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Open Discussion – March 20, 2017

Dear friends, visitors, caterpillars, butterflies, crusty moths and a certain roach,

I had out-patient surgery this morning, so am not feeling 100 percent.   There is lots going on, so feel free to post whatever you want to discuss or express in the comment section.


A Song Running Through My Head and Open Discussion

Have you ever awakened with a song in your mind, and it stays with you all day?  You hum it, and then you get the CD and listen to it?

That happened to me yesterday, so I thought I would share it.   The words that stuck out to me where “be free”.    Those words are deeper than the surface.

When we go shopping, we cannot purchase what the store doesn’t have.  It’s the same way as individuals.  We can only give to others what we have within us.   “Be free.”  Before we can allow others to be free, whether in their opinions, beliefs, life-styles, etc., we must be free within, and not in bondage.   Conducting warfare, whether verbal or armed, demonstrates the bondage that people have within, because that is what they give to others.

There’s influence, and then there’s bondage.  Effective influence is by example — not by words only.

Feel free to use this for open discussion on any issue or subject that you want to share.


10 things you need to know today: November 18, 2016

The Fifth Column

Kevin Hagen/Getty Images


1. Trump offers Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions top positions
Donald Trump has reportedly asked retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to be his national security adviser, and Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general. Flynn is retired from the U.S. Army and resigned as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 2014, forced out over his leadership style and, he said, his hardline views on Islamist extremism. Sessions, for his part, has long been tough on free trade and immigration, and has historically opposed prison sentencing reform, legalizing marijuana, same-sex marriage, and curbing the war on drugs.

Source: CBS, Bloomberg

2. Trump to discuss possible Cabinet post with Romney
President-elect Donald Trump plans to meet with Mitt Romney to discuss a possible Cabinet post for the former Massachusetts governor. Romney, the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nominee, criticized Trump harshly during this year’s…

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Open Discussion

Caterpillars, butterflies, moths, a certain roach, and all creatures great and small,

Good morning! 

Respect_butterfly_largeHere’s a heartfelt welcome and thanks to all subscribers and visitors.  Your support and interest is greatly appreciated.  I do try to get around to visiting new subscribers who have blogs as soon as possible, but have fallen behind.  In the last month, we have picked up 50 new subscribers in which the majority are bloggers.  I’ll be around to visit as soon as I can.

I’m not on Twitter much, but when I am I tweet links to other blogs of posts that my Twitter followers might find interesting.   If you have a Twitter account, please consider following me on Twitter @XenaBb7.  I will follow back.

I was humbly blessed by blogger supabutterfly who honored me with a post of accomplishments.  He dug out things I did not know, such as having this blog cited in a footnote in a book published by the University of New Mexico Press.   Here’s a huge thanks to supabutterfly for his encouragement and support. Read the rest of this entry

Michael Jackson Would Have Been 58 Today

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, a certain roach, and all creatures great and small,

Michael JacksonI had an out-of-town guess this weekend so am behind in blogging.  Today, I came online to write a post about Michael Jackson.  It seemed like yesterday when the news reported his death.  Then, I read the news about Gene Wilder.  He passed today at the age of 83. When I read the book It’s Always Something by Gilda Radner, it gave me a view about Gene Wilder that I had not known.  Gilda loved him dearly.   I remember the chemistry he had acting along with Richard Pryor and Cleavon Little.   It’s rather strange that on August 29, 2016 as we think about Michael’s birthday, that Gene Wilder would cross over to the other realm.

One of my favorite videos/songs by Michael Jackson is They Don’t Care About Us. It was released in 1996, and today in 2016, I think the song was really saying that Black lives matter.   Michael did two videos for that song.  Here they are.



Open Discussion – Going on Vacation

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, a certain roach, and all creatures great and small,

First, I want to give special thanks to Yahtzeebutterfly for her commitment in compiling historical data and information for a monthly post on Black American History.  She updates each month’s post in the comment section.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, her posts are under the top menu heading “Black History.”  Her next post for the month of July will be published after July 4th.

