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Cop Ignores 911 Call To Eat Lunch, Woman Dies

I wonder. Does 911 follow-up with officers to see if they arrive on scene? Shouldn’t dispatchers have concern when the radio is silent about a medical emergency 911 call?

The Fifth Column

This is obviously an exception to the rule.   I’ve been on the receiving end of an emergency call on more than one occasion and I have nothing but praise for the Police and Fire Department personnel who arrived promptly and administered first aid or monitored vital signs until a family member was transported to the hospital…

Addicting Info

On March 13th, a woman in Lee County, Florida tried calling 911 because she was having a medical emergency. She was having difficulty talking, and was later found passed out in her driveway. Per policy, 911 issued an order to the nearest deputy on duty, Yvan Fernandez, to check on the call and to see if the person was in trouble.

Deputy Fernandez was not going to let an emergency call get between him and lunch, however. So he sat and enjoyed his meal at Raider’s Pizza and Wings on Palm Beach…

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