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Three Counties in California Have Fake Ballot Drop Boxes

Shout out to @Barkiologist for the information.

Orange County Register reports that Jordan Tygh, a regional field director for the California Republican Party, posted a photo on social media of “convenient locations” to drop their own ballots.

They are not official drop boxes. The fake boxes are located in Orange, Los Angeles, and Fresno Counties.

The California Secretary of State says that the fake boxes are located at local political party offices, candidate headquarters and churches.

Accused Swatter Tyler Barriss Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter

Cross posted from Stop Cyber Abuse

On January 3, 2018, I predicted that if Kansas has felony murder law, that Tyler Barriss would be charged for the death of Andrew Finch.

I’ve been following and posting about this case. It is another demonstration for how cyber abuse crosses the line of the internet into the personal and private lives of victims, causing harm emotionally, physically and in this case, resulting in death.

Tyler Barriss made a call reporting that he killed his father, was holding his mom and little brother hostage, had poured gasoline throughout the house and was planning to set it on fire.  He gave 911 dispatch an address.  It was not his address.  Barriss was making a swatting call.  Andrew Finch, the man at the address, heard noise outside the house and opened his front door.  He was shot dead by a Wichita police officer.

Barriss, who is 25-years old, was still on the phone with dispatch after Andrew was shot.  Andrew was unarmed and uninvolved in the events leading to Barriss’ false police report.  Andrew was 28-years old and the father of two children. Read the rest of this entry

Wordless Wednesday – December 6, 2017


Swat team moves in as retired Judge shoots at Police officers

Hello everyone.  Santiago here.  I woke up this morning to take my wife to LAX as she is on her way to New York for a couple of days. On my way home a bizarre story came on the radio about an incident that took place on Wednesday involving a retired Judge who called 911 to report that there were armed people in his house.

As police arrived, it appears they were able to peek through the window of the house and saw 75-year old, retired judge and former prosecutor James Bascue, seated on a chair with two guns in his lap.


Retired Judge James Bascue pictured here in 1995.

Officers noticed Mr. Bascue picking up the guns then pointing one of the guns to his head.  Officers began to plea with the former judge asking him to drop the weapons. Bascue fired a shot inside of his home and shot out a glass door with the bullet nearly hitting one of the responding officers.  It was at that moment SWAT was called in.

After several attempts to talk Bascue down with friends and family members, it was finally a neighbor who convinced Bascue to drop his guns and come outside.  Although he had fired on police officers, Bascue was taken alive,  arrested on assault with a deadly weapon and held on $100,000 bail. Read the rest of this entry

Los Angles Cop Mary O’Callaghan Found Guilty of Felony Assault


Alesia Thomas

It’s been almost 3 years since Alesia Thomas died while in custody of the Los Angeles police. On July 22, 2012, Los Angeles police officer Mary O’Callaghan kicked Alesia in the groin, and jabbed her in the throat. Alesia, the mother of 2, died in the police vehicle. (Note: some sources report that the incident occurred in 2013. I am reporting the date given by the LA Times.)

Alesia had asked for an ambulance, but Officer Warner Carias, one of the first responding officers, testified that he thought Alesia was on drugs and faking medical distress. An ambulance was not called until 30 minutes later, after Alesia fell unconscious.

In October 2013, O’Callaghan was charged with a felony count of assault by a public officer.

Read the rest of this entry

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