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Man Who Claimed Stand Your Ground After Killing Two Is Killed In Prison

Seems that claiming fear under Stand Your Ground is the catch-all law used by those who kill.

End Stand Your Ground

A man serving a life sentencefor killing two other men outside a Florida strip club in 2011, then claimed stand your ground immunity, was killed in prison during a fight with another inmate.

Justin Campos (Florida Dept of Corrections photo) Justin Campos

Justin Campos, 28, was killed on October 1st during an incident with another inmate at Madison Correctional Institute, near Tallahassee. The Florida Department of Corrections is investigating the incident.

After a night out ata strip club in Fort Myers, on January 19, 2011, three men leaving the club got into a battle of testosterone and cuss-filled insults with two other men in the parking lot. One of the three men, who were in a pickup truck, had enough.He got out of his truck with a weapon, and started to pistol-whip one of the other men, but the gun slipped out of his hand in the process.

Campos, one of the men who had been in…

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