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“Crucify him!” God’s Plan and Hoodies

Regarding the tweet of Robert Zimmerman Jr. where he commented “Crucify him,” has he not read Luke 24:25-27?   It was God’s plan. The Zimmerman’s, being Christian of the Roman Catholic denomination, should know this.

There is also something else we would like Junior to know from a historical view; the one crucified wore a hoodie.




George Zimmerman’s Purgatory

Trayvon Martin

On 9/25/2012, The Global Grind presented a video of George Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman, Jr., and published his letter to Trayvon Martin’s family.

In pertinent part, Junior wrote:

“From the first moment we knew what had transpired we were deeply aggrieved and in keeping with the teachings of our faith we prayed for the departed.”


“As Trayvon’s family remembers him,  I would want them to know that at that time each of us prayed for him and each of us in our own way remembered him as well.”

The Zimmerman family just disrespected the faith of Trayvon’s family and many other Christians, including myself.   The idea of praying for the dead, or what is known as purgatory, is a Roman Catholic doctrine.  Nothing against Roman Catholics — just disagree with the doctrine. Purgatory is the condition of purification or temporary punishment by which those who die in a state of grace are believed to be made ready for heaven.  The Zimmermans might as well had said that they believe Trayvon Martin deserved the death caused to him by George putting a hollow point bullet into his heart.   They are praying for Trayvon’s worthiness to enter heaven.

Just as George Zimmerman got out of his truck and followed Trayvon Martin on 2/26/12, the condolence speaks volumes of prejudicial assumption and profiling.     George Zimmerman judged Trayvon Martin by his flesh, and now his family judges Trayvon’s spirit.

It is George Zimmerman who is living in purgatory awaiting purification or temporary punishment.  Trayvon Benjamin Martin is free.   Unlike George, Trayvon is not homeless.   Unlike George, Trayvon has no fears.  Unlike George, Trayvon is not subject to the judgment of men.   Unlike George, Trayvon is not poor and accumulating debts.  Trayvon is not hungry – he is not sick.  Unlike George, Trayvon is not taking medication.  George’s parents are begging others for money because of George’s actions.  His wife, Shellie, is awaiting trial because of George’s decisions.   According to George, this is all God’s plan.  George Zimmerman might be breathing, but his actions on the evening of 2/26/12 took his own life, and that of his family.

Robert Zimmerman Jr., you can learn from the quiet dignity of Trayvon’s parents.

Robert Zimmerman, Jr.