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Wrongfully Convicted (Former) Skinhead Changes Paths


Kevin Baruxes at his parents’ home after his exoneration. — Peggy Peattie

Kevin Baruxes of Rancho Bernardo, California was 17 years old when 20-year-old Courtni Mahaffy invited him into her apartment for a water or lemonade.  He thought she was being nice.  In 1996, Courtni told police that three men, including Kevin Baruxes, who had just turned 18, raped her at knife point. She vividly recalled the “Skinhead” tattoo on Kevin;s’ back. She said that even though she was white, Kevin told her to “go back to Africa.”

Every time Courtni spoke to detectives, her story and description of Kevin changed.  In spite of her changing story, a lack of physical evidence, and Kevin’s alibi that he was home with his family, the jury convicted him. He was sentenced to 18 years to life.   Kevin went to prison so afraid that he didn’t use the bathroom for 4 days.  He didn’t want the other inmates to know the crime he was convicted of committing, and that went well until about 5 years into his sentence. Read the rest of this entry

Tattooed Neo-Nazi Named As Suspect In Deadly Arizona Shooting Spree

My condolences to the dead victim, and best wishes for those wounded. Looks like Giroux had no problem publicly advertising his hate, right on his own face.

The Fifth Column

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TPM LiveWire

Following a manhunt that lasted hours, police took into custody a gunman who allegedly killed one person and wounded five others across multiple shooting scenes.

The Mesa Police Department has not released the suspect’s name. But the Arizona Republic reported that anonymous police sources identified Ryan Eliot Giroux, 41, as the suspect in the shooting.

Giroux was released from prison in 2013 after serving more than six years for attempted aggravated assault, according to records from the Arizona Department of Corrections. He had served two prior prison terms on burglary and marijuana charges.

Giroux also sports multiple face and neck tattoos, including eyebrow ink that reads “Skinhead” and an “88” on his left temple. The number is a…

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