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Army Corps of Engineers plans to evict Dakota Access protest camp

When the government is out to accomplish something, there is nothing to stop them. That betrays trust and gives a sense of hopelessness to the people.

The Fifth Column

CREDIT: AP/John L. Mone


The announcement comes as dozens of protestors were arrested at a Bismarck mall on Black Friday.

The Army Corps of Engineers announced plans on Friday to evict the Oceti Sakowin camp in North Dakota, saying anti-pipeline protestors have until December 5 to leave. The camp is a key site in the ongoing fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, a controversial $3.8-billion pipeline project that would run through the only water supply for the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

The pipeline protestors — who call themselves water protectors — face arrest if they don’t vacate the camp in time, Col. John Henderson of the Corps said in a letter delivered to Tribal Chairman Cave Archambault II on Friday. Citing weather and safety concerns, Henderson claimed the decision was “necessary” to shield the public from “the violent confrontation between protestors and law enforcement officials that have occurred in this area.”

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Protesters At Donald Trump’s Fund Raiser In Chicago

On September 28, 2016, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was in a Chicago suburb for a fund raising event.  Demonstrators in Bolingbrook and on Chicago’s Northwest Side explain why they are for or against Donald Trump.


Trump Threatens To Ruin Protesters’ Lives In Fiery New Speech (VIDEO)

Trump is nothing more than a street bully.

The Fifth Column


Does the power of money and privilege actually make Trump believe that he can utter those words without consequence at the voting booth?  

Imagine if then candidate Barack Hussein Obama would have said something like that about birthers in the 2007/8 election cycle…ks


By now, everyone has heard of the violence and chaos that got a Donald Trump rally cancelled in Chicago, Illinois on Friday. Trump is, of course, furious, and is blaming the events of the evening on the protesters’ and even Bernie Sanders, instead of looking in the mirror and realizing that he is the one who created such a toxic, hate-filled environment in the first place. Now, he is doing what he does best and threatening anyone who dares to exercise their First Amendment rights and protest his hateful rallies.

In a speech in Kansas City, Missouri Saturday evening, The Donald took protesters…

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Donald Trump – The Violent

Alert: Some might find the language in quotes offensive.

ap_donald-trump_ap-photo20At the University of Miami, the 4 GOP front-runners for the race to president debated. When asked about supporters acting violently at his rallies, Donald Trump responded that people were angry with the current administration, they are patriots, yada, yada, yada. So why is it that they are taking out their anger on other citizens, mostly people who do not look like them?

When I was in junior high, on the day that President Kennedy was assassinated, our social studies teacher wrote on the blackboard; “Ballots not bullets.”  A boy in class blurted out asking if President Kennedy was killed by ballots, apparently thinking that the gun was loaded with special bullets. It gave our teacher opportunity to teach how Americans speak at the ballot box. The lesson extended to explaining that although the United States is a republic, that its voting structure is democratic.   That lesson came back to my memory as I read how Trump supporters act violently.

I did a little research and this is what I found. The Huffington Post reports;

  1. At a rally in Iowa, Trump warned people, “There may be somebody with tomatoes in the audience. If you see somebody ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously. Okay? Just knock the hell – I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees.”

The New York Times reports that

  1. On February 22nd, regarding a protester, Trump threatened to personally get in on the action saying, “I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell ya.
  2. A protester was in the crowd holding a sign that read, “Veterans to Trump: End Hate Speech Against Muslims.” Trump responded by repeatedly saying, “Get him the hell out.”
  3. A Sikh protester was physically pushed out of a Trump rally in Iowa, while fans yelled, “Trump! Trump! Trump!” The protester described it as “a fascist rally in a school gym.

In addition to the above, Slate has published a list of 10 violent incidents at Trump’s rallies and events. Read the rest of this entry

Did a cop give instructions on how to run over Black Lives Matter protestors and get away with it?

Heard about this, and happy that you blogged it. Thanks.

The Fifth Column


attribution: Screenshot of MPR News Video


A St. Paul, Minnesota, police officer has been placed on leave after allegedly writing a Facebook post encouraging people to run over Black Lives Matter protestors. A “JM Roth” posted on the Facebook page of the Pioneer Press over the weekend with instructions on how to run over protesters planning a demonstration at the Lake Street-Marshall Avenue Bridge on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and get away with it. Minneapolis cop watcher Andrew Henderson brought the post to the attention of the St. Paul Police Department’s internal affairs division. A screenshot of the offensive post, along with what purports to be Henderson’s phone conversation with internal affairs, can be seen in the video below the fold.

City Pages, a local paper, first brought the story of the incident. According to the report, Henderson identified the Facebook user “JM Roth” as Jeff Rothecker based on previous…

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