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Freddie Gray Died From Injury Like Diving Into Shallow Water

Freddie Gray, 25, was arrested on April 12, 2015 following a foot pursuit by Baltimore police officers. He was placed in the back of a police van that stopped several times, at least once where Freddie’s legs were shackled. He was unresponsive when the van arrived at the police station, and died a week later at a hospital. His death sparked protests over police brutality.

Officers arrested in the death of Freddie GrayThe Baltimore Sun obtained a copy of the Freddie Gray’s autopsy. The medical examiner concluded that Freddie suffered a single “high-energy injury” that was like those seen in shallow-water diving incidents.   The medical examiner concluded that Freddie’s death fits the medical definition of an accident, but ruled it a homicide because officers failed to follow safety procedures “through acts of omission.”

Freddie was loaded into the van on his stomach. The medical examiner speculated that Freddie got to his feet and was thrown into the wall during an abrupt change in direction. He was not belted in and his wrists and ankles were shackled, which made him “at risk for an unsupported fall during acceleration or deceleration of the van.”

The mysterious 45 minutes of Freddie Gray's deathMarilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s state’s attorney charged six officers involved in Freddie’s arrest and death. Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr., the driver of the van, is charged with second-degree depraved heart murder. Three other officers are charged with manslaughter. The remaining officers face lesser charges. Read the rest of this entry

Jacksonville Florida Forensic Investigator Arrested

Florida, Florida, Florida. From hanging chads, to hurricanes, to Stand Your Ground, to allegations of State Attorney’s bias against Trayvon Martin, to now this – medical examiner investigator stealing from the dead.


Christopher Dwight Allen

Ocala Post reports that 46-year-old Christopher Dwight Allen was arrested on September 13, 2013, on charges of official misconduct, dealing in stolen property, and false verification of ownership on pawnbroker transaction forms.  Allen worked as a forensic investigator at the District 4 Medical Examiner’s Office in Jacksonville, Florida.

In May 2013, after family members of a Hamilton County woman claimed that her jewelry was stolen following her death, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement began an investigation. Agents found pawn broker transactions indicating that Allen sold over 60 items of jewelry to various pawn shops in the last 12 months.  They believe that the jewelry was stolen off bodies of the deceased.

Allen was arrested at the medical examiner’s office and booked into the Duval County Jail on a $150,000 bond.

What else is the public going to find out about corruption in the State of Florida?


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