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The Prejudice of Don West

Don West and DaughtersDon West, a lawyer on accused murderer and admitted killer George Zimmerman’s legal team, took a photograph of himself with his daughters.  Nothing unusual about that.  However, the caption that his daughter put to it when uploading the photo to Instagram, speaks volumes.

“We beat stupidity …”

First, it tells us that Don West discusses the case with his daughters, and not just the case, but his personal opinion of witnesses.  In this situation, the celebration photo came just after Don West kept witness, Rachel Jeantel, on the witness stand for hours.  Jeantel is the young woman who was on the telephone with Trayvon Martin seconds before George Zimmerman killed him.

The “We” indicates that Don West’s daughters involved themselves, and give themselves credit, for helping their dad humiliate, denigrate, condescend, and badger 19-year-old Rachel Jeantel.   It causes me to wonder if they bully people in their personal lives in the same manner that they coached their dad.

The most important indication in the “We beat stupidity …” caption, is that it demonstrates Don West’s personal prejudice against Rachel Jeantel.  He wants to recall her to the witness stand after demonstrating his personal opinion of her as written by his daughter, which is that he thinks she is stupid.

Don West deposed Jeantel, and kept her on the witness stand for hours.  Her memory of her last conversation with Trayvon Martin was consistent.  Yet, Don West wants to lay a guilt trip on Jeantel for not calling the police.  What police?  She doesn’t reside in Sanford, FL.  Was she suppose to call the Miami police department and ask that they relay a message to the Sanford Police Dept.

Jeantel said several times that she didn’t call the police because she thought Zimmerman had been arrested.  Don West misses the sense and logic in that.  In general, when a person admits to killing another, they are arrested.  George Zimmerman admitted killing Trayvon Martin.  Don West assumes that a then 18-year-old high school sophomore was supposed to know, and understand, Florida’s Stand Your Ground law which Zimmerman claimed to avoid arrest.

Rachel Jeantel is far from being stupid.  It’s Don West’s assumptions that cause him to appear removed from reality; his knock-knock joke being one example of that, and now his “We beat stupidity …” celebration photo with his daughters.

Shame on Don West, and shame on Molly West.

With Don West’s insulting and prejudicial opinion of Jeantel, the State should bring it to the court’s attention so that Jeantel is not further abused and publicly denigrated by Zimmerman’s attorneys.