fourteen minutes after Guerena’s wife’s call to 911

68-year old Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr., a retired Marine and 20-year veteran of the Westchester County Department of Corrections, was killed on November 19, 2011 in White Plains, New York. Kenneth wore a Life Aid medical alert necklace that was inadvertently triggered. The police came to his home and demanded that he open his front door. Kenneth was intoxicated, told the cops he did not need help and to go away. The police broke down the door, tased Kenneth, and then shot him dead. An audio recording was made by the Life Alert device in his home. Officer Steven Hart swore at Kenneth and called him a “nigger.” Officer Anthony Carelli (whose name was withheld for over four months)] shot Kenneth twice in the chest. A grand jury reviewed the case and decided that no criminal charge would be made against the police officers.

Cpl. Allan DeVillena, who went by “AJ,” was fatally shot by officers Mike Heron and Chad Nordman. DeVillena was the with the 1st Marine Logistics Group based in Camp Pendleton, but stationed at Twentynine Palms. Prosecutors have yet to decide if the officers broke any laws.

38-year old James Boyd was homeless. He was allegedly illegally camping in the Albuquerque foothills when fatally shot by police. Helmet camera video released by the Albuquerque Police Department shows when James Boyd turned his back to officers and is then shot dead. Despite overwhelming criticism to the shooting, the department says its officers were justified.

Duane Brown, of New York called police for assistance in stopping a robbery. The police killed Duane instead.

36-year old Otto Zehm was a mentally disabled man from Spokane, Washington, Spokane Police Officer Karl Thompson killed Otto and was sentenced to 51 months in federal prison for excessive use of force and lying to investigators about the confrontation.

Four officers were involved in the killing of Michael E. Bell of Kenosha, WI. Officer Erich Strausbaugh yelled out to other officers that Bell had his gun. Bell did not. Strausgbaugh caught his holster on the side-view window of his car. No charges were brought against them. Officer Erich Strausbaugh killed himself in October 2010.

Herman Jackson of Sylvester, GA was killed when a police officer placed him in choke-hold, breaking Jackson’s larynx.

Ethan Saylor, a Down Syndrome man, was killed in Maryland when off-duty deputies moonlighting as security guards broke Ethan’s larynx. In spite of the medical report, a grand jury did not indict the officers on the basis that no one saw the choke hold.

Amadou Diallo of New York.   Shot 19 times by plains clothes officers. All 4 officers were acquitted.

Christopher Arnold of York, PA., a man who was handicapped, was beaten to death by police in his own front yard.

Mark Anthony Barmore, Rockford, IL, was shot 3 times in the back in the daycare center of a church in front of the children and staff. He was unarmed. Officers Oda Poole and Stan North were not charged. Poole has tried getting back his job on the force, alleging that the Chief of Police had no right to terminate him. North went on disability due to the trauma of the event.

Michael Sago, Jr., Rockford, IL, shot in the back by off-duty sheriff deputy Frank Pobjecky. Pobjecky was not charged and tried benefiting from being a “hero” by running in the Republican primary for Sheriff. He lost.

Other names:

 Antoine Cantrell, College Park, GA

Anthony Smashum, Savannah, GA

Tyisha Miller, Riverside, CA

Daniell Johnson, Lakewood, WA

Now, we add the names of, Eric Gardner, Michael Brown, John Crawford, Ezell Ford.

Local officials are too biased and cannot justly decide when officers of the law should or should not be charged. Even when those cases go before grand juries, those juries only hear the testimony of and see the evidence provided by the local officials who are more inclined to protect their own. Something has to be done to assure citizens that when deadly force is used, the matter is not investigated by local officials but by impartial committees that include forensic experts, and medical examiners. There should be one rule and one rule only when a person is shot in the back – 1st degree murder charges.

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  1. John Williams – Seattle WA – A Native America woodcarver who was shot and killed by police.


    • Rachael, thanks for adding that info.

      And please, anyone — everyone, if you know of another unarmed person killed by law enforcement, please post the info.


