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Former Chief of Police Vetted At JFK When Returning From Paris

Hassan Aden

Hassan Aden is a former Police Chief of Greenville, North Carolina.  He is currently senior policy advisor at the Vera Institute of Justice.  Prior to his appointment as Chief of Police for the Greenville, NC Police Department, he served in the Alexandria, Virginia Police Department for 26 years rising to the rank of deputy chief of police.

Aden is a United States citizen who traveled to Paris, France to celebrate his mom’s 80th birthday.

On March 13, 2017, Aden was held for an hour and a half at the JFK airport by Customs and Border Agents.  On his Facebook page, Aden wrote:

“My freedoms were restricted, and I cannot be sure it won’t happen again, and that it won’t happen to my family, my children, the next time we travel abroad.”

“This experience has left me feeling vulnerable and unsure of the future of a country that was once great and that I proudly called my own. This experience makes me question if this is indeed home. My freedoms were restricted, and I cannot be sure it won’t happen again, and that it won’t happen to my family, my children, the next time we travel abroad. This country now feels cold, unwelcoming, and in the beginning stages of a country that is isolating itself from the rest of the world – and its own people – in an unprecedented fashion. High levels of hate and injustice have been felt in vulnerable communities for decades-it is now hitting the rest of America.”

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Charged With Criminal Contempt

Social Action 2014

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in some legal trouble. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“The longtime sheriff of metropolitan Phoenix was charged Tuesday with criminal contempt-of-court for ignoring a judge’s order in a racial-profiling case, leaving the 84-year-old lawman in a tough spot two weeks before Election Day as he seeks a seventh term.

Prosecutors promised two weeks ago that they would charge Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but the misdemeanor count wasn’t officially filed against him until U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton signed it.

On Wednesday, a federal judge set a Nov. 3 status conference — five days before the election — in the sheriff’s racial profiling case.

A formal trial date is scheduled for Dec. 6.

Arpaio could face up to six months in jail if convicted. A misdemeanor conviction would not…

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Trayvon Martin’s Birthdate February 5

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin

I write today with the knowledge that Trayvon Martin’s birthday is coming up on February 5. He would have  turned 18. He was killed on February 26, 2012 just shortly after turning 17. Sabrina Fulton said “He’s my son, but he’s your son too”. Her words echo in my head everyday. We have marched, petitioned, and blogged for Trayvon Martin. He undoubtedly became our son too. We, as the general public, have seen much violence being used against our children of any color. We want our children to LIVE longer than us and not be killed walking home with some snacks, or while  sitting in a classroom.
We can only imagine what pain and sorrow the family has to endure to not have their child for Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and now his Birthday; a date that to some is just a date.
We, as the extended family of Trayvon Martin, will not forget that date: February 5. We, as the extended family of Trayvon, will not let justice slip away either.
Trayvon Martin in his own way continues to live through us and with us. The idea of his name living on is not understandable to the defense lawyers, George Zimmerman supporters and the like. They will never understand that Trayvon represents a “Stop what the hell is going on in America moment in history”. It is so sad that in these United States we are going back in time, instead of going forward.

It is without a doubt that more and more  young black men are targeted by Police, Laws, Schools and people who think people of color have no rights whatsoever.

This is why we shall not forget Trayvon Martin’s birthday nor the date of his death.

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