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What Students Remember Most About Teachers

I remember my 8th grade teacher making a strong impression on me. She encouraged me to run for class president. Not only that, but it was her shirtwaist dresses and well kept appearance in which I established my impression of what it is to be a “lady” and not just a woman. I love Mrs. Pettigrew to this very day!

My Good Time Stories

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As most of you know (or don’t know), I am a teacher and coach. I have been doing both for 28 years now and I have loved every second of it. I really enjoy teaching my students in an atmosphere where they can have loads of fun, learn concepts, exercise and get rid if some stress. 

The most annoying thing about things about my job are the meetings, political decisions and other stuff but honestly, just about every other workplace has the same thing going on. Just give me my kids and my gym or field…and I am happier than a meadowlark!

One of the great joys of teaching and the most fulfilling, is knowing that I a making an impact on some child’s life…one that they will never forget and use it throughout their lifetimes. That’s why, when I read on my friend’s site, “Pursuit of…

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