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    The pattern is clear to see! Only those who don’t want to won’t! One life is one too many ….. and the list seems endless. Do I see a “police state” stacked against skin pigmentation? SMH ….


    • Horty, skin pigmentation and mental capacity. Ethan Saylor was Down Syndrome. Anyone could recognize that by looking at him. Some of the victims in the article were White. One was homeless. Two mentally ill.

      Police state? I’m more inclined to believe Nazi state, where unless people are perfect, they are executed and their execution justified by giving the idea that they were a burden on society.


      • Not a pretty picture for the “land of the free”, right? Agree, the perfect race. Shame … 😦


        • Horty, right. Not a pretty picture at all. What I do know is that if law enforcement wants to be respected and trusted, they have to stop brutality and use of deadly force on unarmed people, in addition to standing in judgment of their own and calling a murder a murder.


          • Thumbs up ….. Agree!


          • Interesting, my step son is with the OPD … Orlando. When I mention these cases, very rarely, there’s always a “but” …. 😦


          • Horty,
            I think that cops would think differently about the “but” if charges were filed against officers who use deadly force against unarmed “suspects.” Like I said in the article, I know some cops personally. I support the Fraternal Order of Police. What I don’t like is that they are not above the law, and each time they are not charged or acquitted, it sends a powerful message to citizens. I watched the video of Kelly Thomas being beaten to death, and yet a jury acquitted them.


  3. The Ferguson police Chief just said that when Michael was stopped, he was stopped for walking in the middle of the street and not because the officer suspected him of committing the robbery.


  4. MSNBC;
    A reporter just asked the chief that if the store robbery had nothing to do with Michael being stopped, why did the police release the video and incident report of the store robbery? The chief could not answer that question.


  5. Just saw where he said he only released it due to numerous FOIA requests and that he had to.


  6. This is a photo that a resident took from his apartment. The reason I am posting it is because of questions about how Michael was dressed.


  7. Like

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Ahh….answer is probably going to be no one did….and it was the Chief’s idea.


  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Benjamin Crump has announced that Michael Brown’s family will hold a press conference at 3:30


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    • Jueseppi,
      Thanks for the reblog. I see that you’ve been exceptionally busy on your blog. I wish that I had your energy.


      • Jueseppi B.

        I’m a lazy so and so while Barack in on his Holiday. How have you been?


        • I’m still recovering from a sinus infection. The mediation makes me sleepy and when I’m not sleepy, I’m like a vegetable.


          • yahtzeebutterfly

            when I’m not sleepy, I’m like a vegetable.

            I am sorry to hear this, Xena.

            Just in case humor might beet expressing concern for your health at this thyme*

            Lettuce us know if you’d like us to turnip here and help in anyway.

            * “to herrb is human”


  10. Let’s keep this in mind and not get distracted.

    “If the robbery in any way caused the initial contact it has relevance … if it didn’t, it has none,” said Wayne Fisher, a professor with the Rutgers University Police Institute in New Jersey. “The use of deadly force in this situation will be authorized if the officer reasonably believed his life was in danger, that question does not appear to be directly related to whether or not Brown was a suspect in a robbery.”


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Okay, I have a question.

      Why did Ferugson Police Chief call the stealing of cigars a “strong armed robbery” instead of just saying that the store clerk was PUSHED when he tried to stop them?

      Was it to get the words “armed” and “robbery” right next to each other?

      Why not say he was shoplifting and pushed the store clerk on the way out?

      This words choice is very telling as to the Police Chief’s agenda. It is a “word game” strategy….. “buzz” words at play here.


      • Why did Ferugson Police Chief call the stealing of cigars a “strong armed robbery” instead of just saying that the store clerk was PUSHED when he tried to stop them?

        He called it strong armed because the clerk was pushed. Strong armed generally means that physical force is used to take something from the victim. Touching otherwise might be deemed physical assault. Here is what I’m wondering; the lawyer for the store’s owner says that the owner did not call the police. A customer in the store called 911. The owner went to the door to lock it, hoping keep Michael inside. That is when he was pushed away from the door.