Second, I want to thank subscribed followers.  There have been so many new subscribed followers in the last several months that I’ve not had a chance to visit all of those who have blogs.  I never take subscribed followers for granted and do plan to pay it forward as time allows. Read the rest of this entry

Be Careful What You Repeat

lies-deception-dishonesty-fictions-alzheimers-disease-dementiaThe other day, I read a tweet with a link to a story about a transgendered man who was shot and killed in a public restroom in a department store in Colorado.  The link was to the site Associated Media Coverage.  The story upset me, and I started writing a blog when I realized that the article didn’t meet the 5-W’s standard.  What was missing was the name of the city in Colorado where the killing took place.  When I searched Google for another article ton find the city, I found that the story was fake.  Snopes has since written about it. I found the alleged shooter’s name and that she died in 2012 and also, that the department store named in the article does not exist.

I was sharing this with a friend who recommended that I blog about it. Read the rest of this entry

Open Discussion – May

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, a certain roach, and all creatures great and small,

Here’s sending love to all of our 763 subscribed followers. Although three of those followers are not good-faith followers, I send them love anyway because love covers a multitude of sins.


Yahtzeebutterfly has written a piece for Black American History for the month of May.  My goal is to get it published by tomorrow.  Also, I am working on accepting two blog awards that we have been graced for nomination and hope to have the acceptances posted by this weekend.

butterfly border Read the rest of this entry

Any Discussion Open Thread

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, a certain roach, and all creatures great and small.

Hope that this week finds you healthy and happy, and not yet fed up with politics, politics, and more politics.  There are several things I have to do in the next few days, so I might not be able to blog on any particular issue that comes up in the news.   We can use this open thread to discuss anything; up-date anything.

I found a few very interesting stories.  In the first, Taylor Thyfault was a cadet in police training who was hit and killed during a high-speed chase in May 2015.  Since then, his mother has been texting his old phone as a way to deal with her grief. She never expected a text back.  Here’s the video. Read the rest of this entry

Friday Re-Fill and Open Discussion

It’s been a long week.  Today in my area, it’s cloudy and rainy — not very encouraging for going out.  It’s the way I feel about the news also.  We get a glimmer of hope among the clouds, but the result might be sunshine, or rain, or sleet, or snow.

Today, I figure that others might also need a pick-me-up — a bit of encouragement, so here is Playing For Change’s “A Change Is Going To Come.”



Happy Holidays – Open Discussion

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

Happy holidays to everyone!

1632025-bigthumbnailMay you have peace and joy in your heart and household. May your every step leave a footprint of love and kindness, and may your life be filled with blessings.

I’m taking a break from posting articles but will still no doubt post comments.   With personal business and the holidays, it means more to do in less time to get it done.   You can post your thoughts, news, and whatever is on your mind on this thread. It will probably run until after the 25th.

For blogging, it’s been a good and bad year. It was very hard keeping up with deaths.   There are so many killed by gun violence, and by law enforcement, that I can barely memorize one name before there is another name. The media reports in so many bits and pieces that I seldom blog about specific cases unless it is announced that an investigation has completed, or a person charged.

There are some hard working bloggers who do keep up with each little bit, and I generally tweet out links to their posts. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @XenaBb7. My account is protected; not because I tweet out confidential information or great secrets of the universe, but as a good-faith attempt to prevent internet extortionists from engaging me. There’s too much to do; too much to learn; too much to discuss here, so I choose to avoid Twitter drama as much as possible.

Keeping with our tradition, we’re looking to cover trials in the coming year. If anyone has ideas, throw them our way.

By the way, I heard from Kindheart who said for me to tell everyone “hello.” She has not been online in months and does not plan to return. Keep her in your thoughts and if you’re a praying person, in your prayers.

See you in the comment section.


Meeting Yourself Coming and Going

A Potpourri of things.

