January 2013 – Encouragement for Trayvon’s Family and Friends




Written by Kindheart101

Posted  by permission

Both far and wide, the word was spread,
for all to hear, TRAYVON IS DEAD!
A hush broke out, the angels knew,
exactly what, they had to do.

They turned their tears, to gentle rain,
that fell to earth, and took his pain.
Their wings they spread, and held him tight,
he now was theirs, as of that night.

They parted clouds, the thunder roared,
All heads were bowed, all knees were bent,

In memory of: Trayvon Benjamin Martin (February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012)

Isaiah 41:10

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

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  1. Thank you Kindheart101 and Xena, that is so beautiful. Beautiful words and thoughts.


    • Good morning Mindyme!!! Good to see your fonts. Kindheart101 is very talented and I so appreciate her giving me permission to post her poem. She has others as well. I am trying to twist her arm to write one for us each month that we can post here. 🙂


  2. kindheart101

    Good morning Mindyme and Xena,

    Thank you very much Mindyme, I appreciate your warm words.

    And Xena, I love the scripture you added! I am very honored that you chose to post this poem for the encouragement of Trayvons family and friends. I would be equally as honored to write a poem for you at anytime. If you will let me know what theme you desire, (such as this one of encouragement) I will be happy to write one for you.


    • @kindheart101. Anytime you are moved to write a poem about Trayvon, just let me know. Each month, I try to post something for Trayvon’s family’s encouragement. Thank you for blessing us with your talent. You are indeed, a kindheart.


      • kindheart101

        Dear Mom and Dad, it’s me, Trayvon!
        I love you, yes, it’s me, your son.
        I’m 18 now, I watch from high,
        and ask you please, don’t ever cry.

        My life was short, taken away,
        and how I miss you, every day.
        Please stay strong, and know I see,
        you always care, you fight for me.

        When everything in Spring, blooms bold,
        I’ll be with you, so please behold.
        The beauty, smell and colors too,
        they all will portray me to you.

        Bless you Sybrina and Tracy.

        RIP Dear Trayvon. You could have been My Son.


        • @kindheart101. I was just going to bed when I heard the ding that I had email. The Lord’s timing is always perfect, uh? Reading the poem was like hearing Trayvon speak. It is very comforting. If it’s okay with you, it will be the featured post for his birthday. I’m going to bed now and will catch up after the sun rises. Blessing to you, my dear friend.


          • Can’t sleep, yes my friend, the Lord moves us.

            I was gone all day yesterday, I don’t get out that often. I had a friend pick me up, and we went to a pier, over the ocean, and watched the birds feed on fish, and dolphin pods swim 15 feet from us. Beautiful! Just Beautiful.

            Sleep well Xena.

            Blessings to you also. You are such a support to everyone.


  3. @Xena and @Kindheart, I want to thank you both for all you do to up lift Trayvon’s family and those of us, who are hoping and praying each and everyday for Justice for this most precious innocent child who has been so savagely taken from the world. through a most senseless act of violence committed by one George Michael Zimmerman, Trayvon Benjamin Martin is GONE TOO SOON. I never knew this precious one but, I mourn for him just the same for, I am a single mom just as Sybrina is and, like Sybrina, I raised my son by the help of GOD and also with the help of my family.

    Sybrina you did a good job in bringing up two fine young boys. this is what people always tell me and it really makes me feel good and proud to know that people do notice and recognize how well I raised my son.

    To those who speak ill of this single mother and you know who you are, she has done a helluva lot better job than the two parents of the one who took her baby from this world. Sybrina Fulton, I commend you for a job well done and, this comes from one single mom to another one.


  4. Simply beautiful!


  5. kindheart101

    For Xena:

    Such a soul, so sweet and kind,
    one that’s truly hard to find.
    With your words, you comfort us,
    you give us faith, instill pure trust.

    Your gentle words, your mild way,
    encourage us to face each day.
    We know the road will not be kind,
    and we will falter, fall behind.

    Yet YOU are there, your hand is out,
    you capture us, you are devout.
    You bring us back, you make us see,
    “Justice” is a reality!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Xena, for your support, friendship, and encouragement.


  6. Thank you both. And bless all of Trayvon’s friends and family. You are surrounded by love.


  7. blushedbrown

    What a beautiful poem. Thank you so much for sharing and please continue to share your gift with us and the Trayvon Martin family.

    God Bless


  8. Very Beautiful, thank you everyone for all that you do.


  9. Tight hugs to the family of Travon Martin. I am very sorry for your loss.


  10. Sabrina & Tracy….There WILL BE justice for Trayvon……I can feel your loss having 3 sons of my own…………Tracy, You’re more of a man than myself in the restraint you have shown in not seeking vengeance for your son.


  11. Tavia Anderson

    Kindheart 101 wow these poems are beautiful. You have the best name and your words truly are kindhearted! Trayvon Martin we have not forgotten about you and we will continue to fight until we get justice for you!


    • kindheart101

      Yes Tavia, we will never forget.

      I read this many years ago, and I have been trying to find it on the web, but it goes something like this: “When the masses of many unite, it would take a Kings Army to separate them.” Obviously, part of an old, European writing, but well appropriate in my eyes.

      “We” Stand Firm, One Heart, and United. Justice for Trayvon.


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