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Justice for Jonathan Mitchell


Jonathan Mitchell

In Albuquerque, NM, on a dark night in a quiet neighborhood, 23 year-old Iraq War Veteran Jonathan Mitchell was shot and killed in March 2013.  He was killed by Donnie Pearson.  Pearson has not been arrested due to a claim of self-defense.

The story given to police is Pearson’s and his neighbor’s story.  Ventana Ranch resident Jose Beltran told police that when he came home from work, he saw a man with a gun in his driveway. Instead of parking, he drove away and called his family to warn them. One of Beltran’s family members then called Pearson and told him that Jose said he saw an armed man in the driveway.

Pearson told police that he then got his 15 year-old son, and they both got into Pearson’s SUV, and set out to look for the suspicious man with a gun. Read the rest of this entry

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