These last few months caused me to think about the old Dunkin’ Donuts commercial.  It’s been a time when as soon as I think I’ve completed one thing, something else comes up.   There are times when I long for the old days.  Then, you could go to a general practitioner for almost any ailment, and almost every cure.   There was no need to make an appointment for a blood test because they drew it right there in the office and sent it to the lab.

Truly, I don’t if it’s corporate business or medical malpractice insurance companies that caused the changes, but they are drooling on people who are already ill.   I’ve probably put over a hundred miles on my car in the last few months running to this office, and that office, and back again.


Thinking about the old Dunkin’ Donuts commercials caused me to think about the Baby ETrade commercials.  Remember those?

Updates in the News

Dillon Taylor

Read the rest of this entry

Ode To My Laptop

Computer problemsIf you are expecting a poem, I’m sorry to disappoint you. This is actually the story of how I’ve not been able to do much with the blog and visit those I follow. My laptop became sick and not wanting it to die, I used it off and on mostly in one-hour increments.  Nothing about this experience has been poetic.

Before it became sick, Microsoft did some automated updates and the computer would not boot up thereafter. I had to restore the system to what it was before the updates.   All that I lost was a document that I had been working on before the updates.  That happened twice.  Then it started running hot and without warning, would shut-down.  If I was working on anything, it was lost.

About a week ago, I purchased a new laptop with Windows 10.   After working to get it setup, I turned it off for the night. The next day, as soon as I turned it on,  automated updates were done, and then the computer would not reboot. The repair screen appeared and gave me options, one being to restore the system to before the updates. I did that. The computer then rebooted. However, I lost everything that I had done in the setup. It even made me fill-out the form for a new computer again and re-register.

I thought “Fine!” now I can get back to business.  I installed the anti-virus program, downloaded Firefox and several other programs, AGAIN. I tried out the email client that comes with Windows – hated it. I downloaded Windows Live, and it worked. I turned the computer off for the night.

The next day, it once again did automated updates and once again, would not re-boot. Repeating the process from the day before, I again lost everything.

Going back to my old computer, I searched the internet for the problem to see if there was a fix. There is no fix, and Windows 10 does not provide the option of turning off automated updates.

I returned the computer and purchased one with Windows 8.1. Thankfully, my son and some friends have Windows Compute cartoon8.1 so they were able to help me understand how to see what is on the computer. After uploading the virus protection program, I turned the computer off and when turning it back on, it did automated updates. The computer rebooted like a charm. I tested that out after each download.

In the last two days since having the new computer, I learned that every company wants you to have an account with them and you must do so before you can proceed. I’ve entered so many key codes and registration numbers that my eyes began to cross.

There is still lots for me to learn about how it’s organized and I’ve decided to learn as I go along.

Now with the new computer, I’m anxious to get back to writing posts and getting back to visiting with my blogging friends here and on other blogs.

Feel free to use this for open discussion.

butterfly border


For Encouragement and Any Discussion

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

Computer problems are making it difficult for me to write new posts.   I’m replacing my computer, but it will still be a few days before things are back to normal.  I might be able to reblog posts from other blogs that I hope you enjoy.

Meanwhile, here’s a refill for those who are passionate about equality for all, gun violence, and other issues that touch our hearts.  You will never walk alone.



We’ve Got To Find A Way


This week, we shall continue following the trial of Randall (Wes) Kerrick, charged with voluntary manslaughter in the killing of unarmed Jonathan Ferrell.

Feel free to use this post for open discussion on any topic.


Any Topic Discussion

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

There are at least three stories I want to blog about, so I’m working on getting information.

Use this thread to discuss whatever is on your mind.



This week, two long-time subscribers notified me that they are not receiving notifications for new posts.  If Word Press didn’t burp, then the problem might be with your email provider.

Blog administrators have no control over who subscribes and whether they subscribe for email notifications for new posts and/or comments.   Since our number of subscribed followers has not decreased, I suspect the problem is with the email provider.

