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A Thank You To LLMPapa

gold cup award 3For about eight months now, LLMPapa has produced videos on the tragedy that happened to Trayvon Martin.  They range from profound videos addressing discovery material, to videos uplifting Trayvon Martin’s parents.  Some are peppered with humor, others with deep compassion, and others with investigative seriousness.

Averaging three minutes, LLMPapa’s videos get straight to the point, hitting the target, awakening viewers to truths.   LLMPapa does this without adding his opinion in voiceovers.  He meets that requirement taught in journalism classes to show; not tell.

Currently, there are 394 subscribers to his Youtube channel with over 230,000 views.  His Youtube channel is

The following video is the first LLMPapa video that I watched.  It was embedded on TheJBMission blog.  I was immediately captivated.  In the second video below, LLMPapa uses George Zimmerman’s own words to support the previous video.

We here at Blackbutterfly7 salute you, LLMPapa.