        This tells me that the owner is probably Asian of the “old school” type who does not trust the police and takes matters into his own hands. Remember the couple in Texas who was accused of stealing a $3 pair of earrings where the store owner demanded that they strip? There are cultures in America who do not trust the police and do not call them.


  11. We find out recently that Darren Wilson left town 2 days ago
    with his family.

    The police chief was buying time for the escape and talking
    about everything minus why Michael Brown was killed and
    how many time shots were fired to execute him.

    The DOJ and Holder can’t be trusted ,Martin Trayvon killer still walking as a free man.


    • Joseph,
      The DOJ hands down orders to the U.S. Attorney’s office for the district in which there is an investigation. The U.S. Attorney takes evidence from the FBI. That office then contacts the suspect and tries to negotiate a plea. They even advise suspects to obtain private legal counsel. If there is no negotiation, the U.S. Attorney then calls for a grand jury.

      In Zimmerman’s case, we have reports that Samantha received a subpoena to testify before the grand jury. But then, we had Taaffe saying that he was meeting with the FBI. Just this week, someone said that Dr. Bao met with the FBI. If the FBI is still investigating, then the grand jury has not been called regarding violation of Trayvon’s civil rights.

      I do not know whether to find these reports conflicting, or think that the feds are investigating Zimmerman for two different things; one for violating Trayvon’s civil rights, and another for activity that Samantha would know about regarding Zimmerman.


      • Xena,I understand but this is taking too long in the meantime other
        murderers by the police are happening almost every week and in the end
        they are “justified shootings” by states agencies.


        • Joseph,
          There’s a fed investigation ongoing on a murder from 2010. It took the feds 5 years to bring in a couple for committing a hate crime. Those guys get wire taps and the whole nine yards. As an attorney appointed to federal defense cases told me once, when the feds indict, they have everything necessary to bring in a conviction. It’s on tape and video. I’m patient with the feds when it comes to investigation — not so patient with it comes to prevention.

          Then too, the FBI isn’t too involved in prevention unless they’re working undercover to bring in arrests.


  12. When Michael was killed, the St. Louis County police called Ferguson police about reports of a shooting. Ferguson police said they did not know anything about it.


  13. Xena,already Ferguson Police Chief planted the narrative like
    chief lee>mark o’mara,the chief is making everything possible to justify
    the execution.The shooter already left town.


    • Joseph, the media is doing a good job exposing that narrative as a lie. It’s up to us to expose it as well. When a man can kill men, women, and children in a mall including shooting a U.S. Congresswoman in the head, and he’s taken into custody without one shot being fired at him; when a nut shows up in a movie theater and kills men, women and children, walk to his car and not one shot is fired at him, well — I really don’t have patience to argue with racial bigots as to why they believe a cop felt it necessary to kill an unarmed 18 year old. That’s what the Police Chief’s narrative is all about. It’s an appeal to bigot racists.


  14. I turned on Hannity, not there, to see what was being said. In First 5 mins one reporter talks about the smell of pot in the air and plenty of alcohol flowing and not one cop to be seen. Then they ask Rev Jesse Jackson if he was there to stir the pot and cause more trouble….they read him a quote about that. Can’t stand listening anymore…..smh.


  15. roderick2012

    Of course all of this is to distract from the fact that the autopsy report hasn’t been released and whatever is contained within the autopsy, and everyone is falling for it.


    • yahtzeebutterfly



    • Roderick,
      I heard a radio interview of someone who was told by someone what Wilson said about the incident. I’m not going to put that crap on the blog for several reasons. One, such interviews are intended to distract from the main issue. Two, such interviews are not admissible is the situation comes to trial. Several attorneys yesterday, including Lisa Bloom, said that the store video is inadmissible at trial because it has nothing to do with what happened when Michael was killed.

      I’ve worked in the courts and the law for over a decade, and I’ve seen my share of attorneys and police officers who omit pertinent facts and play semantics. What I’m seeing now is that there are people in authority, such as that Chief of Police and Mark O’Mara, who go beyond lying — they bear false witness. Eventually, the gallows they have built for others will be those that cause their own ruin.


