Charles Ramsey Signs Book Deal

Charles Ramsey with Anderson Cooper

Charles Ramsey with Anderson Cooper

On May 6, 2013, Charles Ramsey helped three women and a child escape a Cleveland house. Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight, and Amanda Berry were kidnapped and held captive in that house, with Berry having been held captive for 10 years, giving birth to a child fathered by her kidnapper.

“What you saw on TV doesn’t even begin to tell the story,” Ramsey said. Now, Ramsey gets a chance to put the entire story in writing.

Randy Nyerges, who has co-written a book with former Cleveland Browns defensive back Hanford Dixon and served as a Senate speechwriter, will coauthor the book with Ramsey.

“Charles says outrageous things, but what a story he has,” Nyerges said, according to Gray and Co.’s announcement.

Ramsey and Nyerges have been collaborating on the book since the Charles Ramsey thumbs upbeginning of December. The book is scheduled to be published in spring 2014.  Michelle Knight has a book scheduled for release around the same time.  Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus are set to document their experiences in a book that is due out in 2015.

On August 1, 2013, kidnapper Ariel Castro was sentenced to life, and was found hanged in his cell on September 3, 2013.  His death was ruled suicide.

Charles Ramsey’s Interview

Source: USNews


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  1. He is a hero. Good for him. Hugs, Barbara


  2. Way cool! I would love to read Michelle Knight’s book, too, but it might just be too heart-wrenching for me.


  3. I’ll have to keep my eye out for this one.


  4. He reminds me of Eddie Murphy, he’s got that same sorta humor..
    He’s a decent guy. I saw the interview clip w. ACooper mentioned the FBI reward,immediately Ramsey said “give that to the girl. I got a job”. that thought just rolled out his mouth naturally. that’s the kind of guy he is.

    you know in that same interview with ACooper he said that ppl have to have the balls to get involved when they see something wrong.
    we know many ppl would’ve just turned their back on the girls screams just like all the men who let zimmerman accost Trayvon and eventually shoot him dead right in their back yard.

    another thing as i was watching some other video with a compilation of Ramsey’s interviews, he said at the time he was trying to get her out of the house he was thinking about the kidnapper catching him on his property. he was cognizant of possibly getting in trouble for what he was doing. we can all imagine that if the kidnapper came back and shot and killed Ramsey, the girls would still be there and Ramsey would be another victim of a SYG american patriot!


    • Shannon, you raise excellent points about human nature. Did you see the movie “The Call”? It was a situation where a kidnapped girl was in the trunk of a car. One woman called 911 but she got a bit too helpful. The perp sped away. A man pulled up to the car, rolled down his window and got the perp’s attention. In both situations, the people thought they were being helpful in different ways, but only because they also felt they were safe.

      Look at what happened to Jonathan Ferrell, Renisha McBride, and Ronald Westbrook. There is fear in doing the right thing, and there is a type of fear that is not reasonable and does the wrong thing.

      Charles Ramsey is a man who although feared having his actions misconstrued, did the right thing. No life was harmed nor taken. Like you said, he could have ended up being another SYG victim. I am so proud of him.


  5. Does anybody know Charles Ramsey’s email address?


    • The best way to make contact with Charles Ramsey might be through the reporters who have interviewed him, or the publisher. Anderson Cooper interviewed Charles so you might want to start by contacting him.