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Two Armed and Masked White Men Walked Into a Dearborn Police Station

armed-men-in-dearbornpsWhat I’m writing about clearly shows that we are in a system motivated by racism/white supremacy. This also shows that the true and greatest threat to Law enforcement are white males,, contrary to the false War on Cops propaganda, and contrary to the false narrative that ONLY  black males are targeting cops.

On February 5,2017. Two white males, James V Baker 24 yrs old of Leonard Michigan, and Brandon Vreeland 40 yrs old of Jackson Michigan, were arrested after walking into a Dearborn, Michigan police station carrying firearms, and wearing ski masks and body armor. This began when  shoppers at the Fort Road shopping district called police about two suspicious men wearing ski masks and body armor. When police arrived, the men were gone.

Later a police sergeant spotted the vehicle and conducted and pulled them over for a traffic stop.They matched the description. However, Baker while in his ski mask, refused to talk to police. The sergeant let them go because he didn’t see any guns in the car. This is on video. Read the rest of this entry

Watch: Brazen Teenagers Terrorize Residents with Assault Rifles

HA! So some of them did end up arrested. Good.

The Fifth Column

From the video below…

This is pure harassment.  I fear things are going to get much worse  as this sort of behavior catches on…

Occupy Democrats

A shocking video was recently released showing three teenagers walking around a suburban Ohio neighborhood with high-powered assault weapons. The teens could be heard shouting racial slurs in the video, and bragging about legally parading their AR-15′s — the same rifle used in the Aurora, Colorado shooting — through the streets of East Price Hill.

“Open carry in the state of Ohio, the cops can’t do nothing,” said the young man on camera.

“Broad day, you see this? Walking down the street with a AR-15,” the filmmaker, later identified as Jesse DeBoard, could be heard stating.

Cincinnati police arrested DeBoard on Friday and charged him with menacing by stalking and violation of a protection order. Arrest warrants were also issued for two of the people featured in…

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