  16. A few years back, we had a mentally ill man beaten to death by police here in Portland as well… The mental illness issue makes me angry on so many levels.


    • Eurobrat, it should be of utmost concern. When people do not move fast enough for the cops, the cops allege everything from the person being “on something” to the person resisting arrest. It could be that the person is mentally ill or has a physical condition that prevents them to moving fast, or comprehending fast enough. And of course,cops don’t listen because their shouting commands.


  17. And I’m selling a bridge in Brooklyn …


  18. Michael’s parents have setup a gofundme page for donations for the Michael Brown Memorial Fund.


  19. Kimora Lee Simmons has offered to pay for funeral and helped start this fund.


  20. yahtzeebutterfly

    A bit of biographical info on Ofc. Darren Brown who has worked for the Ferguson Police Department for 4 years:

    “A Youth, an Officer and 2 Paths to a Fatal Encounter”


    Ofc. Darren Brown should not be confused with Sgt. Darren Brown, who is an African American and who works for the St. Louis Police Department:

    “There is more than one St. Louis-area police officer named Darren Wilson”


  21. yahtzeebutterfly

    This week I have witnessed the Smoke and Mirrors that Police Chief Thomas Jackson has used attempting to change the focus of the issue at hand.

    The Ferguson Black community as well as the nation’s Black community HAS stayed focused on the burning issue: the execution-style killing of an unarmed Black teen while he held his hands up surrendering. According to eyewitnesses, Ofc. Darren Wilson, who had the upper hand and was under NO threat, cold heartedly disregarded Michael Brown’s surrender and shot multiple bullets into Michael Brown’s body.

    Diverting attention from this coldblooded killing, Police Chief Tom Jackson attempted to play on the racist mindset of many whites who negatively stereotype Blacks and to play on the history of White fear of Blacks.

    This year Blacks carrying signs “My Skin Color is Not a Crime” and “Am I Next?” know ALL TOO WELL about unfounded White fear of Blacks. In Ferguson this week a Black lady carried a sign that said, “I DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR MY BLACKNESS AND YOUR FEAR.”

    And, no doubt, so does the Police Chief of Ferguson know quite well about unfounded White fear of Blacks. Instead of publicly releasing the ME’s autopsy report which would have revealed the number of bullets (and their trajectory) discovered in Michael Brown, Chief Tom Jackson released surveillance video footage of what appears to be Michael Brown shoplifting and pushing the store clerk on his way out. Instead of using words like “shoplifting” and “pushing”, the police chief used the emotionally charged words “strong armed robbery” to play on the emotions of the White community which has had a history of stereotyping Blacks negatively.

    During THAT press conference the police chief left out the very important fact that the “strong armed robbery” was NOT the reason that Ofc. Wilson focused on Michael Brown. Questioned later in the day (and actually in a statement one of the days before) the Police Chief said that the initial contact between Ofc. Wilson and Michael Brown had nothing to do with the robbery at the store:

    ABC News @ABC
NEW: Chief: Officer didn’t know Michael Brown was a suspect in robbery when stopped; was stopped for walking in street, blocking traffic. 
2:19 PM – 15 Aug 2014

    One tweeter (Aaron Talley) wrote, This is about the assumed inherent criminality of Black People. This is about systemic racism murdering our people in the streets.”

    Another person (Only4RM) tweeted, “Do (some) journalists not understand that #Ferguson PD has a vested interest to protect their officer/force? They are the #DEFENDANTS now.”

    Also, Shaun King tweeted, “5 attorneys just wrote me privately & said it was ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that the Police Chief ONLY released that video to taint public sentiment.”

    Someone at the press conference pointed out to Chief Jackson, “Seems like you’re only answering questions that demean the character of Mike Brown.”

    In his tweet, Alex Little observes, “The selective release of information by #Ferguson PD tells us nothing about the shooting. Instead appears to be a basic smear job.”

