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This Week’s Stress Relief. Obama-Biden Memes

They are no longer in the White House, but they are still in the hearts of many.   Hope that you enjoy the following.



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President Obama Bans Solitary Confinement for Juveniles in Federal Prison

Now, if only the states would do the same.

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Nicholas Kamm—AFP/Getty Images


U.S. President Barack Obama has announced a ban on solitary confinement in federal prisons for juveniles and as a punishment for low-level infractions. The practice leads to “heartbreaking results” and diminishes the chance of rehabilitation, Obama wrote on Monday in the Washington Post.

“The United States is a nation of second chances,” he said, “but the experience of solitary confinement too often undercuts that second chance.”

The President also called for an expansion in treatment for mentally ill prisoners and an extension of the time inmates in solitary can spend outside their cells, currently limited to about an hour a day.

These reforms are expected to affect some 10,000 federal inmates, about a 10th of the total number of U.S. prisoners held in solitary. They are part of more than 50 “guiding principles” recommended for all correctional facilities by the Department of Justice in a

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Fired Ferguson Clerk Who Sent Racist Obama Email Working At New Court

How wonder how many positions the court in Vinita Park had when they hired Twitty, or did they create a position just for her?

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Though Twitty sent that email, she has denied she is racist.

Twitty did not receive a severance package when she was fired from Ferguson, according to the Post-Dispatch. She is reportedly working as court clerk in Vinita Park, with a population of 1,880 people, three days a week, according to the newspaper.


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10 things you need to know today: June 29, 2014

The Fifth Column

Brazil's Willian Borges da Silva celebrates after the host team knocked off Chile Brazil’s Willian Borges da Silva celebrates after the host team knocked off Chile | Buda Mendes / Getty Images

The Week

The Benghazi embassy attack suspect pleads not guilty, Obama seeks $2 billion for border security, and more.

1. Benghazi terror suspect pleads not guilty
The Libyan man accused of orchestrating the attack on the Benghazi, Libya, embassy that killed four Americans pleaded not guilty in court on Saturday. U.S. forces nabbed the suspect, Ahmed Abu Khattala, two weeks ago in a secret raid and transported him to the states to face trial in a civilian, not military, court. Khattala has so far only been charged with one count of conspiring to aid terrorists, though it’s assumed the government will bring more specific charges soon. [The New York Times]


2. Obama to seek $2 billion to stem illegal immigration
President Obama will this week ask Congress for…

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