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Police Officer Faces Disciplinary Action For Failure To Use Deadly Force

Some people wonder why police officers do not shoot to wound, or fire warning shots rather than first using deadly force.  In this incident, an officer for the Gautier, Mississippi Police Department fired a warning shot, and is facing disciplinary action because warning shots are in violation of department policy.

The incident is described by Gautier Police Department spokesman Casey Baxter.

On June 19, 2017, 27-year old Lamarcus Deantonio Williams was being pulled over for a traffic stop when he sped off.  The officer, who has not been named in media reports, followed Williams.

After about a mile and a half pursuit, Williams stopped the car, got out, and ran off with something in his hand.  According to Baxter, there were repeated commands to stop and “let me see your hands,” but Williams turned and charged the officer.  That’s when the officer fired a warning shot into the ground.  Williams ran past the officer and the officer tackled him. Read the rest of this entry

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