    The following article is helpful in understanding sentiments that have carried over from the past into present day St. Louis:

    Echoes of Michael Brown’s Death in St. Louis’s Racially Charged Past”


    • It has now been reported that the DOJ, who knew about the video, told the COP not to release the video and he did it anyway.


      • The release of the video was done with just with one thought in mind, IMO, and that was to divert attention away from the officer and put the media attention on the robbery. It was a devious and calculating move on his part and an insight into what his plan is… destroy Mike Brown.


        • roderick2012

          Unfortunately the knuckleheads reacted by rioting which is exactly what Archie Bunker aka Thomas Jackson.

          But I heard that the rioters last night weren’t from Ferguson, but it really doesn’t matter.

          Sometimes I just have to shake my head at my people.


      • Towerflower,
        Great minds think alike. I was just writing on the DOJ’s instructions and how the Ferguson Chief of Police disregarded them.


    • roderick2012

      That’s what Wilson used to look like.

      By now he’s had plastic surgery while he hides out in Mexico.


      • MurphysSpork

        LOL. Plastic surgery does little to help someone who lives to sterotype. Just ask Vicki Pate.


  22. MurphysSpork

    I saw a tweet this morning that summed up for me what I have often felt about the usual White Pride Sleuther´s we see taking on cases like TM, JD, RM, and KJ.
    The tweeter said ” I see alot of people far away sitting on their couches telling people of Ferguson what they should do.”

    Had a discussion with a small group today who mentioned the LA. Riots and the after math.
    We spoke about Bobby Green Jr., and Rev. Bennie Newton. We discussed the major changes in the aftermath of the very destructive and deadly riot. We spoke about how little attention was paid on how people helped one another and how most people did not support the rioting.
    We spoke about how when people hear the word “riot” and the sterotypes that happen.

    I see many White Priders pissed as pissed can be that social media and protesters themselves are on scene giving American (and Foreigners who involve themselves in our affairs) a run against their imagination when it comes to what is actually going on in Ferguson.
    Claims such as the media and journalist are intentionally inciting violence in the area for news production. These are people who after all will use the news only if it benefits their agenda.
    I ran across even Fox News commentators last night that said the Chief doing what he did during his presser was wrong. I see many blacks asking the civil rights leaders to not use Ferguson as a way for face time if they intend to cause up roar.

    Little is being said to call back the White Pride Sluethers dogs on the net. Already they are online trying to put a TL together that Dorian was buying his friend time. They want to make this clearly innocent black kid an accessory, sorry folks, but because he too is black! Did we not see Dorian put down a box Mike handed him? Did we not see Dorian say he would give a statement to the FBI? Did we not see a young man who faced a nation about what happened when nobody else would?

    IDK, maybe they enjoy living online watching the looting from their couches far away in Canada and New Zealand talking shit on American black men, so they can hook up with the other known racists in America who like to watch extra judicial killings like we had 50 years ago. Funny most of these Revisionist online are women. Who at the same time 50 years ago were also viewed as second class citizens. If I take it even further they had no place but filing papers, answering phones, and cooking dinner.
    I think everyone when coming across these White Pride Sluthers should remember that they believe in Revisionism and we should tell them to STFU and go make their man a sandwich!


    • Murphy,
      I am so sorry. Since changing to the option of needing a Word Press account to submit comments, we get very little spam, (maybe 2 a week), so tonight as I was doing those “admin” things, I saw a comment in spam. I’ve set it free and have no idea why it went to spam.

      Excellent comment. The White Pride Sleuthers gained attention during the Zimmerman case because they degraded an entire race of people. You might have noticed that during the Dunn trial, there was all of maybe 6 of them offering opinions. Since their focus was still on denigrating the Black race and Trayvon, they hadn’t paid attention to the facts and had nothing of substance to offer even in their own exchanges.

