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Open Discussion – May 20, 2014

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies and all creatures great and small,

I’m buried in paperwork; have a graduation to attend and need to get a present; the front yard needs mowing; and we have a severe thunderstorm watch.

It’s about that time when I call the wildlife guy to spray around the property to keep the snakes out but first we need a week without rain.

Did I say that I don’t like snakes?

A few people have said that they would like to continue discussion about Frank Taaffe’s most recent statements. If you haven’t heard his most recent interview, click here.

Peace quoteThere are other subjects worth discussion also.  (Just please, don’t discuss snakes. Haha!)

This is open discussion where you can discuss anything.  I’ll be checking in but don’t suspect having time to blog any specific articles until after tomorrow.




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