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Ninja butterfly.. an inspired butterfly

Anyone who has wondered what I look like, my friend Joe has painted my picture. 🙂

Art inspired and created from the heart

 Xena... Xena…

I have been experimenting with various types of paint and various types of art and I have found that one type of painting has been my biggest challenge.. Watercolors are fun yet for me are harder to control due to the viscosity of the paint. Being thinner and basically a one shot  process I have found creating with it a fun yet more focused type of painting.

Painting and creating  are fun as is blogging, this painting is another I was inspired to paint by a fellow blogger. Not quite worthy of her beauty yet the concept and inspiration were brought about by a very inspirational and active blogger that speaks up on issues that matter her as well as for many of us.  I hope you may stop and visit her blog, and perhaps throw some support to some of the causes she has chosen to embrace…

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A Message To Re-Bloggers, Friends, and Supporters

cycle of bullyingYesterday, someone brought to my attention that they visited a blog that was linked on  Blackbutterfly7, and discovered a disparaging comment about me personally.  A blogger who re-blogged Shellie Zimmerman’s letter to Judge Lester has not yet approved my comment in response to Miss Filth, so I have copied it below.

(9/4/2013 UPDATE.  I checked on, and she approved my comment, and also removed Miss Filth’s comment.    Thank you, Tess. At your convenience, please check out Tess’ blog.)

Those who know about the cyber-harasser, doxer, impersonator, identity thief, know that I refer to her as Miss Filth.  Of the year that Miss Filth has stalked, harassed, and threatened me, I’ve only posted one comment in response to her on this blog.   That time, I thought it was necessary to expose that she sends comments to blogs using the names or handles of  George Zimmerman supporters — people that she agrees with on Zimmerman support and White Supremacists blogs.    If she doesn’t use their handles or names as the sender, she uses them in the fake email addresses.  (Her IP address is always the same.) Read the rest of this entry

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