      During Wafer’s trial, it was down to about 3 White Pride Sleuthers. They have no one in their group with a sense of legal procedures, don’t know a law from a Rule, neither civil rules of evidence from criminal rules of evidence. Their main paralegal guru doesn’t know that a stay in a federal bankruptcy case has no authority in a state case involving a restraining order.

      I saw that a big mouthpiece doesn’t understand that the States legislate their own laws. She was trying to compare self-defense law in Michigan to that of Florida.

      Unless someone knows who they are and where to find them, they wouldn’t know. It appears that now, they are limited to comment sections on news sources and Youtube, and their own Twitter accounts. They are pretty much ignored. After the verdict in Zimmerman’s case, they couldn’t move on and their blogs soon became nothing more than discussing personal things. Just goes to show their limited interest.

      I won’t give momentum to their filth. Filth gets flushed.


  23. roderick2012

    When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims

    On Monday, Twitter user LordSWVP tweeted out a photo driving home another point: Media treatment of black victims is often harsher than it is of whites suspected of crimes, including murder.

    This is by no means standard media protocol, but it happens frequently, deliberately or not. News reports often headline claims from police or other officials that appear unsympathetic or dismissive of black victims. Other times, the headlines seem to suggest that black victims are to blame for their own deaths, engaging in what critics sometimes allege is a form of character assassination. When contrasted with media portrayal of white suspects and accused murderers, the differences are more striking. News outlets often choose to run headlines that exhibit an air of disbelief at an alleged white killer’s supposed actions. Sometimes, they appear to go out of their way to boost the suspect’s character, carrying quotes from relatives or acquaintances that often paint even alleged murderers in a positive light.


  24. Darren Wilson

    State of emergency declared in Missouri and a curfew implemented to curb rioters.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I don’t think the Black community is/can be satisfied when a governor speaks in generalities about blatant police misconduct by the Ferguson Police Department and the execution-style killing of an unarmed, surrendering Black teen by Ofc. Darren Wilson.

      Just look at these generalities that I have put in bold print from this excerpt from the Governor Nixon’s speech. This indicates to me that the Governor has no plans for dealing with the issues in the future……I see him avoiding the issues by such examples as I have put in bold print.

      The tragedy shooting death of Michael Brown one week ago today and the events that followed left a family grieving the loss of a son, a community racked by fear and unrest, and an entire world looking for answers and justice.

      Over the past several days I’ve heard from the people of Ferguson. I’ve heard their anger about injustice and intimidation. I’ve seen and heard the unspeakable sadness of a mother who won’t see her son again and the anguish of parents though out the region struggling to teach their kids to trust amid so much strife.

      As far as my feelings about the curfew:

      Take care of the looters and arrest them…..but don’t have a curfew.

      Until the killing of Black men, Black mothers’ sons
      Is as important as
      The killing of White men, White mothers’ sons,
      We who believe in freedom cannot rest!
      We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes!

      ~ Ella’s Song


      • roderick2012

        Nixon is up for re-election in November so it shouldn’t be surprising that a DINO in an increasingly Republican leaning state has to chose his words carefully.


        • Roderick, thanks for the comment. It gives us a greater picture about Nixon’s behavior, but his curfew decision just might backfire on him come election time anyway.


  25. Is not a coincidence that the Ferguson police chief lied,
    maneuvered buying time to tidy up Darrell Wilson web presence
    and the governor curfew tonight.

    Against all advice the police chief went creating chaos yesterday
    defending DW because after all he is the one seen giving
    the commendation.


    • Yahtzee and Joseph,
      I am concerned about the curfew. If people are looting, arrest them, but don’t punish an entire city because of them. Also, how did the Governor make that decision without the mayor or city council of Ferguson? In one week, the people have been denied their constitutional right to freedom to assembly, and now the curfew. Here’s hoping that things will be okay, but I have a bad feeling about it in my gut.


  26. MurphysSpork

    I mean no disrespect but there is little defense in the cop killers excuse saying where a hat lain. If anything it proves Dorians account and witness accounts (who I am glad handed evidence over to feds instead FPD).
    I have no tolerance, NONE, when a Foreigner sits a country away watching people get hurt and spreading bullshit for a good time. Xena this shit ain´t happening again.


