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Open Thread – Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

It’s the end of the week and four days until Christmas!

Unless something really important deserves its own page, I probably won’t be posting anything soon.  We have freezing rain where I live, so I have to ice skate to the grocery store.  Except, I can’t skate.

Life is Better

Please use this thread to post news announcements, your shopping experience, what’s on the menu, etc.

Keep in mind …

Everything we love

By Dale Evans

Open Thread

Just got word of a project, so I’ll be rather busy until late Tuesday.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t be around, but creating a new article might not be possible.  Hopefully, World War III won’t start, George Zimmerman won’t be arrested, and no unarmed person will be short dead with the killer claiming stand your ground.

Please use this open thread to discuss anything.

Also, please check the menu for “Blogging Buddy Award” if you have not already done so.

(Heard there’s a bad winter storm hitting the Northeastern coast.  For those who live there, please stay safe.)


Open Thread – Nov. 20, 2013

Hello everyone!


butterfliesSo much is happening.

Samantha (George Zimmerman’s ex-girlfriend) tried getting interviews with major media but because they didn’t offer to pay what she wanted, she turned them down.  Well, I suppose she needed the money to support George.

What has been reported about those things that Samantha and her mom did tell the media in hope of getting an interview, speaks volumes. (Too bad they  aren’t being paid for what they already said to the media. snark)

There are other things in the news as well.

Feel free to use this open thread.




Open Discussion Oct. 26, 2013

By request, this page is an open thread.

It is under the Potpourri category just in case it scrolls down and you need to find it again.

I’ve adjusted the nesting setting for comment boxes so they will hopefully not get too small.

Thanks to everyone here for bringing your comments.