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Police Officer “Scalps” Arrested Woman


Charda Gregory

In November 2013, 22-year-old Charda Gregory went to a party in Detroit, Michigan.  She says that she was drugged because she does not remember anything until regaining consciousness in a motel room in Warren, Michigan when police came to arrest her for trashing the room.  In the process, Gregory was pepper sprayed.

Bernadette Najor

Officer Bernadette Najor

Video shows that Gregory entered the jail calm but could barely stand.  She was approached by Officer Bernadette Najor who patted her down.  Gregory removed her boots and her sweater.  An officer in the video is standing in such a manner that it’s hard to see what Najor, another officer, and Gregory were doing, but the next thing we see is one officer go into a room and come out with a restraining chair.  Gregory was placed in that chair that held down her arms.

Paul Misukewicz, Gregory’s attorney, told WXYZ that the officer “[Najor] took it upon herself to get the scissors. And for whatever reason, decided that she was going to butcher my client.” Read the rest of this entry