    • Murphy,
      It’s the bigotvoyant way. They lay a false hypothesis then build on it with theories that in order to work, means the people who they hate are clairvoyant. All the while, they show their ignorance. That’s why intelligent people, and people able to conduct their own research, stay away from them.


  27. Hat tip to Jueseppi. Today’s press conference.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Thanks, Xena….I’ve been unsuccessfully looking for one and really appreciate that you have posted this link!


      • Although I should be getting ready for bed, I want to stay up to see what happens around midnight.


        • yahtzeebutterfly

          I know…..I think there will be people peacefully insisting on their constitutional rights around midnight…..and some who will just do something wrong who will need to be arrested.

          I think LE response will mostly be wise tonight…..

          Much will depend upon the numbers of people staying out beyond midnight.


  28. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Melissa Harris-Perry’s Searing Tribute To Black Men Killed By Police”


  29. A man with the Nation of Islam is speaking now about taking charge for security and asking for 100 men, and that the people get off the street before midnight.


  30. Xena,exactly why punishing the whole city for the action of few trouble makers?

    I hope the governor backtrack his order soon,it doesn’t look good.
    So far the governor input has been mediocre and calculated.

    Xena there is a page a facebook Darren Wilson Government Official with a contact info Propagandizing their hero killing?

    Mother of policeman who shot dead Michael Brown was ‘a serial con artist who defrauded thousands of dollars from neighbors in stolen credit card scheme’

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Tonya Durso Google About 917,000 results (0.33 seconds)


  31. Like

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Oh, yeah….that’s the message.


    • Annie Cabani

      Thank you so much for a laugh here! The “1965” was funny enough, but then Xena’s “1865” made it a hundred years – er, times – better!

      Like all of you, I’m sure, I am SO tense and troubled (way understatement) over this whole thing, I can hardly hold it together, myself … and I’m no where near St. Louis.

      But just a couple of laughs – even cynical ones – truly is good medicine.
      Thanks again!


      • Annie Cabani

        Actually, it reminded me of perhaps my favorite Moral Monday protest signs here in NC. Someone photo-shopped a picture of our state’s interstate highway “welcome sign” to make a poster with the image, saying:

        Set your clocks back 50 years.

        [PS – We have Thom Tillis to thank for our recent regression here in NC. It’s not who WE are, Please help re-elect Kay Hagan in the U.S. Senate so this guy can’t take his regressive game national!!)


      • Annie,
        Your comment reminded me of song by the Miracles with the lyrics, “I’ve got to dance to keep from crying.” There are times we need to laugh to keep from crying. Yes — it is good medicine.


  32. yahtzeebutterfly

    I posted a link to this above….it is now on Youtube:

    “Melissa Harris Perry Delivers Heartbreaking Tribute to Unarmed Black Men Killed by Police” – MSNBC

    White America, wake up and speak out against these atrocities! Those White Americans who remain silent and do not demand an end to these atrocities and injustices are responsible for it continuing!

    “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
    ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Melissa Harris Perry in the video informs us that

    Ferguson is just outside St. Louis, Missouri the place where historian Blair Kelly reminded us this week in “The Root”, Dred Scott sued for his freedom on the grounds that he and his wife had for 3 years…had for many years lived in a free state.

    His case eventually went to the Supreme Court, and in 1857 Chief Justice Roger Taney declared that Scott had no right to sue because as a Black man, he was never intended to be an American.

    Speaking on the clause in the Declaration of Independence that “All men are created EQUAL Taney wrote quote: ‘It is too clear for dispute, that the enslaved African race were not intended to be included, and formed no part of the people who framed and adopted this declaration.”

    And, he went on to say that Black men “Had no rights which the White man was bound to respect.”

    Tragically, we are still seeing this mindset against our fellow Black Americans today.

