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Jordan Davis’ Family Lawyer Speaks Out on Stand Your Ground, Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis

Attorney Phillips, thank you for a most informative and historical piece. I’m re-blogging to spread the word. It needs to be known and understood. Those of us advocating for change and/or appeal in Stand Your Ground laws need to understand this based on what you have written. My prayers to Jordan’s parents, and thanks to you for your good work and compassion.

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My name is John Phillips. I have the honor to serve as the lawyer for the family of Jordan Davis, a teen killed by a grown man who took offense to his music, his skin color and his choice of words. Like too many others these days, Michael Dunn was empowered by the Stand Your Ground law. He fired 10 times, never called police and found comfort in believing he was on the right side of the tipped scales of justice for legal gun owners in this country.

Like my father, I am a lifelong Republican. He was from Monroeville, Alabama and my mother was from Mississippi. Like my father, I own guns. I grew up in the conservative south, even attending the University of Alabama. I worked for a stalwart member of the GOP, Representative “Sonny” Callahan while in college. I am one of the over one million concealed…

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Jordan Davis Timeline


Attorney Phillips, thank you so much for this timeline. If anyone is unfamiliar with the consistent work by and efforts of Jordan’s parents this brings them up-to-date. We look forward to your reports on jury selection and stand with Jordan’s parents in justice for Jordan.

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Jordan’s News & Upcoming Events:

  • February 3rd, 2014 – Starts the Criminal Trial

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT:Jordan’s Parents Donation Website

WALK WITH JORDAN: Jordan’s Legacy Journey

Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing On Stand Your Ground Laws
Lucy McBath Testifies before Congress on Stand Your Ground Laws

November 22nd – Memorial Service – Atlanta, GA

November 23rd – One Year Remembrance – Sea Walk Pavilion, Jacksonville Beach – 5-8 pm

November 8th – John, Ron and Lucy argued for revision to SYG law to the Florida House

October 29th – Lucy Testified before Congress at the Senate Hearing on “Stand Your Ground Laws” to watch her speech, click here.

October 14th – Terry Parker High School’s Unity Plaza in Jacksonville, FL – Brick Dedication Ceremony was very special and heartbreaking to see so many victims families.

September 23rd – This was an emotional day, as it was the 10 month anniversary of the day that changed the family’s lives…

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Civil Lawsuits Against Michael Dunn Settled

Congratulations to the parents of Jordan Davis and others who were in the vehicle with Jordan when Michael Dunn opened fire. 


Jordan Davis                                                                           Michael Dunn

Blackbutterfly7 extends our thanks to John Phillips for his statement on this matter.  It dispels the misrepresentation by some who omitted the word “stipulation” when saying that the civil lawsuit against Michael Dunn was dismissed.  Read the rest of this entry

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