First, check to make sure that emails from Word Press are not going into your junk mail folder.  I understand that some of the free email providers have changed their system recently.  You will want to approve  “*” emails.

If that’s not the situation,  when you post a comment, see if the box that appears asks if you want to subscribe to new posts and/or comments.   If that box doesn’t appear, then your subscription notifications should be okay and the problem is with your email.




Taking A Break – Open Discussion

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

First, I want to apologize for my absence on the blog. Yesterday, my doctor sent me for labs and this morning, I received a call of the results. After taking certain medication, I have to return in 2 weeks for more labs and a CT scan.  The pharmacy had to order one prescription that won’t be in until Friday. That will make it 5 prescriptions, and I don’t like taking medicine (prefer herbs and supplements), so it’s going to require discipline and looking at the clock to take all those pills at the appropriate times.

I’m also having some computer problems. My tech says it’s not worth investing in my laptop computer because the last time that the fan went out, it left many things inside “brittle”. About 99 percent of what I do for the blog is on my laptop. My desktop is an oldie and cannot be brought up-to-date because Microsoft no longer supports it. I cannot afford a new computer right now, so have to limit how much I use my laptop and hope that it doesn’t die on me too soon.

With all of the disappointments however, not feeling well enough to write original articles is the most disappointing. This is where I need your input. Would you like for me to reblog from other blogs, or would you prefer to leave this open discussion as the most recent post for the next week or so? Please let me know.

A message to Butterflydreamer2; I emailed you and there are others also concerned about you. We have not heard from you in weeks. Please let us know how you are doing.

Here’s one of my favorite songs performed by one of my favorite groups from the 60’s.  They were before their time and I’m so happy that they have recently recorded again.


Open Discussion – June 12, 2015

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

It’s been a busy week.

The pool party in McKinney, Texas resulted in constant headlines including the resignation of officer Casebolt and the employment termination or suspension of several people who were either involved in the originating physical altercation, or who made bigoted racial statements on social media.

blue butterflies

Regarding the death of 12-year old Tamir Rice, in response to citizens’ affidavit, a judge has decided there is probable cause to charge Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann with murder, manslaughter, reckless homicide and negligent homicide.  Judge Adrine also found there is probable cause to charge Cleveland police officer Frank Garmback with negligent homicide.

Some are reporting this as actual charges, but they are not.  They are probable cause findings.  The State’s Attorney has stated that he is taking the evidence before a grand jury to decide whether to charge the two officers.  You can read the judge’s decision here.

Peace signs

This week, three more people have been killed by members of law enforcement, one being a homeless man in Overtown, Florida, in front of dozens of witnesses including children. Read the rest of this entry

Open Discussion May 29th

Good afternoon folks!  Santiago here. This is an open discussion thread.  Please share whatever is on your mind, what you have experienced this week, or news stories you would like to discuss.

Here’s my thoughts of the week.  Officer Michael Brelo, who was 1 of 13 officers involved in a 137 shot ambush style murder, was acquitted on Saturday.

Brelo apparently is said to have been justified in jumping on the hood of a vehicle firing 49 rounds into the windshield killing both unarmed occupants, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

49 shots! Let’s do some math.  That means that Brelo is responsible for 1/3 of the gun fire that rained down on two unarmed citizens. Their justification or reasoning for the acquittal is somewhat hard to understand.

They claim the car that Russell and Williams were in backfired leaving them to believe the two were armed and fired a shot.  The 2nd portion of the justification isn’t exactly that easy to explain. Read the rest of this entry

Stand By Me – Open Discussion

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies and all creatures great and small,

Thanks to those who participate here, and all new visitors and subscribed followers. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, I’ve found myself in a place of having little time to write, but I would like to share the following with you.

Ben_E_KingOne of my favorite singers, Ben E. King, has crossed over.

The song that he is famous for is “Stand By Me.”

I love the rendition that Playing for Change did with the song. They incorporated people around the world singing and playing it.

It gives me goose bumps.

Trust me, this song is a good way to begin your week.


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