    Speak up White Americans (and I mean RIGHT NOW!) against this heinous mindset of evil that says and was asserted by in 1857 by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that Black Americans have “no rights which the White man was bound to respect”

    If you don’t speak up, and if you choose to remain silent, you are part of the problem, and your silence can only be taken as approval of this evil mindset that still exists today.


  33. yahtzeebutterfly

    Hat tip to Ametia for this video:

    My transcript of video- – – >

    Jesse Williams:

    Well, I think we also have to talk about the narrative and making sure we’re starting at the beginning.

    You’ll find that the people doing the oppressing often want to start the narrative at a convenient point, always start the narrative in the middle.

    This started with a kid getting shot and killed and left in the street for 4 hours. I’ve never seen a White body left in the street for 4 hours in the sweltering heat.

    I’ve never…you know…the cop doesn’t call in the shooting. The body isn’t put in an ambulance. It’s shuttled away in some shady, unmarked SUV.

    There’s a lot of bizarre behavior going on, and that is the story…that is where we need journalism. That is where we need that element of our society to kick into gear and not just keep playing a loop that gets discovered of what the kid may have done, or did apparently, in a convenience store.

    That’s unfortunate. That’s…you know if that happened, where that’s going to get factored in, like it or not, but we need journalism that’s going to start telling the story from beginning. This is about a kid…finding justice for a kid that was shot. An 18-year-old that was shot. PERIOD.

    And this idea that because he stole a handful of cheap cigars…that were five bucks?…from a convenience store? I lived in…I’ve lived in White suburbs of this country for a long time. I know plenty of White kids that steal stuff from this convenient store. There’s plenty….this idea that every time a Black person does something, they automatically become a thug worthy of their own death..

    We don’t own drug crimes. We’re not the only ones that sell and do drugs all the time. We’re not the only ones that steal, we’re not the only ones that talk crazy to cops.

    You know, there is a complete double standard….a complete different experience that a certain element of this country gets the privilege of being treated like human beings, and the rest of us are not treated like human beings. PERIOD.
    And that needs to be discussed, that is the story. Alright, that’s what gets very frustrating for people because you don’t know five Black folks, five Black men in particular that have not been harassed and felt threatened by police officers. You can’t throw a rock and find five of them. We’re not making this up.


    • butterflydreamer2

      I think this article reflects the “double standard” perfectly. As a white person, when I think back to those youthful days, I can recall times when the privilege of being white would have most certainly been different had I been a person of color. Back then I would have been clueless about “white privilege.”

      “I have never spent a day in jail, even though I have committed felonies. During my college days at the University of California, Santa Barbara, along with the majority of Americans and nearly everyone I knew, I regularly smoked marijuana and took drugs. Yet very few of my fellow students were ever arrested. I thought this was because we were lucky.”

      “This is a national disgrace. We should not have one set of laws for whites and another for minorities, either in statute or in practice. I should have avoided prison because I was lucky, not because I was white.”


  34. Michael Baden, famed forensic pathologist, will do the 2nd autopsy on Michael Brown. It is also being reported that the government will also do one. Frankly, I don’t think you get any better than Michael Baden.


    • Towerflower,
      Thank for the info. As I understand it, Michael Baden has been hired by Michael’s family. The DOJ is also going to conduct an autopsy. These things take time and it’s my hope that people will be patient.


  35. crustyolemothman

    Xena, OT, but perhaps something that does not deal in hate or revenge will give you a short break?



    • Mothman,
      LOVE IT! Thanks so much.


      • crustyolemothman

        Some times when one is a battle that can never have a true winner, but instead only creates pain and suffering for all involved it is good to take a moment to reflect on the beautiful parts of life and nature…


  36. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      To me this song = any policeman prone to misconduct needs to put his badge down and bury his gun.”

      You’ll find those words in the lyrics. This is the best version of the song according to the person who posted it on Youtube.


  37. Police officers believe they are above the law. Just adhere what MSNBC covers regarding the police and what they say to others. They believe since others had gotten off and not served time, they would get off too. It is very hard to trust police because all they do, even since the 50s, is attack. I remember KKK members as police officers. Is this a repeat?


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