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Why Oprah Winfrey Votes, And We Should Too

Oprah rocks it!


Per Barack Obama, No Excuse Not To Vote

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, addresses 7 excuses people use not to vote, and explains why those excuses should not prevent them from voting.

Each vote matters.



Ray Of Hope

Ray of Hope is a song written by Eddie Brigati and Felix Cavaliere, two members of the music group known as the Rascals.  The song was released in 1968.   It’s been 50 years, and Felix is still performing.

The message of the Rascals has always been to stand for peace, love, and happiness.  I’ve always said that the Rascals were before their time.  They did not receive much cross-over attention until the release of their song “Groovin'”.   Now, the lyrics they wrote in songs such Ray of Hope ring true again.  For example, in Ray of Hope the lyrics include, “wait my turn ’till I can vote”.  It’s a message that the Parkland High School shooting survivors promote for teens reaching the age to vote to make changes in gun control and to end gun violence. Read the rest of this entry

A Favorite Vote Video

the-avengers-mark-ruffalo-bruce-banner-the-incredible-hulkAt the risk of being laughed with, I will tell you — I’m an Avengers fan.  Okayokayokay, Science Fiction and Fantasy movies are among my favorite movies.  So there.

I love the actors and characters in the Avengers.  My favorite is Mark Ruffalo, who plays Dr. David Banner, aka The Hulk.  When I saw this video with many of the Avengers actors, I fell in love with it.  I hesitated sharing it because Mark was teased on the level of adult content.   But, what the heck!





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